The 8 Best Bath Pillows

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This wiki has been updated 29 times since it was first published in October of 2015. Say it with us: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh. That's the sound you'll be making when you soak away the stresses and strains of your day in blissful comfort with one of these bath pillows. They will provide welcome support for your neck and head, whether you’re reclining and relaxing, catching up on a good book, or sipping a glass of wine. We've even added some full-length models for the ultimate in cushioning. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Original Gorilla Grip

2. Bath Haven Ergonomic

3. Comfysure Extra-Large

Editor's Notes

June 10, 2021:

We removed a pair of models that are hard to get your hands on partly because they were prone to rips. The Original Gorilla Grip, while it seems overly simple, remains in the top spot because despite its straightforward design, it's widely considered the most comfortable. If you insist on something a little more contoured, we highly recommend the Bath Haven Ergonomic and full-body Comfysure Extra-Large.

What we don't recommend, however, is getting so comfortable in the tub that you fall asleep. It's not great for your skin to stay in a soapy tub for too long, and we wouldn't want you missing out on a good night's sleep on your mattress.

March 10, 2020:

There are two basic types of bath pillows to choose from, inflatable and mesh/foam, but the latter tend to be more popular since they don't develop leaks and usually feel more luxurious. Nevertheless, we think the Aquasentials Inflatable is a good choice for those who prefer the former. The soft terry cloth covering is comfortable, and it's very affordably priced, so if it does develop a leak, well, it's probably not a huge tragedy. As for mesh/foam choices, there are plenty of great options, from the very budget-friendly Bino Rest to the high-end Blue Coast Collection Rousset. These luxury models, including the Original Gorilla Grip and the Harrison House IndulgeMe, are a perfect addition to the gear you need for unwinding in the bath, from unbreakable wine glasses to a good book. But no matter which pillow you choose, you'll want to ensure that it dries thoroughly after each use, to prevent unwanted mold buildup.

If you want something that provides comfort for your entire body, there's the Comfysure Extra-Large or the Langria Shark. These long cushions give you full-body support, stopping the hard tub from pressing into you. They're both machine washable for convenience, and both have a hook for hanging, but if you want a "serious" choice, the Comfysure is the better bet. The Langria model is indeed shaped like a shark, which is fun for some but too much of a novelty for others.

Special Honors Take It Easy While most models are made to blend in rather than stand out, the Take It Easy is definitely eye-catching thanks to its cute and colorful rainbow shape. Quite large at 15 by 11 inches, it has four suction cups that help it stay in place, but it's a bit more expensive than many inflatable options.

Supracor Stimulite You may need a hot, relaxing bath after you see the price of the Supracor Stimulite, but this elevated cost is justified by the unique honeycomb construction. Instead of trapping moisture, these perforated cells allow for excellent air circulation, effectively preventing moldy smells and mildewy slime.

Kohler Removable From a big name in bath fittings comes the Kohler Removable, an option made for use in both bathtubs and whirlpools. It's quite plain but built to last, with a vinyl cover and two sturdy suction cups that help it stay where you put it. And even though it doesn't have a fancy, elaborate design, it does come in several handsome neutral colors.

4. Harrison House IndulgeMe

5. Epica 2X-Thick

6. Jobar International Ideaworks Home Spa

7. Bino Rest

8. Aquasentials Inflatable

Choosing The Best Bath Pillow

This is often the perfect space for a larger headrest, allowing those who have this style of tub to choose one of the larger, more luxurious bath pillows.

Choosing the best bath pillow would seem like a straightforward task. In reality, though, there are a few very important things to take into account before choosing one. The first thing to consider is the shape of the bath pillow itself. Some bath pillows are designed to be somewhat grandiose. They have a luxurious appearance and take up a larger area of the tub. Others are designed to be more basic and compact, to the point of fitting in a small pouch for travel. The ideal pillow will vary based on the kind of tub in which you will use it.

