10 Best Baby Alive Dolls | March 2017

We spent 33 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. As materials technology advances, even the littlest members of our society can get to reap the benefits. Your toddler will get the most realistic nurturing experience possible when playing with one of these Baby Alive dolls, as they are manufactured to be able to talk, sleep, eat and even wet their diapers, just like a real baby. Skip to the best baby alive doll on Amazon.
10 Best Baby Alive Dolls | March 2017

Overall Rank: 7
Best Mid-Range
Overall Rank: 4
Best High-End
Overall Rank: 3
Best Inexpensive
My Baby All Gone comes with 2 diapers, 2 food packets, spoon, bottle and instructions on how to feed her. She can be fed from a bottle or with the included spoon, and she dirties her diaper not long after eating, just like a real baby.
The Play 'n Style Christina has extra long, extra soft hair that your little stylist will love to comb, blow-dry, and put in all sorts of different styles. The doll even comes with a colorful pink hair extension that can be attached to her mane.
Yummy Treat Baby is ideal for younger children, as they'll get a kick out of watching her "licking" the included ice cream cone and "nibbling" at the cookie treat, but most older kids will get bored quickly with her rather limited tricks.
  • eighteen inches tall
  • tongue has a magnet to hold treats
  • doesn't speak like similar dolls
Brand Baby Alive
Model A1694
Weight 1.7 pounds
Baby Go Bye Bye reacts to noises in her surroundings, such as rattles and speech, crawling towards them. She also responds to tickling with giggles and playful movements. Plus she comes with a baby carrier for on-the-go fun.
  • includes a brush to brush her hair
  • drinks from her included bottle
  • talks back when spoken to
Brand Baby Alive
Model C2689
Weight 3.6 pounds
Super Snacks Snackin' Sara comes with a wonderful array of pretend food stuffs, including a juice box and a plate of play foods. Your child can take Sara out to a lunch date or for a picnic in the park and will learn responsibility by caring for her.
  • comes with food shaping tools
  • great for toddlers
  • poops in her diaper after eating
Brand Baby Alive
Model B0635
Weight 3.6 pounds
Sips 'n Cuddles is an infant-aged baby alive doll that comes in a beautiful nautical-themed dress. She lets your daughter experience the joys of motherhood as she drinks from her bottle and wets her diapers. She also comes with a page of fun stickers.
  • small size good for younger kids
  • feels very well made
  • includes a sippy cup
Brand Baby Alive
Model A9295221
Weight 11.2 ounces
Wanna Walk Hispanic speaks Spanish and English and is great for the family hoping to raise multilingual children. As the doll is in the process of learning to walk, she will want your daughter to hold her hand and help, which builds confidence.
  • pressing her tummy changes languages
  • easy to carry at just one foot tall
  • giggles if she accidentally falls
Brand Baby Alive
Model A0201
Weight 3.1 pounds
With the adorable Luv 'n Snuggle Baby, children can feed her with a bottle or use the pacifier to calm their little one. Her small size, provided blanket, and large eyes make her the perfect companion for cuddles and nurturing the caring spirit.
  • can self-pacify with her thumbs
  • compatible with add-on diaper packs
  • perfect for younger toddlers
Brand Baby Alive
Model A5841223
Weight 1.1 pounds
Twinkles N’ Tinkles has cute shining eyes that stare up at little girls as they pretend to change her diaper, which lights up to indicate when it's full. She comes with wipes and cream, just like real parents use on their little ones.
  • speaks in english and spanish
  • makes drinking sounds when being fed
  • rooted hair can be styled
Brand Baby Alive
Model C2701
Weight 1.8 pounds
African American Talking Baby is a blast for girls up to 10 years of age. She's soft, snugly, and requires regular play time and feedings to stay happy. She "eats," "drinks" and even "wets," so your child will feel like she really is mothering the doll.
  • comes with a package of doll food
  • says i love you mommy
  • includes two extra diapers
Brand Hasbro
Model pending
Weight 3.5 pounds

The Doll As A Training Device

Baby Alive dolls are lifelike recreations of babies that are capable of doing many of the same things that real live babies do. They can eat, drink, cry, and even wet themselves. The dolls are available in Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic varieties.

