Post To Instagram At This Time For The Most Likes

Getting to the next level of Instagram fame is not an easy task. You can spend thousands on fake followers or hours on perfectly crafted images that go nowhere. And there isn't a single simple fix to anything. You're going to need to know what kind of pictures are relatable to your audience, when and how to use humor to lighten things up, have great lighting, and much more. One essential, and often overlooked, component is timing. Everyone uses the internet their own way, but there do tend to be patterns. We've looked at some of the evidence on when the best time to post to Instagram is to build your personal or business brand. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

The Best Times To Post On Social Media

There is a good chance that you have a number of different social media profiles to manage. Here is a basic map of some of the best times to post on various platforms.

Feature Instagram Twitter Facebook Tumblr LinkedIn
Early in the week
Late in the week

Some Good Times To Post On Instagram

  • 7AM - 9AM on weekdays. Most people check in on their social media while getting ready for work.
  • 11AM - 1PM on weekdays. People will catch up with their feeds during their lunch break.
  • Mondays. In the morning, people often catch up on the weekend posts.
  • After work hours on weekdays. This is great for catching working adults.
  • Late night. Great for catching the most active users. Also good for video content.

How To Take The Perfect Selfie


It all comes down to knowing your audience. Where they are, what they do, and what age range they fall in is crucial in determining what the best time to post tends to be. Once you have that down, it's a mixture of deduction and looking at the statistics. If you don't have access to Instagram Insights, then taking a look at what we've found along with some other sources is going to help you step your game up.

In Depth

Instagram is an extremely popular social media network for both individuals and businesses. Since it focuses on images, it's the perfect place to find delicious recipes, celebrity selfies, and fitness inspiration. And, of course, to showcase your own personal photos. But figuring out how to get people's attention can be an uphill battle. There are plenty of paid services that promise to help you increase your likes and followers. But sometimes, all you have to do is change the time of day when you post.

If you have a business account, you can access Instagram's Insights feature to learn a lot of valuable information about your audience and their habits. It tells you the percentage of male and female followers, where they live, and when they are the most active. To see your insights, log in to the app on your mobile device and go to your profile. Tap on the bar chart at the top next to your username. Scroll down to the "Followers" section and tap "See More." There, you will be able to view a breakdown of your follower demographics by gender, age, location, and time of day.

You may find that the time your followers are most active varies depending on the day. Use the Insights feature to see when your photos are likely to be seen by the most people on each day of the week. To get the most accurate data, it's important to try different times so that the app can analyze the results. If you only post at 5pm, it will always say that is the best time because it doesn't have anything to compare it to.

You may find that the time your followers are most active varies depending on the day.

Insights can only be viewed from the mobile app, so you won't be able to see them on your computer. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to businesses and other very popular accounts, so most average users won't be able to access it. If you have a personal account, you'll have to use other methods to figure out when is the best time to post.

For personal accounts, the most important thing to consider is your target audience. This will have a big impact on the time you should post to get the most likes. If the majority of your followers have typical 9 to 5 jobs, it's better to post after business hours when they're finished with work. But if you want to attract college students, your posts may get more likes when published late at night.

Usually, posts published on weekdays perform better than on weekends because people tend to be more active on social media on Monday through Friday. Monday mornings tend to get a little more attention than other weekdays because everyone is catching up on what they missed over the weekend. Between 7am and 9am is a good time to post. A lot of users browse while getting ready for work. 11am to 1pm is another popular time frame since most people take their lunch break then.

Usually, posts published on weekdays perform better than on weekends because people tend to be more active on social media on Monday through Friday.

If you have followers in a lot of different time zones, figuring out the best time to post can be trickier. Almost 50% of the population of the United States lives in the Eastern time zone. If you don't have access to Insights and don't know where your followers live, try posting based on East Coast time. You may need to experiment with your timing and compare how many likes your photos get to find when is the best time for you.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the middle of the night can be a great time to post. 2am is a good time to try. Typically, not very many people are posting this late, so there's less competition. Plus, the users who are checking their feeds at this hour are more engaged and active on social media. That means they're more likely to like, comment, and share your post.

The worst day to post on Instagram is Sunday because engagement is at its lowest. And no matter the day, images posted between 9am and lunchtime get the lowest number of likes. Most people are busy at work or school during these hours, so your followers are much less likely to see photos published then.

And no matter the day, images posted between 9am and lunchtime get the lowest number of likes.

If you want to post a video rather than a photo, later in the evening is the best time to do it. Videos perform better when published around 9pm. At this hour, most people are finished with work and unwinding from the day. They're more likely to take the time to watch a video at night than they are during business hours.

Unfortunately, there is no magical time to post that works for everyone to get more likes. But this information should be a good starting point and give you some idea of a few time frames to try. Use your knowledge of your followers and experiment to see what works best for you, and you'll be well on your way to Instagram fame.