The Best Free Online School Report Maker

Technology is a vital part of any career path, but it's sometimes difficult to find ways to incorporate it into your classroom. Ezvid Wikimaker can be a great way to allow your students to create reports and multimedia presentations. Wikimaker is a free browser-based video creation tool that is simple enough for any student to learn, but with endless possibilities for them to be creative as they craft informative presentations. We'll go over some of the benefits of Wikimaker and how it can be incorporated into your curriculum. Check out some of the articles made with Wikimaker, and when you're ready, give it a try and create your first wiki. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

What Is Ezvid Wikimaker?

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor. Wikimaker uses voice synthesis to automatically create narration to go with your written essay, as well as adding music. It also adds images and video clips to match your writing. You can add or delete images to create an entertaining and informative video. And with Wikimaker Capture, you can add your own images and recordings to display your research and add clarity to your writing. Students can quickly learn how to use Wikimaker and explore all of its features to present topics in the most dynamic way possible.

What Kinds Of Projects Can Be Made With Wikimaker?

  1. Biography of a historical figure
  2. End-of-year video to display work done during the school year
  3. Chapter summary for a science or history unit
  4. Instructional video to explain a computer process
  5. Research project that shows where to find sources
  6. Explanation of a current event
  7. Report on a country or city
  8. Essays on film and media
  9. Any project that can benefit from exciting visuals

What Are Some Advantages of Wikimaker?

  • Instant video creation
  • Built-in fair use images and videos
  • Voice synthesis
  • Screen recording and image capture
  • Edit entirely in-browser
  • Completely free to use

Where Can I See My Project Once It Is Done?

Your report will be published on Ezvid Wiki, where you can watch the video as well as read the written text paired with the images you've uploaded and captured. Students can submit their wikis online so they can be reviewed and graded, and afterward, they will still be available. This means they can share them with friends and family and use them as proof of their skills.

In Depth

School can be boring, and your students don't just want to listen to you drone on all day. Often the best way to teach them is to force them to teach one another. Giving presentations and reports is a tradition at all levels of education, but drawing on poster board with markers isn't very applicable to the real world. You'd like to involve technology in your assignments, but programs like PowerPoint can be expensive. Thankfully, there is now a free, online option that can be used on both Windows and Mac.

Ezvid Wikimaker is an easy-to-learn browser-based video creation tool that allows your students to make entertaining video essays online. They can match images and videos to written text along with free narration and music. They can also record activity on their computer screens to demonstrate research methods and give step-by-step tutorials. They can devise their own lessons and watch them at any time since they're hosted for free online.

Like with any report, first you must write out what you want to say. You can compose an entire essay in a word processing program, or write as you go in Wikimaker. Paste your first paragraph in the box and press "Enter." Wikimaker will generate a voice synthesis, meaning the words you've just typed will be read aloud as narration for your video, which you can watch right away. It will also generate free fair use images and videos to match key words in your paragraph. You can see them on the left side of your screen as you scroll down.

You can compose an entire essay in a word processing program, or write as you go in Wikimaker.

For example, if the word "America" comes up, you'll probably see an American flag to go along with it. You can use the search box to look for additional free pictures and videos and add as many as you like. Some of these may not match your subject matter or may go by too fast. If you want to remove them, simply click the 'X' in the bottom left-hand corner of its thumbnail. These will mostly be general images that are easy to understand. To incorporate content that is specific to your essay, you can create images and videos using Wikimaker Capture.

Wikimaker Capture is available as a browser extension for Chrome or as a free download for Windows and Mac with expanded features. With both versions, you can capture any image found on the web to use in your video. With the desktop version, you can resize it to crop out any details you don't want to include, or draw on it to add emphasis. When you're done, it will appear in the "Ready" section. Click the plus sign to link it to a word in your text. When that word is spoken in the video, your image will appear.

You can also make recordings which show the activity in your browser window. You can surf the web or even enter information into online forms to demonstrate step-by-step instructions. With the desktop version, you can record your entire computer screen, including other programs like video games. When you add your recordings, you can choose which frame to start the video at so you get the exact moment you want.

You can surf the web or even enter information into online forms to demonstrate step-by-step instructions.

You can also upload files from your computer, so students can incorporate video clips to make their reports entertaining and fun. They can even upload pictures or movies of themselves and their friends, which lets them be creative and keeps the class engaged in the lesson.

When you play this section back, you'll see that the images and videos you've added play along with the narration. You can repeat this process to craft an entire video essay. When you're done, submit it for publishing, and you'll be able to view your wiki on a live webpage, where you can watch the video and read the text. Since it's hosted online by Ezvid Wiki, you won't have to worry about returning students' work, and they can share the URL with anyone they wish.

One big plus of Wikimaker is that it's free to use, and editing is done entirely in your browser. That means that all you need is an Internet connection, and you can create your own video essays. Students don't need to buy pricey software, and you won't have to spend days teaching it to them. You can even upload your own tutorials to show them exactly how to finish their assignments, which they can watch again if they need a refresher.

Students don't need to buy pricey software, and you won't have to spend days teaching it to them.

Allowing students to present topics to the class on their own helps teach them research skills, clarity in writing, public speaking, and how to explain a complex topic in a limited amount of time. Wikimaker helps bring technology into the fold by incorporating visual storytelling. They'll leave your class knowing how to create multimedia web content in a format that they can use on their own outside of school. Whatever grade you teach, a Wikimaker project will leave a lasting impression on your students.