The 10 Best Dog Grooming Tables

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This wiki has been updated 30 times since it was first published in February of 2016. Dogs and cats that love to sit still and be fussed with for hours at a time are a rare breed. As for the rest of your furry clients, one of these grooming tables will provide the stability needed for even the squirmiest of pets, keeping them safe and well-supported as you cut their nails, prep them for a show, or brush out their matted coats. We included models of varying sizes and prices. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Comfort Groom Z-Lift ET-190-C

2. Yaheetech Portable

3. Polar Aurora Pingkay

Editor's Notes

November 23, 2020:

In selecting our dog grooming tables, we looked for features that would allow pet stylists to both stabilize their clients while keeping them calm, and would allow for seamless trimming and drying that could minimize anxiety to the animals.

We immediately appreciated the Comfort Groom Z-Lift ET-190-C and the Groomer's Best Electric, because they have foot pedals for height adjustments, leaving the user's hands free to secure and comfort a canine. The Go Pet Club HGT-888 also stood out because of its electric motor, which lets you raise and lower it with little effort, as did the Suncoo Professional, with its hydraulic adjustments.

Since many groomers are mobile, we looked for features that make tables easy to travel with. The Polar Aurora Pingkay folds down compactly for transport and is quite lightweight. Also collapsible, the Yaheetech Portable is easy to pick up and take with you. Both of these options have mesh baskets for storing essentials like brushes and clippers, as does the Flying Pig Cat Bone.

Those who mostly work with small breeds can benefit from the space-saving Flying Pig Mini FT-5 and the Master Equipment TP160, both of which have small footprints while remaining quite durable. With a large working surface and height-adjustable arm, the Shelandy STL-180 is good for dogs of many sizes.

December 11, 2019:

Nobody ever said grooming a dog was easy, but these tables can make that job a little less of a hassle. If you have or work with large breeds often, your best bet may be an electric option like the Flying Pig Heavy-Duty Super-Low FP4000A, Go Pet Club HGT-888, and ComfortGroom Z-Lift, since these can be lowered to allow the pooch to step right onto the platform, rather than you struggling to lift them and potentially hurting your back.

Of course, we do realize that electric models can be too pricey for many consumers. A more affordable option may be to go with a non-electric model, such as the Yaheetech 47-Inch, Yaheetech Professional 220-Pound, Flying Pig FT, and Shelandy STL-180, and simply pair it with a pet ramp or pet stairs so those heavy dogs can walk right up to the grooming platform themselves.

For those who only work with small breeds, we have included the Master Equipment TP160, which can be placed on practically any flat surface. We think many will like the fact that it spins, so they can simply rotate the dog rather than walk around the table themselves. The Flying Pig Mini FT-5 is also a great choice for someone who works solely with small breeds. Unlike the Master Equipment TP160, it is a floor-standing model, yet it weighs a mere 26 pounds and folds completely flat for travel.

When using any of these, it is important to always remember the maximum weight capacity of any model to ensure you never put a dog in an unsafe situation. We actually recommend you stay well below the manufacturer's specified weight capacity, so if you lean on the table a little bit while you work or rest or store some tools on it, you still don't run the chance of it collapsing.

Special Honors

Pet Lift LowRider RP Though pricey, the Pet Lift LowRider RP is packed with convenient features. It raises and lowers from 12 to 42 inches electronically, has a 375-pound weight capacity, and has a grooming arm that rotates 180 degrees around the oval end of the table. At 54 inches long, it is suitable for pretty much any dog breed, too.

ShernBao FT-820H The folding ShernBao FT-820H comes in pink, blue, or black, so you can choose the one that best matches your doggie salon. It doesn't include a leash-holding arm, but it does have a port for you to add one when you make the purchase, and its rubber mat is slip-resistant and anti-static.

4. Go Pet Club HGT-888

5. Flying Pig Cat Bone

6. Master Equipment TP160

7. Shelandy STL-180

8. Flying Pig Mini FT-5

9. Suncoo Professional 43-Inch

10. Groomer's Best Electric

The Grooming Table: An Adjustable Canvas For Creating Art

The table can be lowered enough for the dog to jump on or off.

Just as a retail business can't operate without a cash register to complete transactions, the professional or home groomer cannot adequately clean or style their furry friends without the use of a sturdy table to support the animals, while ensuring comfort, ease, and accuracy during the grooming process.

