5 Psychiatrists Educating The Public On Mental Health

When talking about our well-being, physical health often dominates the conversation. However, mental health is equally important, yet often ignored. In no particular order, here are some psychiatrists providing the public with the information needed to understand anxiety, medication, self-care, and more.

First up at #1 is Dr. Carly Snyder. A reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist, she works with women struggling with emotional symptoms during their reproductive years. Dr. Snyder attended the NYU School of Medicine and went on to complete her residency at Mount Sinai. With a private practice in New York City, her approach combines traditional psychiatric and integrative medicine-based treatments to optimize the body and mind.

Dr. Snyder has a radio show called MD for Moms, where listeners can call in to have their questions answered on air. She also runs a health and wellness blog, on which she frequently interviews other psychiatrists to provide information on a variety of issues encountered by parents.

Next up at #2 is Dr. David Healy, who is both a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist. He has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and over 20 books, and is a former Secretary of the British Association for Psychopharmacology. In addition, Dr. Healy has been involved as an expert witness in homicide and suicide trials involving psychotropic drugs, and has helped raise awareness of the pharmaceutical industry's malfeasance.

Dr. Healy is the founder and CEO of Data Based Medicine Limited, which helps make medicines safer by allowing patients to directly report any drug side effects they encounter. The doctor also partnered with several colleagues to establish RxISK eConsult, an online medication consultation service.

At #3 is Dr. Norman Rosenthal. This acclaimed psychiatrist led the team that first described Seasonal Affective Disorder and pioneered light therapy to treat it. It is now known that millions of people worldwide experience SAD, a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs at the same time every year. Dr. Rosenthal has practiced psychiatry for over three decades, treating people with all manner of mental health issues.

The doctor has written over 200 scholarly articles and authored or co-authored several books, including Winter Blues, Transcendence, and The Gift of Adversity. He also provides personal and professional coaching services to help others heal, and does motivational speaking on topics such as workplace stress, emotional intelligence, meditation, and more.

Next at #4 is Dr. James S. Gordon, who specializes in healing population-wide psychological trauma. Dr. Gordon believes that trauma is a human experience, not a pathological anomaly. His methods consist of a combination of self-awareness, self-care techniques, and group support in order to heal both individuals and communities. These techniques are explained further in his book, The Transformation.

In 1991, Dr. Gordon founded The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, which trains local healthcare providers, educators, and community leaders in self-care techniques to help relieve stress and trauma. These techniques are then implemented in the communities they serve, allowing millions of people to benefit from the Center's work.

Last up at #5 is Dr. Denise McDermott. She has board certifications in both adult and child psychiatry, and over 40,000 hours of clinical expertise in her private practice. Her e-book, Mental Health and How to Thrive, explains how thoughts, feelings, and actions work in tandem with our DNA to determine our sense of happiness and well-being.

Dr. McDermott produces and hosts her own podcast, The Dr. Denise Show, on which she interviews scholars, mental health advocates, athletes, and other influencers. She also regularly appears on other podcasts to discuss current topics in mental health, and is a contributor to the Mind Dive app, which is devoted to bridging science, psychology, and spirituality.