10 Best Massage Sticks | April 2017

10 Best Massage Sticks | April 2017
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We spent 32 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. For those times when you don't have someone handy to pamper you, one of these massage sticks will give you blessed relief after a workout or a hard day at the office. They can help to improve mobility and muscle health, promote blood circulation and relax muscles. Skip to the best massage stick on Amazon.
The inner rod of the Muscletrac Pro 8 is weighted and helps you to exert more pressure with less manual work, which minimizes muscle fatigue as you use the massager. Try it for self myofascial release of the arms, legs, neck, etc.
  • invented by sports medicine physicia
  • made in the united states
  • 20 inch design not very portable
Brand Muscletrac
Model pending
Weight pending
Rating 3.7 / 5.0
The Mozziequito Little Stinger Massage Stick is made with user comfort in mind. It's constructed of materials that are dense enough to reach muscles of all depths, but won't pinch your skin or pull your hair as you use it. Use it before a workout to improve flexibility.
  • improves mobility and muscle health
  • made with a strong steel core
  • mainly intended for use on the legs
Brand Mozziequito
Model pending
Weight 1.3 pounds
Rating 3.9 / 5.0
The Homie Rolling Stick is made of very durable 100% all-natural, organic wood that emits no odors and does not contain any potentially toxic chemical dyes. It helps to promote blood circulation and relaxes muscles that's necessary for kneading out tight knots.
  • great for targeting large muscles
  • easily loosens knots by rolling
  • handles are not padded
Brand homie homie
Model pending
Weight 12.8 ounces
Rating 3.7 / 5.0
Your order of the Muscle Stick Elite includes a semi-firm spiked massage ball, which allows you to relieve muscular tension by using your own body weight to pinpoint certain areas. Try using the roller bar and ball in tandem.
  • can help relieve muscle cramps
  • endorsed by physical therapists
  • perfectly sized for your gym bag
Brand Monkey Bar
Model pending
Weight 1.2 pounds
Rating 3.7 / 5.0
The Original Tiger Tail Roller is made of closed-cell non-porous foam that won't deteriorate with years of use, and which provides an even, consistent distribution of pressure to gently loosen muscles and ease aches.
  • materials are 100% latex-free
  • long design is ideal for taller people
  • textured rubber grips
Brand Tiger Tail USA
Model TT22
Weight 14.4 ounces
Rating 4.2 / 5.0
The TriggerPoint GRID STK features unique Accugrip handles that mimic the pressure of a massage therapist's thumb. The roller is textured to provide targeted deep tissue relief, making it a great tool for long-term use.
  • 3-dimensional grid foam roller
  • may be used while seated or standing
  • regular and extra firm models available
Brand Trigger Point Performan
Model 225000-O-O
Weight pending
Rating 4.2 / 5.0
The SKLZ AccuRoller has a unique multifunctional design with interchangeable pieces for a variety of customized configurations, plus it features nylon loops that can be used as handy stretching straps.
  • helps improve balance and core strength
  • each ball rolls independently
  • a great training tool for athletes
Brand SKLZ
Model APD-ACRL01-04
Weight 1.1 pounds
Rating 4.5 / 5.0
The Elite Sports Equipment Muscle Roller stick is reinforced with an internal steel bar, so you can apply as much pressure as you need for effective relief without fear of damaging the product. Just make sure not to hurt yourself.
  • a must-have after leg day at the gym
  • portable size great for travel
  • helps prevent cramps before jogging
Brand Elite sportz equipment
Model MS22
Weight 11.2 ounces
Rating 4.8 / 5.0
The Body and Back Buddy includes two contouring massage devices that allow you to hit the most difficult-to-reach pressure points, like right between the shoulder blades. These tools promote blood flow and muscle recovery.
  • keeps muscles pliable to prevent injury
  • 11 uniquely placed therapy knobs
  • helps stimulate blood flow
Brand Body Back Company
Model pending
Weight 2.4 pounds
Rating 4.9 / 5.0
The Ceramic Wonder Massage Tool Set includes two hand-crafted massage rollers of different sizes that can be either heated up or cooled down for effective muscle tension release and relaxation. Use them after injury or every day.
  • studded surface grips skin well
  • environmentally safe materials
  • includes drawstring storage bags
Brand Ceramic Wonder
Model W67250
Weight 1.6 pounds
Rating 4.9 / 5.0

Buyer's Guide

Health Benefits Of Massage Sticks

Massage sticks provide many health benefits to the body. The different shapes the sticks come in are designed to provide varying levels of relief and pressure, and can directly influence how effective they are.

