The 10 Best Jura Coffee Machines

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This wiki has been updated 26 times since it was first published in October of 2018. If you'll only accept high-end appliances and the best coffee at home, then you're probably a Jura fan. This Swiss company makes gorgeous machines featuring technology you can find in pricey cafes on trendy streets. Bring the finest cup of joe to your household with one of the models we've included here. We rounded up a good variety, from compact to comprehensive choices. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. Z8 Automatic

2. D6 Black

3. S8 Moonlight Silver

Editor's Notes

November 25, 2020:

Because of their simplicity, capacity, and range of options, Jura machines are perfect for a break room, waiting room, or business setting where you want to offer coffee to employees and customers. What they do sometimes lack is control, the ability to manage the precise texture of milk. That's why options like the S8 Moonlight Silver or WE8 Chrome are so attractive, because they let the user handle frothing themselves.

If you have a lot of customers, then you need capacity, which is what the GIGA W3 and XS90 One Touch Center offer. If this is for the home, then price will likely matter to you, which is why the D6 Black is attractive, along with the Ena Micro 1 and A1 Ultra.

The E6 Platinum and S8 Moonlight Silver both offer simplicity and reliability, but the Z8 Automatic is king because of its multitude of drink options, speed, convenient touchscreen, and taste that anyone visiting your office will appreciate.

October 25, 2018:

While Jura is known for its sophisticated, almost factory-like machinery, we aimed to also include easy-to-use models so those who don't have time to fidget with settings can still enjoy excellent coffee. We did, however, still incorporate some of the powerful behemoths such as the Giga 5 for java lovers who delight in a lot of options and an advanced system. Our selection covers models that are good for home and office use.

Special Honors

GIGA X8c With two huge bean containers, the GIGA X8c is ideal for those hosting large events who don't want to have to watch over the machine all day. It offers 10 programmable coffee strength levels and 10 milk foam temperature levels, giving you lots of control. This one is not available everywhere, but if you can get your hands on one, you'll notice the difference.

4. E6 Platinum

5. Ena Micro 1

6. XS90 One Touch Center

7. GIGA W3

8. A1 Ultra

9. Impressa C65

10. WE8 Chrome

Why Choose Jura?

This means less maintenance on your end and consistently great-tasting results.

Every coffee lover has their preferred method of brewing, whether it be steeping with a French press, using a Chemex for pour-over style, or whipping out an electric moka pot. For javaphiles who prefer something automatic, Jura’s offerings are some of the most technologically advanced on the market. This Swiss company makes beautiful machines that are intuitive, convenient, and most importantly, capable of making a delicious cup of coffee. Here we’ll go over a few of the reasons why Jura machines are so compelling.

One of the primary concerns with brewing is that the water you use will adversely affect the taste of your beans. Jura’s products feature a filtration system that removes substances that could impair flavor and aroma, like heavy metals and chlorine, as well as protect the machine against limescale. They also boast a trademarked intelligent water system that communicates with the filter, so you'll always know when it needs to be changed or if you should run a cleaning cycle. This means less maintenance on your end and consistently great-tasting results.

If you’re a fan of specialty beverages that contain a frothy layer with a creamy, feather-light consistency, then you’ll benefit from a machine that uses fine foam technology, which froths milk twice using two separate chambers before slowly and evenly running it into your drink. When you're all done, the milk spout can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Then, there’s the Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System, which mimics the pour-over process by adding a small amount of water to your coffee before brewing. This serves to puff up the grounds and pre-infuse them, helping to bring out their full flavor.

You might not be aware that Jura machines come with built-in grinders that use high-quality burrs to quietly and quickly deliver grounds in the consistency of your choice. Thanks to their clear instructions and settings, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice if you happen to be a newbie to the java world.

These are just a few examples of what Jura machines are capable of. As you do more research into each model, you’ll be able to suss out the one that best meets your needs.

Other Features To Look For

It’s not just fancy patented systems that make Jura items so exceptional, although they definitely help. You'll also find plenty of clever features that work together to make your experience seamless. One of the company’s main priorities is ease of use, and many of their products don’t disappoint on this front. Things like one-touch operation, pre-programmed selections, high-resolution touchscreens, ergonomically-oriented rotary dials, and adjustable temperature settings allow for simple tweaks and uncomplicated use. There’s also a hot water function, which any automatic coffee maker worth its weight should have. Then, there are height-adjustable spouts, which can accommodate nearly any size vessel, from espresso cups to large mugs. Having the spout positioned properly minimizes splashing and contributes to a velvety crema.

Every Jura machine boasts a design that has been meticulously thought out, with clean lines and front-facing controls, ideally-sized water reservoirs, and hidden compartments with removable insets that are dishwasher safe. Even the biggest models take up as little counter space as possible. Their self-explanatory nature makes them nearly effortless to use, and some are capable of making a whopping twenty-eight specialty beverages, which you can rename. Additionally, you can program your own creations.

What we’ve outlined here is the tip of the iceberg. No matter which machine you choose in the end, you can rest assured that its functionality, high-quality construction, and innovative engineering will yield barista-quality results in your home or office for a very long time.

Hot, Steaming Perfection

If you've purchased a Jura product, odds are you take your coffee pretty seriously, and the last thing you want is to unintentionally do something to mess up your morning mug of java. Once you've figured out how to brew the perfect cup, you'll never go back. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Before anything else, you need to find the right roast. While there's no one-size-fits-all rule on when beans are best for consumption, generally, the fresher the better. Some coffees will give you the best results if brewed within five days of its roast date, while others you can stretch a little longer. The flavors you'll extract depend on how porous the beans are and how water affects them. One way to know if your roast is stale is to watch how it pours into a cup. Coffee that's past its date won't produce a layer of foam — known as the head — that bubbles slightly.

Try to purchase directly from the roaster. They'll know just how to store their beans to ensure they don't lose their flavor before you get them home. Avoid supermarket coffee that's been packaged in a storage tube and placed under bright lights. These tubes can become lined with oils that turn rancid over time. When in doubt, opt for a sturdy, vacuum-sealed bag.

Once you've broken the seal of a package, store what's left in an airtight, opaque container at room temperature. A glass or ceramic jar with a rubber gasket is usually a safe bet. Many flavor experts advise against refrigerating or freezing coffee since the porous beans can absorb moisture and odors from the air around them.

Something else you should settle on is your grind preference. A finer grind is ideal if you want to extract strong flavor notes. This is especially helpful if you're using a roast that's getting close to its best-by date, as it will allow you to pull as much flavor as possible from it. If you're looking for a cup that packs a caffeinated punch, then a coarse grind is your friend. The right grind largely depends on your taste preference, so play around with different consistencies until you find one you like.

Thankfully, Jura machines take care of other factors like water purity, temperature, equipment cleanliness, and the proper brewing method. All you’ll have to do is push a button.

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