5 California Organizations That Advocate For Important Issues

California is the most populous state in America, and while it has many wonderful qualities, it also faces a number of problems, from income inequality to the effects of climate change. The best way to address these issues is to bring them into the light so that citizens can know what they're up against. If you're interested in becoming more informed, check out these five organizations that do important advocacy work. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Groups That Work To Address Important Issues In California

Organization Headquarters Location Mission
California Voter Foundation Sacramento, CA Work through research, oversight, outreach, and demonstration projects to improve the election process so that it better serves the needs and interests of voters
California Reinvestment Coalition San Francisco, CA Build an inclusive and fair economy that meets the needs of communities of color and low-income communities by ensuring that banks and other corporations invest and conduct business in a just and equitable manner
The California Wellness Foundation Los Angeles, CA Protect and improve the health and wellness of the people of California by increasing access to health care, quality education, good jobs, healthy environments, and safe neighborhoods
CALPIRG (California Public Interest Research Group) Sacramento, CA Deliver persistent, result-oriented public interest activism that protects consumers, encourages a fair, sustainable economy, and fosters responsive, democratic government
California Clean Money Action Fund Culver City, CA Use grassroots lobbying to pass legislation and ballot measures for full disclosure and full public funding of election campaigns

Some Of The Issues Californians Face

Cities & Towns in California

The state is home to many famous places, from the sunny beaches in the south to the arid deserts in the east. Here are the ten largest cities and towns in California:

Rank Name Population (as of 2010)
1. Los Angeles 3,976,322
2. San Diego 1,406,630
3. San Jose 1,025,350
4. San Francisco 870,887
5. Fresno 522,053
6. Sacramento 495,234
7. Long Beach 470,130
8. Oakland 420,005
9. Bakersfield 376,380
10. Anaheim 351,043

A Brief History of California

In Depth

Ensuring everyone is allowed access to vital resources is an integral part of a healthy community. Issues like economic instability, voter suppression, violence, and displacement impact residents across California. To help combat these wide-spread problems, it is necessary to advocate for real-world solutions. Here, in no particular order, are five non-profit organizations dedicated to increasing wellness and equity throughout the state.

#1 on the list is California Voter Foundation, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization working for reforms in voting and elections policy. Since 1994, it has been advocating for Californians' right to equal participation in the voting process. This group's program goals consist of promoting robust funding for election administration, as well as supporting system transparency and security. It believes in improving the election process through advocacy and public relations efforts.

CVF provides a portal to check registration status, and its Map Series allows residents to find their voting districts. It also writes Proposition Songs to inform the public about statewide propositions in an accurate and entertaining way. Anyone interested in helping this organization can donate to promote their cause. Funds go toward all its missions and programs, including ensuring voters are not automatically disenfranchised, enabling access to same-day registration, and enacting post-election auditing.

CVF provides a portal to check registration status, and its Map Series allows residents to find their voting districts.

In the #2 spot is California Reinvestment Coalition. It supports communities by holding corporations and banks accountable in order to advance a fair economy. This group champions financial services that expand access to affordable housing, good jobs, and small business ownership. It envisions a future where people of color and low-income households live and participate in stable communities, without fear of displacement.

Its campaigns include fighting for consumer protection, ending harmful debt collection, and promoting immigrant stability. It also performs in-depth research on important issues, publishing the results on its website. To stay informed on the work this organization is doing, you can sign up for action alerts. Donations are accepted to help this group continue to impact targeted communities and populations.

Next, at #3, is The California Wellness Foundation. This organization provides grants to ensure every resident can experience good health and wellness. It funds programs aimed at health care, neighborhood safety, education and employment, and health policy. Operating from the idea that health is a human right, it supports advocacy and civic engagement, and partners with other organizations to further the impact on Californians.

This organization provides grants to ensure every resident can experience good health and wellness.

Working on health initiatives for women of color, educational opportunities for resilient youth, and the promotion of violence prevention, this group is removing barriers to wellness. On their website, they outline several ways to take action, including staying informed on important issues and getting civically engaged. If your nonprofit organization falls within Cal Wellness' grantmaking program areas, you can apply for a grant.

Coming in at #4 is CALPIRG, a consumer group that stands up to powerful interests that harm the health, safety, or security of citizens. Its activism protects consumers, fosters responsive governments, and encourages a sustainable economy. Using time-tested tools like investigative research, grassroots organizing, and litigation, it achieves results on important issues. Healthy living, economic growth, and eliminating waste are all on this group's list of priorities.

It is addressing the need for new modes of transportation, lowering the cost of higher education, and banning harmful chemicals. This organization offers information on additional resources, including voter registration and consumer alerts. There are internship and volunteer opportunities for those interested in getting involved.

There are internship and volunteer opportunities for those interested in getting involved.

Coming in at #5 is the California Clean Money Action Fund. It pushes for legislation to limit the undue influence of Big Money in politics. Using grassroots lobbying, it fights for full disclosure and public funding of election campaigns. Since 2006, it's been informing and involving the public in the legislative process, and working in favor of policies that achieve an open and accountable government responsive to the needs of all Californians.

In keeping with their belief of limiting Big Money's influence, this group does not accept monetary contributions from corporate or union sources. They rely on funding from individual donations. Signing up as a volunteer is another way to help. Volunteers gather signatures, make phone calls, and write letters to legislators. You can also choose to have a percentage of your purchases from certain online retailers be donated to Clean Money.