6 Noteworthy Organizations Advocating For Peace

International conflicts may seem far away and too complex for individual citizens to do anything about, but there are many organizations working to mobilize caring individuals in the United States and all over the world to look for peaceful solutions. These groups are committed to educating youth, providing a platform for those caught in conflict zones, and working to develop resolutions to the most difficult problems facing our world. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

6 Organizations Striving For Peace

Group U.S. Headquarters Focus
Seeds of Peace New York, NY Bringing together young people from opposing conflict zones
Kids for Peace Carlsbad, CA Youth organization promoting kindness and service worldwide
Alliance for Peacebuilding Washington, D.C. Network of organizations dedicated to reducing global conflict
S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace Washington, D.C. Committed to exploring two-state options to end Arab-Israeli conflict
Nonviolent Peaceforce Saint Paul, MN Prevent violence and save lives using Unarmed Civilian Protection
Americans for Peace Now Washington, D.C. Educate and persuade the American public to support a long-lasting Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab peace based on a two-state solution

Seeds of Peace at 25

Recent Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Year Laureate
2018 Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad
2017 International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
2016 Juan Manuel Santos
2015 Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet
2014 Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai
2013 Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
2012 European Union
2011 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman
2010 Liu Xiaobo

The 2019 Kids for Peace Great Kindness Challenge

In Depth

Peace is often fragile and temporary. In some places, it seems like the conflict will never end, but there are individuals and groups working tirelessly for change. Here, in no particular order, is a list of six noteworthy organizations advocating for peace.

#1 on our list is Seeds of Peace. Since 1993, Seeds of Peace has brought teens from opposing conflict zones together in a traditional camp setting. The camp gives participants a chance to listen to peers from the other side in a way they might never get to at home. They live together, eat together, and for 115 minutes each day, discuss the most divisive and painful topics that divide their cultures. The experience helps young people to open their minds. It allows them to develop empathy for those from the other side of the conflict narratives they learned growing up.

Seeds of Peace extends learning with local programs so that alumni can continue to build on the relationships and understanding that they develop at camp. The organization also assists "Seeds" in creating change in their communities and supports them in starting their own projects and foundations. It offers parallel programs for educators. The ultimate goal is to inspire and position change makers to create a meaningful impact on their cultures. Those interested can apply to become a seed, a delegate, or for an internship or job. There are also a number of ways to get involved, such as attending an event, donating, fundraising, or hosting a speaker.

Those interested can apply to become a seed, a delegate, or for an internship or job.

#2 on our list is Kids for Peace Global. Kids for Peace Global is a youth organization designed to promote peace through kindness, community service, global friendships, and leadership through a worldwide chapter system. The curriculum is suitable for ages toddler through teen, and is free, adaptable, and easy to use anywhere. The organization expresses its core beliefs through a simple list of values that is easy for kids to learn: the Peace Pledge. The pledge encompasses a few key ideas: caring for the earth, helping others, respecting people from all places, and uniting with others for the greater good of all.

Kids for Peace encourages children to become socially conscious global citizens who use their voice for good. The organization invites kids to take part in the Kindness Challenge, which strives to create a compassionate school environment that is free of bullying. Children also have the chance to put the ideals of the organization's Peace Pledge into action by taking part in impactful campaigns. For instance, in 2016, kids from 159 schools raised $80,000; enough to build a school in Kenya. Then a group of volunteers flew to Kenya with supplies for the school. To get involved, you can join or start a chapter, or donate.

#3 on the list is The Alliance for Peacebuilding. The Alliance for Peacebuilding believes that lasting peace can be achieved through collective action. It consists of a network of 110 organizations, including religious and humanitarian groups; universities, and large development corporations. Alliance members all share the core value of reducing conflict in the world. As a network, it can tackle issues that would be too large for a single group.

Alliance members all share the core value of reducing conflict in the world.

The Alliance for Peacebuilding focuses on legislative work, education, and research. Its delegates meet with representatives from Congress, the State Department, and other government agencies about conflicts. The organization holds educational forums and training on various topics, and attempts to raise public awareness of the field. Some of its research includes developing measures of the effectiveness of peacemaking work. One way to get involved is to attend a conference. The Alliance also accepts donations and is a GuideStar Exchange, Silver Participant.

#4 on the list is the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. The Peace Center strives to end the Arab Israeli conflict by creating a solution that serves the needs of both sides. To this end, the Center facilitates conversations, holds educational outreach initiatives, and meets with policymakers, leaders, and constituencies in the Middle East and the United States. The organization examines issues related to mutual recognition, refugees, security, Jerusalem, and borders. It is committed to exploring various two state options for peace.

The Center for Middle East Peace has gathered an extensive database of public opinion polls, geographical data, and maps. The Center's website presents a thorough overview of the history and current realities of the conflict. Visitors can read the overview of key issues, and open tabs for the Palestinian and Israeli perspectives on each. Annotated maps allow visitors to understand current dynamics and visualize various two state solutions. The Center for Middle East Peace invites the public to consider these issues and contact information for those who want to become involved in the peace process.

Visitors can read the overview of key issues, and open tabs for the Palestinian and Israeli perspectives on each.

At #5 on the list is Nonviolent Peaceforce, or NP. Ordinary people are often the victims of war. NP's mission is to save lives and prevent bloodshed using an Unarmed Civilian Protection force. Operating on the assumption that populations are more vulnerable when they are isolated, the Nonviolent Peaceforce makes its presence known in areas in which attacks against civilians are likely. NP workers live in the communities where they serve; providing protection, facilitating humanitarian work, and teaching residents to protect themselves. The organization works to strengthen peace infrastructures and keep communities intact.

The Nonviolent Peaceforce aids and protects displaced people, monitors violence, and transports those in escalating situations to safety. It has protected refugees, reunited hostage victims with their families, and deterred sexual attacks against civilian women. For those who would like to get involved, The organization offers an online course on unarmed civilian protection, as well as opportunities for volunteering, internships, and employment. If you are inclined to give, NP depends on donations, and has a four star rating from Charity Navigator, and the Guidestar's 2018 Seal of Transparency.

Coming in at #6 on the list is Americans for Peace Now. Americans for Peace Now, or APN, is the sister organization of the Israeli peace movement, Shalom Achshav. APN's mission is to enlist the support of the US in the creation of a two state peace solution to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict. APN advocates that a two state solution is the only way to achieve peace, and to ensure the survival of Israel as a democratic Jewish state. The organization views settlements as a significant obstacle to peace, and advocates against expansion into Palestinian areas. It has created a settlement APP to help users learn more about Israeli settlements.

The organization views settlements as a significant obstacle to peace, and advocates against expansion into Palestinian areas.

In order to promote peace for Israel through a two state solution, Americans for Peace Now provides nonpartisan analysis, information, and expertise to US government officials. There are various ways to get involved, including study tours to Israel, jobs, and internships. You can take part in the organization's action network, which calls on subscribers to back their mission by signing petitions, or contacting Congress. Subscribe to take part and keep up with APN's work.