Among all the other tools needed by a dog groomer, the grooming table is one of the most important pieces of equipment to invest in when running a dog salon. It allows for the pet to remain safe and secure while the groomer attends to cutting, styling, and even bathing the coat at a comfortable height without straining themselves or making the animal nervous. The majority of grooming tables have common features that include a solid, flat platform to support the dog as well as a table arm.

The arm gives the groomer the ability to attach a harness or loop to its end, which is also equipped with a safety release clip. This clip keeps the dog secure, while allowing for a safe escape should the pet become nervous or attempt to jump off. The safety release prevents a dog from injuring himself while on the table itself.

Grooming tables are available in four major categories, including electric, hydraulic, collapsible, and trolley options. Hydraulic grooming tables operate through use of a foot pedal for controlling the table's height through means of fluid pressure. Hydraulic grooming tables are typically more expensive than other tables, but they are often favored by professionals due to the fact that pedal operation leaves a groomer's hands free to concentrate on the dog. The table can be lowered enough for the dog to jump on or off. By contrast, the collapsible (or foldable) table is the least expensive option and is often used by non-professional dog owners as a way to groom their pets at home or when traveling. However, the lack of leg adjustments on a collapsible table doesn't make it the most desirable for the professional groomer.

The trolley table is similar in design to a collapsible table with the addition of caster wheels, making it a popular choice for mobile pet groomers who work out of their clients' homes. Unlike the collapsible table, the majority of trolley tables are adjustable so that their height matches that of the groomer in order to prevent backaches and promote ergonomics. Electric grooming tables can be switch, pedal, or even remotely operated and are considered the most desirable option when owning a professional grooming salon. They are usually the easiest to adjust, while offering the most extensive height ranges for accommodating any breed. Electric tables operate relatively quietly, which is a big advantage for nervous dogs who are easily spooked by noise.

Finding The Right Support

Next to one's own comfort and ability to groom an animal without injuring their back, a dog's comfort and safety is equally important. Regardless of whether you're investing in an electric or hydraulic table, its surface should be composed of a textured, non-slip, durable, and easy-to-clean material such as rubber. This will allow a pup to have a good grip on the table with his or her feet, while also minimizing the chances for falls or trouble balancing. The table should be free of any pointed edges or sharp corners that could injure yourself or your furry customers.

If you plan to groom dogs of varying sizes, an electric table will be a good option for having the maximum range of height adjustments at the touch of a switch, foot pedal, or button. They're also relatively smooth and easy to operate. The table should also have a reliable arm with a harness and loop system that is equipped with a safety release to keep a dog steady while working without making him feel trapped. Additionally, keep a less-expensive, collapsible table if you'll be doing a lot of traveling or if you have a small breed that doesn't require as many height adjustments as a large dog.

Finally, consider attending grooming shows to get a sense of the types of tables professional groomers are using. If you have the opportunity, ask them about the pros and cons of the tables they use and what they recommend. Of course, you can also visit your local grooming salon and ask the owner the same questions.

A Brief History Of Dog Grooming Tables

While the invention of the grooming table isn't really the work of any single individual, the grooming industry itself has a long heritage dating as far back as the days of ancient Rome, as they groomed the standard poodle to resemble a fierce lion. Even monuments and tombs erected during the reign of Emperor Augustus, from 27 BCE to 14 CE, featured canine images resembling royal poodles.

Today, grooming salons feature all the modern conveniences, including electric grooming tables, automatic lifts, and even ceiling-mounted blow dryers.

In 17th century France, the poodle was considered the official dog at court. During the era of King Louis XV, the first official records of dog grooming parlors appeared. The early 1800s saw the appearance of the first professional dog groomers using hand-operated clippers to sculpt patterns into the coats of high-society poodles, often times with images of family crests or other emblems. By the end of the 17th century, London dog groomers established fashion salons like the Dogs' Toilet Club where the wealthy could drop their dogs off to experience lavish pampering and bathing in egg yolk shampoos, colored powders, and even massages.

Up until the 1940s, most professional grooming salons had very little room and were made up of a few cages, a simple grooming table, and a bathing and drying area. It wasn't until the mid-1950s, during a population explosion of dogs and cats, that professional grooming became a viable profession along with the commonality of grooming salons and different table types to accommodate all the breeds. Today, grooming salons feature all the modern conveniences, including electric grooming tables, automatic lifts, and even ceiling-mounted blow dryers.

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