10 Best Wheelbarrows | March 2017

Whether you are a green-thumbed potterer or a professional landscaper, one of these wheelbarrows will make all your gardening work a lot easier. With the capacity to hold up to a 300-lb load, they will make light work of hauling and dumping leaves, soil or other debris. Skip to the best wheelbarrow on Amazon.
10 Best Wheelbarrows | March 2017

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The Big 4 Wheeler is available in a lot of configurations, so if you are particular about your wheelbarrow, you can probably find just the right one. Choose from airless or pneumatic tires and a 6 or 8 cubic foot capacity.
The Radio Flyer is a great choice if you want to get your kids helping out in the yard. It's small enough that they can load, unload, and maneuver it with ease, yet still big enough for reasonable sized loads.
The Jackson M6T22 is a sturdy contractor grade wheelbarrow. It features long solid wood handles that make it easier to maneuver with heavy loads. The tray is made of heavy gauge steel for optimal longevity.
If you are looking for something seriously heavy duty with a high load capacity and good balance when fully loaded, then consider the Polar Trailer 8449. It has wide, rugged rubber tires that handle all terrains with ease.
  • shielded ball bearings
  • great for hauling rocks and logs
  • handle has no cushioning
Brand Polar Trailer
Model 8449
Weight 44.1 pounds
The Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 is nice because it easily stands on its own without having to be leaned against a wall. This is great if you live in an area where it rains often and don't want it to turn into a mosquito pond.
  • easy to tip for dumping
  • has a separate area to keep tools
  • small 3.5 cubic foot capacity
Brand Rubbermaid Commercial P
Model FG370712907
Weight 13 pounds
The Marathon Yard Rover 70015 is easy to assemble, with just 8 included bolts, and comes in three color options. It's rustproof poly plastic tray withstands lots of abuse and has a five cubic foot capacity.
  • cushioned loop-style handle
  • powder coated steel frame
  • may flex if dumping a heavy load
Brand Marathon
Model 70015
Weight 28.9 pounds
Ideal for the homeowner without a lot of extra room or those with small yards, the Bosmere W302 can fold up for storage and is perfect for picking up leaves, twigs, and other lightweight loads.
  • just 13" wide when folded
  • stitched on pockets for tools
  • not suitable for heavier loads
Brand Bosmere
Model W302
Weight 14.3 pounds
The Worx Aerocart isn't the best wheelbarrow in the world and it's not the best dolly in the world, but its versatility to serve as both makes it an incredibly useful tool. It can also accommodate a snow plow and a wagon kit.
  • carries loads up to 300 lbs.
  • flat-free tires means zero maintenance
  • patented balanced design
Brand Worx
Model WG050
Weight 48.9 pounds
The United General WH89685 may not be the largest wheelbarrow around, but for its low cost and durable construction, it's a good choice for the average homeowner. The beautiful red paint job holds up well over time, too.
  • large 14" pneumatic tire
  • sturdy metal undercarriage
  • solid wooden handles
Brand United General
Model WH89685
Weight 38.4 pounds
With its unique 3 wheel design, the Wheelzbarrow WB-001 is extremely easy to push, even when fully loaded. It can also roll over large bumps and uneven terrain by simply pushing down on the rear handle to pop the front wheel up.
  • large curved handle design
  • rear mounted braking system
  • well-balanced to avoid spills
Brand Wheelzbarrow
Model WB-001
Weight 50 pounds

Choosing The Right Wheelbarrow

All wheelbarrows feature a tray for carrying loads of various materials and wheels that make moving said loads easier. Beyond that, though, there are as many differences as similarities to be found among the range of wheelbarrows available. Some wheelbarrows have one wheel, some have two, while others have four. Some wheelbarrows fold flat for easy storage and some are large enough to carry ten cubic feet of material. And while some wheel barrows cost less than fifty dollars, other cost closer to three hundred dollars.

