7 Best Wipe Warmers | March 2017

We spent 29 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top selections for this wiki. Take extra special care of your baby's extra delicate areas with one of these wipe warmers that promote a soothing changing time and can even help to reduce diaper rash. Skip to the best wipe warmer on Amazon.
7 Best Wipe Warmers | March 2017

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Best High-End
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Best Inexpensive
The Munchkin Mist 43681 uses a built-in misting system to automatically moisten the wipes each time its lid closes, guaranteeing soft, moist wipes every time. It can hold up to 100 common size wipes and can be left plugged in.
The bright pink Prince Lionheart POP makes a great addition to any little girl's room, both as a splash of color and a changing time tool. It has an EPA approved antimicrobial additive for safety, but sometimes the lid doesn't close.
The Dex Products Dual Top is big enough to hold over 80 wipes without any of them drying out or browning. It's low voltage for added safety in the baby's room, and has an insulated container which retains heat after being unplugged.
The Prince Lionheart Compact comes in three color options and is ideal for parents who don't have a lot of space to spare. Its low profile design easily fits inside most drawers or in changing table pouches so wipes are always handy.
  • includes both wall and car adapters
  • great choice for travel
  • can't be left plugged in 24/7
Brand Prince Lionheart
Model 9207
Weight 14.9 ounces
The Hiccapop HP-WWCL has an affordable price point and is well-liked by the parents who have chosen it in the past. It gets the job done without any headaches and they guarantee you never have to worry about wipes drying out. The viewing window doubles as a night light.
  • window light turns off after 10 mins
  • top heated for quicker warming
  • comes with lifetime warranty
Brand Dexbaby
Model WWCL-01
Weight 2.6 pounds
The Prince Lionheart Premium is made with an EPA approved antimicrobial additive that inhibits growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, making everything safe and clean for babies. It can warm both pop-up and regular wipes.
  • advanced moisture retention system
  • accepts multiple types of wipes
  • helps prevent diaper rash
Brand Prince Lionheart
Model 9002
Weight 2.7 pounds
The Munchkin Warm Glow not only holds a stack of wipes warm within itself, but gives off a soft light at the touch of a button, helping parents to see without disturbing your baby. Plus, it easily stands up to daily use for years.
  • flip-top lid allows for easy access
  • light auto shuts off after 10 minutes
  • includes diaper disposal bags
Brand Munchkin
Model 15947
Weight 2.6 pounds

Baby Accessories That Are Far From Frivolous

Anyone who has ever set foot in a store catering to families with young children will tell you there is a glut of products on the market today. (The same can be said for the household with many parents of newborns who are apt to buy or accept as gifts any product that may make their lives even slightly easier.) While many tools, toys, and accessories designed for use in the care of infants are all but indispensable for proper care -- this list including items such as a reliable thermometer, bottles, swaddling blankets, and so forth -- many are indeed superfluous and others even counter productive.

Seats that encourage an infant to sit upright before they are able to do so of their own accord may in fact slow their physical development, for example, while other items such as toys featuring cords, smaller pieces (or pieces that could become detached), or sharp areas can be downright dangerous for small children.

On the other side of the equation are gadgets and devices that might not be 100% essential to the process of raising a happy, healthy child, but that can do much to make a parent's life easier and a child's life more comfortable. Into this category go items such as rocking bassinets, which can help soothe a small child far better than a static crib, baby carriers, which can help a child to feel safe and secure even as they are also easier for a parent or caregiver to move around with, and high end video monitors -- yes, an audio only monitor can help you keep tabs on your child, but a video monitor helps you know exactly when they need help, or when they're simply being active and perhaps a bit fussy in their crib or bassinet.

One gadget that might seem superfluous to the inexperienced parent will also hear its praises sung when discussed among seasoned moms and dads, and that is the wipe warmer.

Choosing The Right Wipe Warmer

A cold, wet baby wipe can bring extreme discomfort and distress to a child. Imagine yourself being wiped down with a cold, wet towel and you will gain some appreciation for how unpleasant the experience might be, especially given the lack of control and limited understating a very young child possesses. The solution to making every diaper change, potty session, or post meal cleaning is to simply use warm wipes.

A wipe warmer is a uniquely purpose built item, which truly provides only one service: it helps to keep baby wipes warm. A warm wipe can be soothing and pleasant on the soft, sensitive skin of a young child, helping to keep your young one calm and relaxed as you clean them after a diaper change, a meal, a spit up, or any of the many other things in life that can cause a child to be dirtied. Using a wipe warmer can help dispel the often negative associations children form with diaper changes or cleaning of the hands and face, making life easier and less stressful for everyone in the family.

Most wipe warmers on the market today work well and are generally well reviewed, so feel free to choose a unit based on aesthetics if you'd like. You can also consider details like a viewing window that lets you see the stock inside your warmer and a light to help illuminate the wipes. Some units are more compact than others, and a few even feature car charging options; if you travel often, these might be viable options. If you tend to stick close to home, consider capacity over compact convenience.

Words Of Wisdom For Wipe Warmer Use

Almost every baby wipe on the market is a common size and shape, at least when folded up inside its packaging, so finding the right size of wipe to use in your wipe warmer will not be much of an issue. However that is often where the similarities among baby wipes ends. Some wipes hold moisture better and for longer than the counterparts, and will remain moist even when removed from their original packaging and placed in a warmer for many days or even weeks; others tend to dry out much more quickly, and using a wipe warmer will only expedite this process. It will likely take some trial and error before you figure out which baby wipes maintain their moisture long enough to suit your family's needs (and that are durable and comfortable enough to be suitable for your little one in the first place).

If you find your wipes are drying out too often, consider loading your wipe warmer more frequently but with fewer wipes. You can plan to load several wipes into the unit at the end of each day, just before your child's bedtime, so that they will be warm when needed in the morning (or the middle of the night) yet still moist as well. Alternatively, adding a bit of water into the warmer is a fine idea as well.

Make sure to fully dry and clean out your wipe warmer using antibacterial sprays or wipes at least once or twice a month, if not more often. Warm, moist, and dark environments are absolutely ideal for mold growth, and that's certainly not something to which you want your young one exposed.

And do make sure to dispose of wipes in the trash, not the toilet, as many plunging systems and the civic infrastructure beyond can't handle these durable little squares.

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