5 Helpful Resources For Aspiring Authors

It's a dream of many to be an accomplished, published author, but achieving that goal is no easy feat. The resources listed here, however, all aim to make the journey possible. They offer valuable information and services to help aspiring scribes through the challenging processes of writing, editing, publishing, and more. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

5 Resources For Budding Authors

Name About
Helping Writers Become Authors Blog run by K.M. Weiland, who offers how-to's and tips to help people write their best story
Writing Class Radio A podcast of a writing class, featuring inspiring personal stories, literary advice, and tips from editors on getting published
Lisa Tener Book writing and publishing coach, author, entrepreneur, and speaker who helps with all aspects of writing, from conceptualization to editing
Gotham Writers Workshop New York City and online institution teaching creative and business writing, allowing writers to develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship
Scribe Offers publishing, editing, book coaching, ghostwriting, and marketing services for writers

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Things Every Scribe Should Have

  • A journal where you can keep track of your thoughts & ideas
  • Some coffee or tea to get you through late-night bursts of inspiration
  • A comfortable keyboard so you don't end up with carpal-tunnel syndrome
  • A laptop that's easy to bring along to your local coffee shop
  • A height-adjustable desk to help you avoid hurting your lower back
  • A foam roller for when you inevitably hurt your lower back anyway

Helpful Books For Writers

Title Author(s)
1. The War of Art Steven Pressfield
2. Write to Be Published Nicola Morgan
3. The Shy Writer Reborn C. Hope Clark
4. The Blogger's Survival Guide Lexie Lane & Becky McNeer
5. Hypnotic Writing Joe Vitale
6. Plan Your Novel Like A Pro Beth Barany & Ezra Barany
7. The Quick and Dirty Guide to Freelance Writing Scott Carney
8. Bean Counting for Authors Christina Mercer
9. The Truth of Memoir Kerry Cohen

Successful Authors Share Their Writing Advice

In Depth

The task of writing a book can be daunting, especially for first-time scribes. However, there are blogs, podcasts, and more to help aspiring authors bring their ideas to fruition. In no particular order, here are several resources for writers.

First up, at #1, is a blog called Helping Writers Become Authors. K.M. Weiland, the blogger, has shared over 1,200 posts since 2007. Some popular posts include identifying common writing mistakes, how to outline a novel, and how to craft character arcs. Readers can sign-up for a bi-monthly e-letter to receive blog updates and more.

Weiland wrote several books such as Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, Creating Character Arcs, and more. She also created software to help writers digitally outline a story. In addition, she hosts a weekly writing podcast, now with over five hundred episodes.

She also created software to help writers digitally outline a story.

Next at #2, we have Writing Class Radio, a podcast. Listeners will find stories, advice for the craft, and tips from editors on getting published. The website has book recommendations, publishing advice, and writing prompts. The podcast's hosts also made a three-part video series on crafting a story.

Writing Class Radio started in 2015, when Allison Langer and her creative writing instructor, Andrea Askowitz, came together to bring the experience of the class to as many people as possible. Langer is a private coach and teaches in prisons. Askowitz wrote a memoir titled My Miserable Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy, and believes that stories will heal the world.

At #3, we have Lisa Tener, a book writing coach. Tener assists with all stages of the process, from creating a concept to publishing. She offers writing and creativity courses, editing services, and advice with specialized expertise in crafting book proposals. In addition, visitors will find tips on her blog.

Tener assists with all stages of the process, from creating a concept to publishing.

Tener won Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards for her work, including a Silver for "Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014" and a Gold for "Company of the Year 2016." She served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School's continuing education course on Writing and Publishing Books, where she teaches writing workshops.

Coming in at #4 is the Gotham Writers Workshop, an institution in New York City and online that has been teaching since 1993. This group aims to demystify the writing and publishing process and give students a safe, structured environment to expand their abilities.

While most classes are fit for beginners, there are advanced courses available in many genres. Each Gotham class puts students in a community of writers and offers ways to stay connected. The philosophy at Gotham Writers is that everyone has a story to tell, and anyone can learn to tell their story better.

Each Gotham class puts students in a community of writers and offers ways to stay connected.

Next up at #5, we have Scribe, a company that sells publishing, editing, book coaching, ghostwriting, and marketing services to help nonfiction storytellers. Scribe also has a self-publishing service that gives the author ownership of their content and royalties. In addition, this website has a blog of tips for authors.

Nonfiction and memoir writers can also sign up for The Scribe Book School to access templates and videos on writing and publishing. The process is also documented in the book "The Scribe Method." Tucker Max, Scribe's cofounder, wrote multiple New York Times Bestsellers.