10 Dark Romance Books With Naughty Characters

When looking for a romantic partner, you're probably seeking a nice person with no skeletons hidden away in their closet. But in the safe realm of reading a fictional story, you can indulge in a darker type of passion. The ten books we've selected feature twisted characters who don't have a clear sense of right and wrong engaging in steamy relationships. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Dark Romance Books With Naughty Characters

Title Author(s) More by the Author
1. Easy Virtue Mia Asher Sweetest Venom Arsen
2. Rellik Teresa Mummert Crave Honor Student
3. The Wright Brother K.A. Linde The Wright Boss The Wright Mistake
4. Sexy Jerk Kim Karr Big Shot Hot Stuff
5. Deviant Natasha Knight Giovanni Disgraced
6. Raw Heat Cherrie Lynn Raw Deal Raw Need
7. Mercy Debra Anastasia Havoc Poughkeepsie
8. A Necessary Sin Georgia Cates The Next Sin One Last Sin
9. Shameless M. Malone & Nana Malone Shameful Unashamed
10. Sweet Destruction Paige Weaver Promise Me Darkness Promise Me Light

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In Depth

Romance novels are fun and sexy. Add some dark themes and characters with twisted morals, and you end up with some of the steamiest books on the shelf. We've selected ten of these erotic tales, listed here in no particular order.

Coming in at #1, "Easy Virtue" explores the life of Blaire White. As a child, she was neglected, lacking affection from her parents. Because of her desire to be loved, she feels the need to be wanted. Now that she has grown to be a beautiful woman, she seduces men to bed, sucks their wallets dry, and then discards them. As the pages are turned, she meets two guys who will change her world. Author Mia Asher cleverly explores the fallibility of human nature in this novel.

At the #2 spot is "Rellik." This book about heartbreak, revenge, and lust was written by author Teresa Mummert. It follows the lives of two dysfunctional people who have a lot going on in their heads, but find love in each other's arms. Rellik Bentley is a troubled guy who drowns himself in booze and easy women. Ella Lighten is a lost soul who is running from her dark past. When they meet, they form an unlikely connection. This is a quick, sexy, and suspenseful read with a satisfying ending.

When they meet, they form an unlikely connection.

Next, at #3 is an emotional and heartfelt story by USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde. "The Wright Brother" is about a complicated romance involving a woman and two brothers. Emery used to date Landon in high school. Ten years later, she meets Landon's older brother, Jensen, at a wedding. Neither of them can fight the powerful attraction they both feel. Despite their inhibitions and pessimistic perspective about love, they develop an amazing chemistry.

Taking the #4 spot, "Sexy Jerk" by Kim Karr is a well-paced standalone romance told from two points of view. Tess Winters agrees to babysit her best friend's son while she goes with her husband on their long-awaited honeymoon. She is surprised to learn that Nick Carrington, an arrogant playboy, be will joining her. As the story progresses, she realizes that not everything she knows about Nick is true. As they spend two weeks together, they get closer and become emotionally invested in each other.

Coming in at #5 is "Deviant." Written by Natasha Knight, this is a tale of Julien, a dark, emotionless assassin. One night, while he was having sex with his soon-to-be victim, a woman named Mia watches through the window. He catches her and decides that she will be next. But his plan changes when he learns that Mia has a price on her head. He becomes her protector as she submits to him. The story is full of suspense and urgency, meshed with erotic and salacious scenes.

But his plan changes when he learns that Mia has a price on her head.

Next, at #6 is "Raw Heat." Author Cherrie Lynn creates this third installment in her Larson Brothers series. The story focuses on the youngest sibling, Damien. He owns an illegal poker club and always gets what he wants in life, with one exception: his beautiful, naive assistant, Emma Haskell. When Emma's brother incurs gambling debts, Damien offers her a deal. She has to spend a month sleeping with him, in order for her brother's debt to be forgiven.

Taking the #7 spot is "Mercy" by Debra Anastasia. Named after the main character, this novel features the story of a twisted, damaged soul, influenced by horrible childhood experiences. Mercy has been watching Rebecca Stiles all his life, but his father is seeking revenge against her. The day his dad murdered his mom, Becca stood up for him. Now, Mercy is determined not only to protect the girl who saved him, but to love her as well.

At #8, "A Necessary Sin" is the first book in a romantic trilogy by Georgia Cates. It tells the story of Bleu MacAllister, a young woman consumed by a horrific childhood incident. Now a special agent, she plans to penetrate an organized crime brotherhood by seducing Sinclair Breckenridge. However, he is more than she bargained for. Charming and sexy, he challenges Bleu's game of deception.

Now a special agent, she plans to penetrate an organized crime brotherhood by seducing Sinclair Breckenridge.

At the #9 spot, "Shameless" is book one in a trilogy by authors M. Malone and Nana Malone. This volume features Noah Blake, a killer who has been tasked to watch over Lucia DeMarco, ever since her brother Rafe died. He tries hard to treat her as a little sister, but things become steamy between them. As their romance unfolds, Lucia discovers secrets that are better left in the dark.

Finally, at #10 is "Sweet Destruction." There is a love and hate relationship that exists between the two main characters of this book. Cole is a messed-up bad boy who can barely stand the sight of Sam, but he is also very protective of her. Despite their push and pull chemistry, the two develop a hot romance. In this novel, author Paige Weaver offers a good mix of angst, despair, and passion.