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This wiki has been updated 30 times since it was first published in December of 2016. If your feet are often too cold in the winter, perhaps it's time to try something other than doubling up on socks. One of the easiest ways to stay warm is by using a pair of heated insoles, which are available in two basic varieties: battery-powered and disposable. They slide right into most shoes or boots and provide hours of reliable heat when walking, skiing, or even riding a motorcycle. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Torch Electrek Outrek 2

2. Heat Factory Foot Warmer

3. Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal

Editor's Notes

October 20, 2020:

For this update, we've added another budget-friendly option, the Grabber Air Activated, which deliver warmth to your toes instead of to your entire foot. They're easy to use and quite versatile, which also makes them a good choice for sleeping. The Dr. Warm Rechargeable are also new to the list because of their high heating capacity and good reviews.

We've also made updates to the Sharper Image, the Warmfits Powered, and the Torch Electrek Outrek 2 - all still great choices for toasty feet. Finally, we removed the ToullGo Nuonove due to availability issues and the Winna Digital because its reviews don't keep pace with similar items on our list in the same price range.

November 26, 2019:

Whether you just want a way to keep your toes cozier while indoors or you trek out into the snow for hours at a time and need to combat extreme cold, we believe there are heated insoles on this list to meet your needs.

Those who spend much of their time in work boots and the great outdoors can appreciate the Winna Digital, since their fabric is water-resistant and won't be destroyed if it comes in contact with a little moisture. If you'll be in freezing temperatures, you'll like that the Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal have cords that remain flexible, no matter how cold the weather. We did wind up eliminating the Hotronic 1220, from the same brand, because the Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal offer everything the former do, but with a more impressive battery pack, so there was no need to keep both on the list.

If you face the four seasons where you live or work, and need adjustability from your insoles, you'll like the Torch Electrek Outrek 2, which offer three heat settings and can be controlled via a convenient remote control. The Winna Digital are another option that have a handy remote control, and adjustable temperature. We removed the ThermaCell ProFlex Heavy Duty, as they proved not to be responsive to temperature adjustments.

In addition to warmth, insoles can provide support, and we like that the ToullGo Nuonove boast nice cushioning, unlike the Venture Heat MC-50 XLG, which we removed for being too thin and not providing enough in the way of padding or support.

Special Honors

The ActionHeat Rechargeable These insoles can reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit and remain warm for up to 8 hours. Their advanced remote control has several helpful notifications, flashing red when it's low on battery, blue when it has between 34 and 68 percent charge, and green when it's nearly at full power. These same colors also indicate when it is at a low, medium, or high temperature. They can be trimmed from a size 11.5 to an 8.5, and are covered in a breathable, odor-absorbing fleece liner.

4. Thermrup LV616AKK

5. Sharper Image

6. Dr. Warm Rechargeable

7. Hot Hands Foot Warmers

8. Warmfits Powered

9. Therm-ic Perform

10. Grabber Air Activated

The Benefits Of Heated Insoles

Foot problems can lead to issues elsewhere, as well, such as pain in your back, knees, shoulders, and basically any other part of your body.

There's nothing that can ruin your day quite like stiff, sore, cold feet. If you've ever had to work outdoors once it gets below freezing, then you know what I mean — and that's not even counting those crazy people that go out in the snow willingly to do things like hunt and fish.

If you absolutely insist on going out when it's that cold, the least you can do is take it easy on your feet. Heated insoles are a great way to ensure that you don't run the risk of frostbite if you're out in the elements for too long. Of course, if your feet were to start sweating, that's just as dangerous, which is why heated insoles aim to keep them at a consistent temperature.

Also, science is learning that your mom might have been right all along: cold feet can lead to illnesses like colds and the flu. Cold feet can redirect blood away from the nose, reducing its ability to prevent pathogens from getting into your bloodstream.

You also run the risk of trench foot, which is about as sexy as it sounds. Repeated exposure to damp, freezing conditions can cause the blood vessels in your tootsies to constrict, which conserves warmth but starves your feet of vital nutrients and oxygen. Trench foot can kill you, so it's nothing to be taken lightly.

Foot problems can lead to issues elsewhere, as well, such as pain in your back, knees, shoulders, and basically any other part of your body. Your posture starts with your feet, so if they're so cold that you can't stand properly, it can have a domino effect on the rest of your frame.

Beyond the health implications, life's just easier to deal with when your feet are comfortable. You can work longer and get more done, and you won't be miserable all day. Pound for pound, any purchase you can make to keep your feet happy is a wise investment indeed.

How Heated Insoles Work

There are several different types of insoles on the market, and many of them work in unique ways. The basic idea behind each is the same, however, which is to keep your feet warm by pumping in artificial heat.

This is great for regulating temperature, as you can stop the heat before it gets overwhelming.

Many are battery-powered, often with remotes that allow you to turn them on and off at will. This is great for regulating temperature, as you can stop the heat before it gets overwhelming. Of course, this means that you'll need to replace the batteries (even though many insoles come with rechargeable options), and can also limit the amount of time per day you can enjoy having toasty dogs.

There are some that are designed especially for motorcycle riders, and these can draw power directly from the bike's battery. This is fantastic for long rides, as you'll never run out of juice (or if you do, you've got bigger problems on your hands). The downside is that these only work as long as you're on the bike, so they're better for people who work indoors, or for those whose jobs allow them to ride around the office on a motorcycle.

Some models even offer advantages beyond keeping warm. Insoles can be designed to help you stay balanced, which is perfect for people like roofers. Some high-end models radiate far-infrared waves through your foot, which supposedly helps prevent fatigue by reducing muscle contractions.

Other Ways To Pamper Your Tootsies On The Go

Taking care of your feet is about more than just keeping them warm, of course. Foot pain can be debilitating, as it's very hard to lead an active lifestyle when every step is agonizing. The following suggestions can help keep your feet in mint condition so that you can continue to do the things you love.

Foot exercises are another wonderful way to keep everything in working order.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent foot pain is to ensure that you have sufficient arch support. The arch of your foot braces your body weight with every step, but if it doesn't have proper grounding underneath it, it can easily become strained or torn. This can lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis, which causes extreme heel pain.

Foot exercises are another wonderful way to keep everything in working order. Doing things like picking up marbles or scrunching up a towel with your toes keeps all the muscles and ligaments in your foot strong and limber, which, in turn, allows them to better handle standing around for long hours every day. Of course, you'll look ridiculous while doing them, but there's a reason that people say, "Pride goeth before the fallen arch."

Yoga is fantastic for your feet, strengthening them while also providing you with good balance and a solid grounding. Stretching out your muscles is great for reducing inflammation as well, which is one of the core symptoms of many foot problems. Of course, yoga can also help you live longer, look better, and think more clearly, but a huge benefit is what it does for your feet.

Once your feet are taken care of, you'll likely find that your entire outlook changes. You won't feel quite so exhausted at the end of the day, and you'll have the energy to work out, do chores, or take care of whatever else you've been putting off.

Feel free to use this information to tell your partner how much more you'd get done around the house if you just had a foot massage from time to time...

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