Different bathtubs provide varying areas where a bath pillow may attach. In a standalone tub with more vertical walls, a bath pillow that allows the entire back to be cushioned from the cold body of the tub is ideal. There are also bath pillows designed specifically for the alcove tub, which has a very small lip between the tub and the wall. These pillows will often include an extra cushion to fill that space and allow the user to rest their head there. Platform bathtubs and corner tubs may offer a larger space between the tub and wall. This is often the perfect space for a larger headrest, allowing those who have this style of tub to choose one of the larger, more luxurious bath pillows.

Another important consideration is how well the pillow will grip the tub. Most use various numbers of suction cups to adhere the pillow to the tub. It is important that these suction cups are strong enough to hold the pillow in place with the force of an entire body pressing against it. This also means that their placement is very important. Ideally, a bath pillow will have suction cups in any area of the pillow that will encounter stress. Depending on the size and shape of the pillow, the number of suction cups can vary anywhere from two to ten cups or more.

Cushioning will also be a deciding factor for some people. Some bath pillows are cushioned with air that is either pumped or blown into them. Others have gel inserts, visco-elastic foam, or other filler materials. Foam pillows tend to be much heavier than other models, but may provide more overall cushioning. The material the outer shell is made of will also matter to many people. Bath pillows should be quick-drying and mildew resistant, while not making the user uncomfortable during long periods of use.

Cleaning And Caring For A Bath Pillow

It is very important to take steps to clean and care for bath pillows regularly. Many models are designed to resist pathogens and grime, but this does not advocate careless behavior with the products. Mold and mildew are the most common culprits to infect the bathroom. They are both species of fungi that benefit most from warm, dark, and moist environments. If they are left unchecked, indoor molds can have some harmful effects on the body. This can include congestion and breathing difficulty, as well as serious chronic conditions. The best way to prevent mold from spreading is to keep all areas of the bathroom as clean and dry as possible. This includes regularly cleaning a bath pillow.

It is very important to take steps to clean and care for bath pillows regularly.

You can easily use natural methods to clean a bath pillow and avoid any chance of mold or mildew. A simple mixture of water, baking soda, and plain vinegar is gentle enough to prevent damage to most surfaces, yet strong enough to kill many microbes on the pillow. After fully cleaning the bath pillow, it is helpful to let it air dry or dry out in the sun. Once you let it completely dry, bring the bath pillow back inside to avoid any environmental damage.

Maintaining a clean bathroom environment will also make it easier to keep a bath pillow clean. Additionally, using bathroom fans and dehumidifiers can help remove moisture from the air and prevent mildew growth. There are some air-cleaning plants that may help remove mold spores from the air. Many living plant delivery services can provide a number of plants that can help eliminate toxins such as formaldehyde and mold from the air.

Benefits Of Bathing

While bathing is commonly thought of as a simple way to stay hygienic, there may be much more benefit to taking a bath than is commonly understood. A long bath is often associated with relaxation felt in the muscles afterwards. The warm water brings extra blood to the tissues, which can help relax tense muscles. Taking an extra-long bath with a bath pillow for added comfort may provide even more benefit for sore muscles. A comprehensive review of the effects of hydrotherapy found that a 45 minute leg bath before exercise could reduce signs of muscle damage like tightness and muscle soreness. This means that in leg-heavy sports, bathing before a workout rather than after may be especially beneficial.

There is also some evidence to suggest bathing is good for the heart. Taking a warm bath can cause the heart to beat slightly faster. This strengthens the heart the same way as exercising does. This is not to say that a bath can replace regular workouts, but that it can help support a healthy heart. It is important to note that warm bathing may put undue stress on the heart in individuals with heart conditions, and may need to be avoided.

This rejuvenation felt from a bath does not just affect the muscles. Studies have shown that submerging the body in water may benefit the brain and nervous system. Regular bathing can physically reduce markers of stress and anxiety. You can magnify this effect adding calming essential oils to the bath. Bathing may also help chronic pain sufferers. The warm temperature and pressure of the water can relieve pain and discomfort in people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and even fibromyalgia. Bath pillows enable these health benefits by reducing pressure on the body and allowing a person to enjoy the bath for a longer period of time than they would without them.

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