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What You Need To Know About Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a highly powerful platform for parents to control what their children are seeing and doing on the web. It doesn't just manage the time kids spend on the web. It also helps prevent cyberbullying, monitors cell phone activity, masks profanity, and blocks access to pornography. How intensely you choose to use it is up to you. Its suite of tools is accessible on most operating systems, either via web browser or mobile app. No matter where you are, you can stay connected and plugged-in to what your child is doing. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

According to Net Nanny's statistics, over 80 percent of children will see inappropriate content online by the time they are 11. They use a variety of methods to combat this. For one, they allow you to control what your children have access to. Aside from the sites within their recommended blacklist categories, you can restrict access to any sites or content of your choosing.

Net Nanny is highly customizable. It offers packages for parents in search of all levels of protection for their children. Because it works on all platforms, you can be sure your child isn't accessing unsafe or inappropriate content on any of their devices. It evaluates web content in context. This ensures your child has access to what they need without exposing them to sensitive material. It can be programmed to issue warnings when your child is entering certain websites, rather than restricting access altogether.

Net Nanny will always let you know right away if your child is accessing inappropriate or dangerous content. Rather than waiting for you to check and find out that they've been contacted by someone wishing to do them harm, they'll make you aware immediately via email so you can address the issue. Their parent dashboard contains more detailed information about your child's behavior for when you want to take a closer look.

Net Nanny's software is available in several subscription packages. Their rates are based on how many devices you'd like to monitor. This offers flexibility to families with more than one child. Their software doesn't capture screenshots or keystrokes. But it's quite effective and easy to use for most content monitoring and tracking purposes. The real benefit is that it helps keep your children accountable. It will also make you aware of any potentially dangerous contact. For these goals, its comprehensive features have you covered.

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