The Best Cat Memes Ever Made

Memes can be about anything, from spaghetti to Star Wars. But some of the most popular subjects for online jokes are animals. Examples include dogs, birds, and even gorillas, but the most commonly meme'd animal is almost certainly the cat. In this guide, we'll look at some of the greatest cat memes of all time. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

The 7 Best Cat Memes

  1. LOLcats: Cats with captions
  2. Grumpy Cat: Never pleased with anything
  3. Nyan Cat: An animated kitty with a poptart for a body
  4. Longcat: A very, very long cat
  5. If It Fits, I Sits: Cats sitting in everything from boxes to jars
  6. Cat Breading: Putting a slice of bread around a kitty's face
  7. Happy Cat: The original mascot for "I can has cheezburger?"

Cat Lovers Throughout Time

Why Does the Internet Love Cats?

In Depth

Among the many animals featured in memes and image macros, cats are some of the most common examples you'll encounter online. This trend can be traced all the way back to the 1900s, where a photographer named Harry Whittier Frees created postcards featuring fully dressed and carefully posed animals. With all that said, let's take a quick look at some of the most popular cat memes on the internet.

First up, we have LOLcats, which is a term used to describe image macros featuring cats accompanied by captions written in "LOLspeak." These first appeared in an image board called 4chan, which is known for popularizing most of the memes from the early 2000s. What sets this apart from other memes is the use of LOLspeak, which is basically a slang variation of the English language that features the deliberate use of misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Next up is Happy Cat. This is an image of a smiling cat that is known for being one of the very first LOLcats to appear on the internet. It's usually accompanied by the caption "I Can Has Cheezburger?" This meme became so popular that it spawned a website based on the "Cheezburger" caption. Here, users can submit animal-related memes and news articles.

Here, users can submit animal-related memes and news articles.

Next, we have Cat Breading. This trend started after a Reddit user posted an image of a cat wearing a slice of bread on its face. After that, people started posting similar pictures in social media sites, such as Facebook and Tumblr. Its popularity slowly faded in 2012, roughly one year after its initial spread. A few years later, Snapchat paid tribute to the fad by adding a filter that makes it look like whoever's in front of the camera has a piece of bread on their face.

Another well-known cat meme is "If It Fits I Sits." This refers to images of cats sitting on random objects. Just like the previous entry on this list, this meme became popular after it was posted on Reddit. After that, people started posting similar pictures on several social media websites. Because of its popularity, a subreddit dedicated to the meme was created in 2012.

Next is Longcat, which, as the name implies, refers to an image of an unusually long cat. While the original photo was first posted on a Japanese website, its popularity can be attributed to 4chan's "Random" board. On 4chan, people posted pictures of Longcat photoshopped beside other tall objects, such as trees and skyscrapers.

On 4chan, people posted pictures of Longcat photoshopped beside other tall objects, such as trees and skyscrapers.

In 2008, an unknown user created the "" website. On the top of the page, the text "WARNING: LONGIMAGE IS LONG" can be found. Below that is an absurdly large image of Longcat and a link that leads to a flash animation that features dancing cats.

Another popular meme is Nyan Cat, which is an 8-bit animation of a cat whose body is a pop tart. This was originally made by an artist known as Chris Torres. In 2011, a YouTube user named Sara June uploaded a video of Chris' animation accompanied by a Japanese pop song. This video immediately became viral and was posted all over social media websites, most notably Tumblr.

In 2011, a website dedicated to Nyan Cat was launched. It features an animated loop of Nyan Cat and a timer that shows how long you've stayed on the page. The site has a button labeled "Pick A Flavor." Clicking this will reveal a menu that lets you change the appearance of the cat and the page's background music.

In 2011, a website dedicated to Nyan Cat was launched.

Lastly, we have Grumpy Cat, which is the nickname given to a cat named "Tardar Sauce." This meme first appeared on Reddit. After the original image was posted on the "pics" subreddit, people immediately started using it as an image macro. The cat became so popular that she's now considered to be an internet celebrity. Because of this, she managed to land an endorsement deal with Friskies, a company that sells pet food.