5 Translation Services Making Global Connections

The world is becoming more interconnected, as the internet has made global communication nearly effortless. Despite such progress, people are still limited by language barriers, thus prompting the need for professional translation services. Whether it's for novels or legal documentation between multilingual parties, consider the services listed here in no particular order.

Starting us off at #1 is HI-COM, a multilingual communication agency based in Shanghai providing English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation, as well as services in many other languages. With its network of thousands of native speakers, HI-COM provides professional technical, legal, and industry-specific translation across a multitude of vernaculars.

One such project involved Club Med, which commissioned HI-COM to translate its travel brochure in order to tap further into the Chinese market. Chinese consumers have particular ways of traveling and interests that may differ from Western sensibilities, and HI-COM's process ensures accuracy and localization to the target market.

Next, at #2, we have Just Translate It, founded by Olesya Zaytseva, a translator and marketer with more than 20 years of experience providing professional language services in English and Russian. Zaytseva helps businesses communicate and engage with Russian-speaking audiences by bringing her expertise to content management.

Content is one of the most efficient ways for a business to strengthen its brand, attract web traffic, and boost engagement. Just Translate It works with companies to create content for corporate websites and social media with the purpose of boosting engagement through the use of techniques such as SEO in Russian for better search engine rankings.

At #3 is BeTranslated, a boutique agency that specializes in transliterations between most European and Asian languages. The company's network is fully remote with a wide geographic distribution, which allows for urgent requests to be addressed in a timely manner.

BeTranslated specializes in providing businesses with a variety of services, including marketing and legal document translation. Professionals with marketing backgrounds understand that a strategy that is effective in the United States may not be greeted the same way in Europe. Likewise, the legal language of one country may vastly differ in another, highlighting the need for expert translation.

Coming in at #4 we have Verbatim Languages. Based out of Orlando, Florida, it has been providing professional translation services to the US market since 1993. The company offers services in over a hundred languages, including American Sign Language, and has its own inventory of simultaneous interpretation and audiovisual translation equipment.

One particular area of expertise is interpretation for conferences and meetings between international and multilingual parties. Verbatim Languages offers the translators and equipment necessary for real time delivery of simultaneous interpretation in one's native language from within a fully enclosed sound-proof booth.

Rounding out the list at #5 is C.M.C. Translations, founded by Charlotte Coombe, a British translator working from French and Spanish to English. After a decade of working with creative texts in the arts, travel, lifestyle, and fashion, her love of books drew her to literary translation, with a particular interest in women's writing.

Some of Coombe's translations include The President's Room by Ricardo Romero and Fish Soup, a collection of novellas and short stories by Colombian author Margarita Garcia Robayo. In addition to literature, Coombe provides proofreading, editing, and revision for private clients.