6 Sources Of Elegant Home Furnishings

From striking, minimalist creations to the refined touch of the old world, a quality piece of furniture provides conversation and comfort in every room. The right accent piece can bring an entryway or outdoor area together. Here, in no particular order, are six establishments setting the standard for excellent craftsmanship in the home.

First on our list at #1, Buffets and Cabinets was created to share the latest furniture trends and design news. The company caters to both the modern entertainer and the classic host, aiming to inspire readers with a collection of unique projects from the world's best interior designers.

Among those featured include Kelly Wearstler, Mattia Bonetti, and Formitalia. From luxury sideboards to inventive bar cabinets, each showcased piece represents the company's dedication to offering artful storage and display solutions.

Coming in at #2 is Case Furniture. Established in London in 2006, it combines cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to make quality designs accessible to the mass market. Case has developed an extended network of trading partners that are able to manufacture and distribute on a global scale.

Case Furniture collaborates with award-winning designers from all over the world, including Matthew Hilton, Shin Azumi, and David Irwin. According to the company's director, Paul Newman, "We choose designers because we like their work and, importantly, they have a passion for what they do."

At #3 is GR Shop. Canadian retailer Gabriel Ross founded the store in 1990 as a custom upholstery shop in Victoria, British Columbia. It didn't take long for the company to translate its appetite for modern and mid-century furniture into an online presence and a massive showroom in Victoria's Rock Bay Design District.

With a focus on authentic brands designed and produced by the original manufacturers, the company makes it easy to shop for exclusive lounge chairs, dining tables, or desks. Many of these luxury pieces are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Next at #4 is ModishStore. The company was founded by Samit Ranjan, who takes an active leadership role, providing insight and support throughout the process. The business prides itself on its handcrafted furniture collections that have a small environmental footprint.

Modish ensures that all of its offerings are unique, artisan built creations with handmade, organic origins. Most items in the store's catalog are made from recycled or repurposed materials in rustic, industrial, farmhouse, and vintage styles. Each one is designed to support a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

At #5, The Edward Barnsley Workshop, located in rural Hampshire, England, has been crafting furniture since 1923. The workshop's chief designer, James Ryan, started out as a Barnsley apprentice. He works closely with clients through the commissioning process. His previous projects have included library steps, bridge tables, card tables, and jewelry boxes.

James and his team of skilled furniture makers have taken on commissioned work of all sizes, from a small box to a set of over a hundred dining chairs for an Oxford college. Each one is discreetly marked with the stamp of The Edward Barnsley Workshop, along with the initials of the individual maker. This reinforces the unique quality of every piece.

Lastly, at #6 is Enea. With a variety of aesthetic and functional options, the company has been designing and manufacturing high-end contemporary furniture in the Basque Country, Spain, since 1984. Enea's international sales network, which spans five continents, has allowed the team to complete many installations around the world.

The company's creative portfolio of chairs, tables, and accent furniture reveals a fashionable taste with a strong personality. One of the collections offered by Enea is Puck, a bold and modern array that offers a touch of color. The company aims to transfer the best of local production to the global market.