The 10 Best Power Scrubbing Drill Brush Attachments

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This wiki has been updated 31 times since it was first published in September of 2016. By eliminating the tedious scrubbing that accompanies most cleaning, power drill brush attachments make tasks easier and faster. They also save you from repetitive hand movements that can lead to joint issues like carpal tunnel or bursitis. Most of them attach quickly, just like a standard bit. Whether you're detailing your car or scrubbing your bathroom, one of our selections should fit the bill. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Drillbrush Original Scrubber

2. RevoClean 4 Piece

3. Jusoney 37 Piece

Editor's Notes

November 06, 2020:

While none of the previous entries on our list have been discontinued, we ended up removing a few simply because they were too similar to other selections. In their place we've added a few more diverse entries to help make sure you can get exactly what you need.

While the Drillbrush Automotive is still a good choice for cleaning your car, the Jusoney 37 Piece is superior for those who frequently detail their vehicle. It may cost a bit extra, but the sheer variety of attachments that are included make it well worth the money for those who can use it to its fullest potential. A six-inch extension piece helps out when it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices, and it's also one of the few sets to come with polishing sponges, which can be used to make your car's exterior shine when combined with the right wax. Even if cleaning your car is not your primary intention, this is still a worthwhile choice for those who want to have the perfect tool for any cleaning job that might come up.

The other most common purpose for these specialized drill attachments is bathroom cleaning, and for this application the RevoClean 4 Piece is an excellent choice. This kit comes with a rounded brush, a conical brush, a medium-strength scrubbing pad, and even a soft sponge pad that isn't included with most similar sets. These attachments allow you to clean tile, grout, metal, glass, porcelain, and basically any other surface you might encounter in the bathroom. Better yet, it's more affordable than many similar competitors and sacrifices nothing in terms of build quality.

The Kichwit Cleaning Kit was added as another option besides the RotoScrub Bathroom Cleaning Kit for those who are frustrated by bristles that can become matted or fall out over time. The six scouring pads in this set closely resemble a typical kitchen sponge, three of which are soft and three of which are particularly abrasive. Make sure to opt for the more gentle red pads when cleaning surfaces that may scratch, as the intensity of the green pads should not be underestimated.

No matter which brush you choose your choice of cleaning products to pair it with will be critical, so check out our other articles on the best mold removal products, toilet bowl cleaners, and enzyme based cleaners.

December 13, 2019:

Other than fixing several inaccurate links and adjusting incorrect bullet points, we removed the "Drillbrush Tile Bit" as it had been discontinued. We also added the "Drillbrush Automotive", a dedicated brush designed to be gentle enough for use on car interiors and exteriors. Other than the bathroom and kitchen, the car is also a common area that requires a wide variety of delicate cleaning and non of the existing options really addressed that.

We also added a general use option, the "Drillbrush Original Scrubber", which is just a great all-around brush that - with its rounded head and medium stiffness - is great for a really wide variety of uses. If you had to buy only one brush for using all over the house, that would be the option with the fewest limits in terms of places you can use it.

4. Drillstuff Scrubber Set

5. Revolver Multi-Purpose

6. Beast Brush

7. Drillbrush Automotive

8. Kichwit Cleaning Kit

9. Drillstuff 5-Inch

10. RotoScrub Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Take The Pain Out Of Scrubbing

Since corded power drills can generate too much torque and speed, the most effective way to use these attachments is with battery-powered cordless drills.

Every individual loves doing different things — it’s one of many reasons the human race is so fascinating. Some people like to throw themselves out of airplanes; others enjoy keeping rats as pets. It helps keep things fresh and interesting. But let me ask you this: does anyone really enjoy scrubbing a dirty bathroom by hand? Such people may exist; I’ve just never met one of them.

If you fall into the “hates scrubbing filthy showers, toilets, and bathroom floors by hand” category, a power scrubbing drill brush attachment should fit nicely into your arsenal of home cleaning equipment. You simply mount the brush attachment into your cordless power drill as you would any other drill bit, press the power trigger to put the brush into spin mode, and start scrubbing whatever surface you’d like to target first.