Massage sticks are most commonly used to reduce muscle pain, especially after a workout. This pain is clinically called delayed onset muscle soreness. For a long time, lactic acid was seen as the cause of DOMS, but new studies indicate this is not true. Lactic acid is indeed a byproduct of working out, but it actually carries helpful oxygen when the muscles are depleted. Lactic acid is also only present in the muscles for a couple of hours, yet DOMS doesn't appear until one to three days after a workout.

Tears in the muscle are actually the cause of DOMS. These microscopic tears occur in the body when muscle is pushed to its limit through weight lifting or aerobic exercise. These tears damage the muscle cells and the connective tissue surrounding them. This inflames the muscle's nociceptors, making them more easily stimulated. This inflammation and sensitivity is what causes the pain of DOMS. Luckily, massage reduces the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness.

This reduction in DOMS symptoms from self-massage also helps prevent muscle injuries. People following a regular workout routine are used to working out in spite of DOMS. This often causes the body to overcompensate, putting unnecessary stress on other areas of the body. For instance, a person with sore legs may unintentionally engage their back muscles throughout the day. This puts them at an increased risk for injury.

Massage sticks are also great for managing trigger points. Trigger points are distinct irritating spots in specific bands of skeletal muscle, often called muscle knots. Trigger points cause inflammation and local pain in the muscle on which they appear . They can be found anywhere in the body, and cause many secondary symptoms.

Trigger points may manifest themselves as joint pain, tension headaches, reduced range of motion in the extremities, and even lower back pain. Self-massage of these trigger points is one of the easiest management techniques. Massage sticks allow the user to work deep into the knot causing the pain and stretch it back out. Loosening up a trigger point increases circulation and can relieve many secondary symptoms.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Massage Stick?

Many people in the modern era can see the benefit of using a massage stick. Advanced research done in the realm is the reason behind this shift in understanding.

Athletes remain the largest consumer of massage sticks globally, as they provide an easy way to relax the muscles after an intense workout. They are small enough to fit in a gym bag, and sturdy enough to be stuffed in a locker or the trunk of a car without worry. Muscle recovery time plays a key role in any athlete's optimal performance and ability to improve. Using a massage stick can speed that recovery time.

Office workers benefit from massage sticks, as well. Sitting in a chair for hours at a time is actually very tolling on the body. Sitting upright causes up to 90 percent more stress on the back than standing. Improper sitting also causes reduced blood circulation and can influence inflammation in the legs. Massage sticks can relieve tension on a lunch break or after a long day at the office.

Tools like massage sticks also make great travel companions, as keeping the body in the same position for hours on end during long road trips in the car causes muscle tension that you can relieve at a pit stop. Self-massage easily relieves the tension accumulating in the arms, legs, back, and neck.

The idea that massage tools are not for everyone is antiquated. Everyone from child gymnasts looking to stretch their muscles to elderly people looking for relief from aching joints can benefit from their use.

How Do Massage Sticks Amplify The Effects Of Massage?

The design of most massage sticks is very similar. They are generally made of a hard wood, metal, or plastic, and have a hand grip on either end. The part of the design which varies is the area of active use between these two grips. This area is usually comprised of a bar that spins and has any variety of knobs or grooves built into it. The designs of these bars are meant to reach deep levels of tissue as easily as possible. Self-massage is a great recovery tool for everything from a regular workout to symptoms of osteoarthritis, and can even reduce stress in working individuals.

The effects of self-massage are diminished if it takes a lot of energy or and effort to complete the massage. This added effort causes many people to neglect self-massage as a daily care ritual. Luckily, the effects of a massage can be easily amplified through the use of a massage stick. The shape and design of the sticks are optimized for self-myofascial release.

The myofascial system is the network of fascia running throughout the entire body. Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue made up of mostly collagen, which lies beneath the skin and on top of the muscles. It surrounds muscles, organs, and other tissues. Its primary function is to support, separate, and stabilize the different elements in the body. This fascial tissue can become tight through strenuous activities, heavy workouts, or even sitting in a chair for many hours of the day. Dysfunctions in myofascial tissue cause many of the common problems we see today.

The term used colloquially to describe myofascial release is breaking the fascia. This is the process of influencing the fascia to return to its original state. Massage sticks are one of the most important tools used to accomplish this at home. Self-myofascial release techniques done at home using these sticks can have a beneficial effect on range of motion, delayed onset muscle soreness, and muscle performance. Massage sticks amplify the effects of a massage by breaking apart fascial tissue and stretching out tight or sore muscles. The effect is significantly better than simple massage techniques, as most manual self-massage techniques cannot reach into deeper tissues.

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