5 Exercise Venues To Keep You Fit And Flexible

It's not easy to stay fit, especially if you've never considered yourself a workout junkie. In recent years, the flourishing of exercise modes like Pilates, barre, and yoga has created new opportunities for people to get in the best shape of their lives. In no particular order, this list looks at studios and instructors offering classes and personalized training.

At #1, we present Barre & Soul. The company has several fitness studios, offering Lotte Berk-inspired barre classes and vinyasa yoga. Studio locations include Harvard Square, Massachusetts, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Wayland Square, Rhode Island.

The company was founded in 2006 by Andrea Isabelle Lucas. Those committed to the practice of barre or yoga can participate in a 200-hour teacher training program that covers breathwork, meditation, and more. Barre & Soul has been featured in the media many times, in publications such as Boston Magazine, Women's Health, and Forbes.

The #2 entry is Barre Attack, a workout method that combines Pilates, dance, and traditional fitness exercises. The program is available at various studios across Australia and New Zealand, such as Gym & Tonic and B3 Massage and Movement. Founder and creator Renee Scott trained at the Hamburg Ballet School in Germany.

In a single Barre Attack class, participants can expect to switch between high-intensity conditioning and standing Pilates work, short cardio intervals, and dance moves. The program is accessible for all body types and levels of fitness. The company also offers a three-level certification for those wishing to become instructors of the method.

Up next, at #3, we have Tracey Mallett, a fitness and wellness personality. Mallett owns a Pilates, barre, and physical therapy studio in Los Angeles called ATP Training. She has certified thousands of instructors worldwide in her programs bootybarre and bbarreless. In addition, she also helped create the app PilatesBarreOndemand, which delivers fusion fitness workouts via weekly videos.

Mallet organizes exercise retreats every year to beachfront locations in Tulum, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere. Each day of the trip includes various barre fusion and Pilates sculpting classes, as well as healthy meals. Mallet has been featured in many media outlets like Shape Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.

Coming in at #4 we have Club Pilates. Founded in San Diego, the company now has franchised fitness studios all over the United States, in locations like Jupiter, Florida and Denver, Colorado. The classes are rooted in Joseph Pilates' original Reformer-based Contrology Method but also utilize TriggerPoint, TRX springboard, EXO-chair, and other equipment designed to build strength, mobility, and stability.

There are classes for all levels of experience and fitness, from foundational to more advanced courses. F.I.T. is a mix of high-intensity cardio work and lower-intensity Pilates-based strength training, while the Center and Balance class is designed to boost flexibility through light movement and deep stretching.

The #5 entry is Fit Athletic, a small chain of gyms in Houston, Texas, and San Diego, California. The company offers personal training, group fitness, social events, and more, with additional amenities and activities varying by location. The Solana Beach studio, for instance, has outdoor dog kennels so athletes can safely leave their pets while they work out.

At the Carmel Mountain studio, members can train with RISE Tennis to practice the sport through classes, camps, and clinics. For those looking to work on flexibility, Fit Athletic provides many varieties of yoga instruction, like Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga. The BOSU fit challenge is a class featuring exercises performed on a balance trainer to develop coordination and stabilization.