Since corded power drills can generate too much torque and speed, the most effective way to use these attachments is with battery-powered cordless drills. They offer better precision and control, which is particularly useful for maneuvering within tight spaces or for gentle cleansing applications.

These handy devices allow you to exert minimal effort as you maximize your use of time. Cleaning with a drill brush also helps prevent repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis, all common ailments that afflict home cleaners and maids who frequently employ a manual scrubbing movement.

Of course, your brush attachment will only be as effective as the drill powering it. Most drill models will accommodate the vast majority of brush attachments, but if you’re going to buy both at the same time, you might as well make sure they’re compatible before making any decisions. Some attachments may even be sold as part of a kit that includes a cordless drill.

Get The Best Out Of Your Brush

As you can imagine, there are only so many ways to design a drill brush attachment, so it’s unusual to encounter stark differences between models. That being said, it’s important to factor functionality and durability into your decision when choosing a brush. Stainless steel shafts, tough plastic bodies, and heavy-duty nylon bristles are attributes to look for.

Speaking of the bristles — these little guys are instrumental in determining what the brush is able to accomplish. From super-soft to ultra-stiff, the bristles’ level of firmness dictates how much cleaning power the brush generates.

Brushes with stiff bristles come in handy if you require a little more force.

For gentle scrubbing applications, a soft brush is ideal. If it helps, compare this type to a toothbrush. The pliable bristles are quite useful in rubbing stains out of carpet and upholstery, wiping down glass, and even cleaning leather. This style is common in multipurpose brushes designed for use on furniture, walls, and kitchen surfaces.

If you despise cleaning the bathroom, a medium-strength brush will probably be the most successful style for alleviating your agony. These models are firm but flexible, making them effective in scrubbing down tile and grout or washing grime off of tub and shower surfaces. These are also suitable for other general purpose applications, like tidying up siding and linoleum floors.

Brushes with stiff bristles come in handy if you require a little more force. In the house, this can include cleaning your fireplace or scrubbing a wall made of exposed brick. Outdoors, however, is where they're particularly effective, as you can utilize them to wash concrete patios or remove rust from various pieces of metal equipment.

If you plan on doing any intense industrial cleaning, you’ll want the stiffest brush you can find. The toughest models are suitable for stripping loose paint, washing outdoor brick and mortar, and various automotive cleanings.

Size is also important, and once again, how you plan to use your drill brush should help you determine the width of its body and the length of its bristles. Standard brushes have widths between four and five inches in diameter, which is an appropriate size for most of the applications discussed above.

Get Creative With Other Drill Attachments

Most people have a cordless drill lying around the garage or tool shed, and I’m sure some of us don’t even remember where or how we obtained it. We just know that once we decide to assemble a piece of furniture, hang some decorations, or take on a similar do-it-yourself project, we’re mighty glad we have it.

Now that you’re well on your way to becoming an expert in using your drill as a power scrubber, why not put your newfound talents to use in other areas?

Now that you’re well on your way to becoming an expert in using your drill as a power scrubber, why not put your newfound talents to use in other areas? For example, say you need to smooth out the corners of a wooden bench you’re preparing to paint, but you don’t have any sandpaper or relevant power tools at the house. Instead of spending the money on a new cordless sander, you can pick up a much more affordable power sander attachment, which is great for small projects where all you need is a quick buffer.

If you have a big painting job you’ve been meaning to knock off the list, many hardware stores offer paint-mixing drill attachments. Better yet, for you MacGyver types out there, take a stab at crafting a homemade paint-mixing attachment using a PVC pipe or even a clothes hanger. If you’re interested, a simple Google search will yield plenty of how-to videos and step-by-step instructions.

Now, you may be thinking, “I want to make things easier, not create more work for myself.” If that’s the case, I don’t blame you. You certainly don’t have to go out and buy a new attachment or even create your own; some everyday objects will serve just fine. Take a fork, for instance — simply plug the end of the fork into your drill, tighten the chuck, and you’ll be holding a bonafide food mixer without spending a dime. You may look odd, but it sure beats mashing a banana milkshake together by hand.

Just remember, as you should when using any power hand tool, to be safe and exercise proper precautions as you experiment with your inventive attachments.

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