The classic wheelbarrow design features a single wheel in the front and a pair of solid supports behind. This design creates a stable three pronged platform when the unit is still and allows a person to move plenty of weight about when the wheelbarrow is laden thanks to the wheel and axle paired with the lever action of the handles.

Wheelbarrows are designed to make work easier and more efficient, but for some people a wheelbarrow featuring a single wheel in front can be difficult to maneuver, especially once the tray is filled and the unit is heavy. This is especially true for those rendered infirm by age, accident, or illness.

A safer and more reliable option for such users is a wheel barrow that features multiple wheels that remain on the ground at the same time. Look for a wheelbarrow that can be pushed without being lifted by its rear handles to mitigate the chance for strain to the back, arms, or legs, further enabling users of all health and fitness levels to get their yard work done.

Do consider ease of use before other factors when considering which wheelbarrow to buy, because a wheelbarrow you can't safely maneuver is not going to be of much use to you. After weighing wheel count and handle shape, the next thing to consider is sheer tray capacity. You know the types of projects you complete around a given property, be it moving grass clippings from the yard to the dumpster or transferring leaf mulch from the pile to the beds; choose a wheelbarrow that can accommodate the amount of material you want to move in as few trips as possible. Remember that you never have to fill your wheelbarrow to capacity if it would add too much weight, so consider opting for a larger wheelbarrow than you think you might need.

Safe And Proper Wheelbarrow Use

While using a wheelbarrow is largely an intuitive process, one can be injured by carelessness or improper use, or by a wheelbarrow that is damaged or defective. Follow a few basic steps to ensure that you are never hurt while using your wheelbarrow, and that you don't end up inadvertently dumping the bricks, sand, dirt, or brush clippings you're trying to move from one place to another.

Make sure your wheelbarrow is in safe and proper working condition by inspecting it periodically. Start with the simplest step, which is checking to ensure the tire or tires are properly inflated. A tire with deficient air will not properly support the weight of a loaded wheelbarrow and will increase its instability and decrease your ability to steer and control the unit.

Next inspect the handles of the wheelbarrow. Look for splinters that could hurt your skin and for cracks that indicate the handle may snap under heavy load. Also ensure that the wheelbarrow's handles are still securely attached to the tray and/or chassis.

Then move onto the nuts and bolts, as it were, marking sure each component of the wheelbarrow is properly secured, from the wheels to the frame to the tray. Any loose or damage pieces should be tightened or replaced as needed.

Finally, never load more weight into a wheelbarrow than you can safely manage. Protect your back and shoulders from injury and avoid the frustration of a spilled tray load of material by keeping the load light. Two trips with moderate loads are better than one heavy load spilled out all over the ground.

Other Uses For Your Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are primarily used to carry grass clipping, fallen leaves, and dirt around a property. But that doesn't mean they can't serve a variety of other purposes as well. With a bit of imagination you can get much more use out of these rugged devices.

If you don't mind your wheelbarrow getting a bit dirty (and really every well loved wheelbarrow is and should be dirtied regularly) it can serve as a perfect place for mixing small batches of concrete. Prepare the right blend of concrete powder and water in the wheelbarrow and then use it to pour the mixture into the prepared area. (You can also shovel the concrete out as needed if pouring it from the wheelbarrow is not practical given the circumstances.)

On the other hand, a clean wheelbarrow can make a clever and handy way to serve iced beverages at a party. Fill the wheelbarrow with cans or bottles of your favorite beer, soda, or other beverages, and then top it off with ice. A wheelbarrow can be easily rolled into place at a picnic or BBQ, allowing easy access to cold drinks and also bringing a bit of eccentric charm to the party.

And finally, a wheelbarrow can make a good planter. If you have a wheelbarrow you seldom use or if you want to get a unique planter for your property, fill your wheelbarrow with soil and then sew seeds or transfer a potted plant or shrub into it. The setup allows you to easy maneuver a plant for ideal sun and rain exposure and lets you relocate a larger, heavier plant prior to transplanting.

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