10 Best Propane Heaters | March 2017

If you need a little bit of extra warmth for some of the smaller spaces in your workshop or home, or even something to take the chill off when camping or on the patio, one of these efficient and economical propane heaters will keep you nice and toasty without needing an electrical outlet. Skip to the best propane heater on Amazon.
10 Best Propane Heaters | March 2017

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The Texsport Heater works well for tabletop and tent applications when you are just looking for a little extra warmth in small spaces. Just make sure you allow for some ventilation, too, as you should with any such heater.
The Mr. Heater Little Buddy safely heats up to 100 square feet of indoor space for up to 5-1/2 hours, with a 45-degree heating angle perfect for projecting and circulating warm air when and where you need it.
With four rolling casters, it's easy to move the Dyna Glo RA18LPDG to any place you need some extra heating. And it's also easy to adjust the unit's output to achieve your perfect preferred temperature settings.
The Dyna-Glo RMC-LPC25DG radiates a full 360-degree heat circle, with an adjustable level from 15,000 BTUS to 25,000 BTUs, and can heat areas up to 600 square feet. This is a rugged, no-nonsense heater that doesn't worry about looks.
  • good for industrial worksites, auto shop
  • up to 144 hours of use per tank on low
  • unit gets extremely hot
Brand MegaDeal
Weight 8.7 pounds
Turn your patio, deck, or poolside into a chic outdoor lounge using the AZ Patio Heaters HLDSO-WGTHG. It stands an impressive 91-inches tall, and gives off a large heat radius, providing warmth enough for whole dining tables.
  • works with 20 lb. propane tank
  • easy access door to replace fuel tank
  • heat cannot be directed
Brand AZ Patio Heaters
Weight 68.2 pounds
The Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy is approved for indoor and outdoor use. It burns cleanly without releasing any nasty fumes or unsafe gasses, and is nearly 100 percent efficient in its energy use. It may not look great, but it works well.
  • fold-down handle for compact storage
  • auto-shutoff if pilot light goes out
  • swivel-out regulator to connect the tank
Brand Mr. Heater
Model F232000
Weight 9.8 pounds
The Century Heater is the perfect heating solution for campers. It runs off a small 16.4 ounce cylinder and functions in two positions. First, use it as a directional heater. Next lie it to flat and use the unit as a camp stove.
  • easily portable at just 3.75 lbs.
  • windproof heat source
  • pressure regulated for high altitude use
Brand Century Tool
Model 2317I
Weight 4 pounds
If you want an elegant solution to your outdoor heating needs, the Fire Sense Hammer Tone is what you are looking for. It adds aesthetic charm and radiant warmth, perfect for outdoor dining, warming serving areas, and more.
  • choose from 10 different finish options
  • durable stainless steel burners
  • easily rolls from place to place
Brand Fire Sense
Model 60485
Weight 40.7 pounds
It doesn't get much simpler than The Mr. Heater MH15T Tank Top propane heater, which sits right on top of any propane tank ranging from five to 20 pounds. This is a great unit for the RV enthusiast or for the campsite.
  • comes with 1-year warranty
  • has a tip-over safety shutoff
  • selectable high, medium, & low settings
Brand Mr. Heater
Model F242100
Weight 3.3 pounds
The Mr. Heater Blue Flame is the ideal heating solution indoors or outdoors. It requires no electricity, making it perfect for blackouts, and while it can be mounted on a wall, it works freestanding, too, needing no installation.
  • gives off 30,000 btus of heat
  • very well rated by users
  • can serve as permanent heating solution
Brand Mr. Heater
Model F255739
Weight 32.3 pounds

Warmth Made Easy And Affordable

If there's one thing on which almost everyone can agree, it's that no one likes to be cold. The human body's average core temperature hovers at an incredibly tight margin between 98 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, when healthy and in suitable conditions or with proper cold weather attire. According to extensive research, including that of Arthur Guyton, author of the respected research book Basic Human Physiology: Normal Function and Mechanisms of Disease, when the ambient temperature is above 68 degrees F, our bodies can almost always maintain that optimal inner heat level.