There are several reasons boys and girls can benefit from playing with dolls. Children become very attached to their Baby Alive doll and will do anything to keep it happy. Since young kids can be prone to aggression towards objects, the compassion they learn to have for their dolls is very useful. They learn through their toy that if they don’t treat it with care, it cries or in some way shows distress. Children transfer some of the empathetic understanding they learn from their doll to real life humans. It is an ideal way accustom a young child to the idea of a sibling.

Baby Alive dolls can also help first-time mothers get ready for motherhood. Practicing parenting on objects is not a new technique - it's been proven to be effective for decades - but the Baby Alive doll brings more realism to the process. Baby Alive dolls can train mothers in knowing how often babies need to be fed, how long nap time should be in order for a baby to feel rested, and other important aspects of motherhood. The doll acts as an effective training apparatus and is the closest thing that a new mom can experience to having a real baby.

The History Of The Baby Alive Doll

The first Baby Alive doll came onto the market in 1973, when Kenner Products introduced a doll that could eat, drink and wet itself. The first model was more aesthetically simple than current ones, but the designers have followed the growing trend to make dolls appear more realistic. All models throughout the years have featured a mechanical mouth that can be spoon-fed packets of food mixed with water. Each box in the 1970s came with the doll, a bottle, diapers, the food packet and a feeding spoon. The dolls would chew and swallow their food, and eventually convert it into waste that ended up in their diapers. Sometimes the dolls would vomit.

The doll was instantly a success and by the mid 1970s it was in high demand. In 1992, Kenner released a doll that went to the bathroom in a potty instead of a diaper, could swallow without the use of a lever, and could speak. The doll would say things like, “I have to go potty” and “All done now.” Consumers complained that the baby had an oddly adult voice, and the 1992 model did not sell as well as the original. The next model was released in 1995 and came with snacks and juice boxes. There were two versions of the 1995 doll — Baby Alive and Baby All Gone. Baby Alive soiled itself, but Baby All Gone didn't actually consume food - it only mimicked the action. Kenner made some adjustments to the baby’s food and beverage over the years, like packaging the juice in bottles instead of cardboard boxes to cut back on waste, and offering cookies that kids could actually bake.

In 2006, after Kenner merged into Hasbro, the latter took over the manufacturing of Baby Alive dolls, and produced over a dozen models with special accessories that were designed to teach different skills.

A Look At The Current Models

Baby Alive dolls are currently separated into toddler and newborn models. Among the newborn dolls, there is the Sip ‘N Slurp, which can drink out of a straw, and the Sip ‘N Slurp Birthday Edition which can blow out its birthday candles. The Wets ‘N Wiggles doll comes in a boy or girl version, and wiggles and cries when it has soiled its diaper. The Pat ‘N Burp model burps when you squeeze or pat it, and the Sip ‘N Snooze becomes sleepy as you feed it milk.

Baby Alive Learns to Potty is a toddler which tells you when it needs to go to the bathroom and comes with both a diaper and a potty. This model is particularly talkative and can say phrases like, “Hurry-hurry!” and “I love you, mommy.” The New Teeth doll is in the process of teething, and when you press on its tongue, new teeth will appear. This doll comes with a toothbrush and can teach children about oral hygiene. The Real Surprises model eats and drinks, wets and messes itself, speaks when its diaper is full and sings the classic “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

If you don’t want your doll to make a mess, try the All Gone doll. This doll appears to be eating and drinking, but in fact, its bananas and juice retract back into the spoon and bottle, never passing through the doll. Families that travel often appreciate the Bye Bye doll, which comes with a baby sling and a baby carrier for easy transport. Regardless of the discipline or important life skills you’re working on with your child, there is a Baby Alive model that can help with it and make learning more engaging for your little one.

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