The Best Gorilla Meme Is Here

Internet Memes have been a source of humor and entertainment for years. And many popular memes, from lolcat to doge, have animals as their subject. But dogs and cats aren't the only furry friends who can become Internet sensations. In this guide, we'll look at a few of the best gorilla memes online. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

The 3 Best Gorilla Memes

  1. Harambe: Paying tribute to a gorilla gone too soon
  2. TED Talk Gorilla: Giving a lecture on whatever topic you like
  3. Shabani: An incredibly photogenic gorilla from Japan

How Do I Make My Own Memes?

  • Create image macros with ImgFlip
  • Imgur is a little more complicated, but makes sharing easy
  • For moving images, try making a gif with Giphy
  • There's even free editing software available if you want to make a video meme

Koko the Gorilla Who Knows Sign Language

In Depth

Animals have always been a common subject of memes and image macros, and gorillas are not exempt from this trend. There are many generic gorilla memes online, but there are also a few that stand out from the rest. Let's go through a few of the most popular gorilla memes on the internet and see which one of them is the best.

First up is Shabani the Gorilla, who lives at the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan. He is known for being very photogenic, and for a while he was considered to be something of a celebrity on the internet. Back in 2015, Shabani's popularity blew up because of social media, with Japanese users repeatedly posting pictures of him on Twitter. His online popularity died down by the end of the year. Though, as of 2017, he continues to be a main attraction at the zoo.

Next up is the TED Talk Gorilla, which is just an image of a gorilla who looks like he's giving a lecture to a group of students. People online add their own humorous captions to the image, which makes it look like the gorilla is actually talking about a certain topic. It started going viral in mid-2017, though its popularity was short-lived.

It started going viral in mid-2017, though its popularity was short-lived.

Lastly, we have Harambe, which was arguably one of the most popular and controversial memes of 2016. The story behind it is that, back in May 2016, a small child fell into one of Cincinnati Zoo's animal enclosures. When this happened, a gorilla named Harambe started dragging the boy around, which prompted a zoo employee to fatally shoot him in order to save the child.

The whole incident was caught on camera, and the footage was uploaded to YouTube where it immediately went viral. After that, people started creating petitions titled "Justice for Harambe" on Eventually, the "Justice for Harambe" movement reached social media, which brought even more attention to it.

After a while, photos of Harambe photoshopped into other memes started appearing online. People paid tribute to or made fun of the gorilla's death on Twitter and Facebook by posting such images. Harambe quickly became one of the most prominent memes of 2016, and it continued to be relevant in 2017.

After a while, photos of Harambe photoshopped into other memes started appearing online.

A few months after Harambe's death, a comedian posted a tweet saying "dicks out for harambe." This phrase later exploded in popularity, especially after a video of Danny Trejo, an American actor, saying it was posted on Vine. This ironic take on the "Justice for Harambe" movement became so popular that a subreddit was named after it.

Even over a year and a half after the incident, Harambe is still being talked about by news outlets online. On December 20, 2017, several articles were written about a controversial arcade game called "Harambe Kong." In this game, you play as the deceased gorilla, and the objective is to collect food while avoiding the children running around the area. If you touch any of the children, the gorilla will be shot dead.