This is done through vasoconstriction, the tightening of blood vessels to reduce heat loss at the skin's surface, through shivering, which increases the body's muscular heat production, and through the secretion of various hormones which can stimulate heat production.

Despite our body's remarkable capabilities when it comes to self thermoregulation, no one wants to sit around in the cold just shivering and secreting hormones and waiting for the ambient temperature to rise again. While layering up with quilts and blankets is a functional response, it's not an ideal solution for when you are spending time in your home, office, or anywhere else but under the covers of your bed.

Instead, the savvy human takes advantage of our technological achievements over the past few millennia and turns up the heat. This can be done through adjusting a thermostat if you have central heating, or through the use of a space heater. These come in many shapes and sizes, and provide warmth in a number of different ways, too. Many people are familiar with infrared heaters and electric space heaters, and these are perfectly viable options for warming many types of interior area. Their only drawback is that they require an electrical connection, thus won't provide warmth in a cabin, a camper, a tent, or during a power outage.

A lesser known but highly safe and effective way to warm things up is by using a propane heater. These units are highly portable, effective, and many will fit any budget.

Propane Heaters For Indoor Use

If you're looking for a great looking indoor propane heater, you will find your options limited. However there are at least many options that are compact and can be tucked into a corner or set low against a wall and that will provide hours of safe, reliable warmth using minimal gas. Looking for an indoor propane heater that works well is much easier than a search concerned with aesthetics.

Most indoor propane heaters create BTU heat that is only suitable for fully heating a single room, so consider which rooms you might need warmed and measure their size (or calculate the amount of space inside your RV or your large tent) before you look into choosing a heater. Some options offer several heat settings and thus can work in multiple rooms, while others are more or less on or off.

And of course make sure that the unit you select is rated as safe for indoor use: many propane heaters are safe for both indoor and outdoor function, but others are strictly limited to use in open air.

Propane Heaters For Warmth Outdoors

With the right outdoor propane heater, you'll never be left out in the cold again, so to speak. There are multiple propane heaters available that can warm areas suitable for accommodating large dining tables or seating areas, and with suitable for use in almost all weather conditions, no less.

When selecting an outdoor propane heater, it's important that you think through the space in which it will be used, both in terms of size and usage. Some tower style propane heaters have a tall burner which emits flame and heat along much of its vertical access; these are great options for providing warmth to an area through which people walk or will be standing, or for a larger, open seating area where the couches and chairs are able to be set back from the heater. However, these heaters are not ideal for use with a dining area, as they can provide too much heat near one side of the table and not enough too the side opposite.

Outdoor propane heaters with the burners located at the top of the unit and with a hood that directs the warmth out and down (and protects the unit from rain and snow as well) are the ideal choice for keeping a dining area warm. Little wonder, then, that these units are such common sights at restaurant patios or on the decks of ski lodges.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how little many of these hood style propane heaters cost. Just make sure to select one that can accommodate a large propane tank, as you will want the unit to offer many hours of heat between each new tank. The swap out process can be laborious, though the operating costs aren't that high, with a twenty pound tank -- the standard size for such units -- costing between $12 and $18 to fill on average, depending on where you are located.

There are also many small outdoor propane heaters intended for use at a campsite or for temporary use around the home, such as while you grill or put of holiday decorations. What these units lack in looks they make up for in low cost, just know that their directional heat is only suitable for keeping small areas warm. Many are truly only suitable for individual use.

As for aesthetics, you will usually be best served to choose whichever outdoor propane heater will best blend into the decor of your patio, deck, or porch. While not unattractive per say, most propane heaters are not elegant, either. Fortunately, there are usually several finish options available, so you can select a metal and a patina that will meld with your property.

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