5 Groups That Support And Celebrate Filmmakers

Film is a versatile medium that can entertain, educate, and make audiences see things from new perspectives. Many institutions in the industry are driven solely by profit, but there some groups, like the ones listed here, that are motivated by a love of the craft. Some of these organizations celebrate and showcase the history of cinema, while others work to benefit modern filmmakers. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Organizations Dedicated To Film

Organization Location Mission
The Film Foundation New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA Protect and preserve motion picture history
Hudson Valley Film Commission Woodstock, NY Refer local vendors, crew members, and actors with the aim of creating jobs
Brattle Film Foundation Cambridge, MA Enhance the movie-going experience through curated programming, community building, and education
Bryn Mawr Film Institute Bryn Mawr, PA Promote shared experiences that entertain, engage, and educate audiences through a diverse range of independent-minded films, courses, and special events
Citizen Film San Francisco, CA Collaborate with cultural institutions, community organizations, and independent producers to create documentaries that foster active engagement in cultural and civic life

5 Reasons To Watch Independent Films

  1. Check out up & coming filmmakers
  2. See unique stories
  3. Enjoy the artist's undiluted vision
  4. Gain a new perspective
  5. Support the local community

Equipment That All Aspiring Filmmakers Should Own

Countries With The Largest Film Markets

As of 2018

Rank Country Box Office Revenue (billion US$)
1. United States 11.08
2. China 9.15
3. Japan 2.09
4. United Kingdom 1.72
5. South Korea 1.58
6. India 1.58
7. France 1.5
8. Germany 1.11
9. Russia 0.98
10. Australia 0.95

The Birth Of The Feature Film

In Depth

Film is a magical medium that has the power to strengthen communities, improve lives, and change the world. All across the country, there are organizations working to connect filmmakers with resources, protect cinematic history, showcase rare works to the public, and more. Here, in no particular order, are five groups that support and celebrate filmmakers.

#1 on our list is The Film Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history. Established by Martin Scorsese in 1990, T.F.F. is led by a renowned group of filmmakers whose expertise and passion guide the foundation's work. It has helped to restore hundreds of movies, which are made accessible to the public through programming at festivals, museums, and educational institutions around the world.

This group also preserves, restores, and distributes neglected motion pictures from around the globe, representing the rich diversity of international cinema. Its website provides tips for DIY preservation across a variety of mediums, and its free educational curriculum teaches young people about film language and history, encouraging an appreciation of cinema as an artistic, cultural and historical document. To help this nonprofit continue its preservation efforts, you can donate on its website.

To help this nonprofit continue its preservation efforts, you can donate on its website.

Up next, in the #2 spot, we have the Hudson Valley Film Commission. This nonprofit works tirelessly to increase movie-related activities in the Hudson Valley region in upstate New York. By connecting local vendors, crew members, and actors with visiting productions, it creates jobs and stimulates the local economy. Since its founding in 2000, this group has created thousands of jobs and generated over two hundred million dollars in regional economic development.

The commission works with dozens of productions each year, including many major studios. In addition to referring local crew and vendors, this organization provides locations, post-production facilities, and other local services. Filmmakers who live in the area can apply online to be considered for the crew directory. If you would like to support the Hudson Valley Film Commission, you can donate online.

At #3 on our list is the Brattle Film Foundation. Since 2001, this non-profit has operated the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The theater's outstanding offerings of classic, cutting-edge, foreign, and art-house screenings make it the unofficial film school for Boston-area residents. Over the years, its diverse programming has brought many features to view that might otherwise have been forgotten or missed.

Since 2001, this non-profit has operated the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The theater showcases a repertory programming format consisting of movies from a particular director, genre, or subject shown over the course of a week, or on the same weekday throughout the month. At a time when art houses and independent theaters continue to be consumed by large conglomerates, it has remained successful and true to its roots as a venue to see innovative and essential pictures. To support this cinematic landmark, you can become a member or volunteer as an usher.

#4 on our list is the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, or B.M.F.I., a nonprofit movie theater and cinema education center, located outside of Philadelphia. This group builds community through film culture, while maintaining strong connections to its historic venue's cinematic past. The theater was nearly converted into a gym in 2002, but local activists and civic leaders banded together to save the theater, and today, the center consists of four state-of-the-art theaters, classrooms, a community gathering space, and a cafe.

Through screenings, special events, guest speakers, educational courses, and interactive programs, this organization creates a community. B.M.F.I. takes every opportunity to project classic, rare, and archival prints on 35mm film. It hosts events such as monthly open screen nights for local artists to show their work and get valuable feedback from their peers, and weekly baby-friendly showtimes designed for caregivers and their infants. You can show your support for B.M.F.I. by becoming a member or volunteering to take tickets.

You can show your support for B.M.F.I. by becoming a member or volunteering to take tickets.

And finally, in the #5 spot is Citizen Film, a not-for-profit production company dedicated to crafting documentaries with care and dignity. This San Francisco-based group collaborates with cultural institutions, community organizations and independent producers to create movies and online media that foster active engagement in cultural and civic life. It is guided by the belief that well-crafted documentary stories can provide audiences with a powerful means for engaging with culture and community.

This production company makes character-driven projects with diverse subjects such as civic engagement, disability education, food justice, housing, Jewish identity, women, and youth. Its collaborations have been presented on television and featured at America's most prestigious venues for independent film. It offers an internship program for students who are passionate about documentary film as a medium for social impact. You can follow Citizen Film on social media to keep up with their current projects.