5 Organizations Improving Education in Ohio

Education is not just about making sure kids go to school. In order to have a productive society and communities that can compete in the 21st century, we need to make sure people of all ages are improving in the ways they learn and share information. These organizations are dedicated to ensuring the next generation is prepared to enter the workforce of the future with an understanding of business, participation in government, and concern for the environment. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

5 Passionate Ohio Educational Organizations

Name Location Focus
Hershey Montessori School Concord, Huntsburg Educates children from birth to 18 years at two lush campuses, employing a unique curriculum and a focus on nature
Butler Tech Hamilton, Fairfield Township, West Chester, Monroe, Middletown, Liberty Township Career technical training for both adults and high school-aged students, offering credentials in numerous fields as well as skills courses
Burton D. Morgan Foundation Hudson Champions entrepreneurship through grant-making initiatives targeting youth, university students, and adults, as well as mentoring and the NEOLaunchNET program
Ohio Center for Law-Related Education Columbus Provides educators and pupils with resources for learning about government, law, and civic duty, including mock trial and Youth for Justice
Worthington Libraries Worthington, Columbus Three locations serving the community with literature, digital resources, musical recordings, films, and events for kids and adults

The Butler Tech Career Lab

Ohio Education Statistics

The Worthington Libraries on Encouraging Young Readers

High School Graduation Rates By State

As of the 2016-17 school year, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics

State Graduation Rate State Graduation Rate
Alabama 89.3% Montana 85.8%
Alaska 78.2% Nebraska 89.1%
Arizona 78.0% Nevada 80.9%
Arkansas 88.0% New Hampshire 88.9%
California 82.7% New Jersey 90.5%
Colorado 79.1% New Mexico 71.1%
Connecticut 87.9% New York 81.8%
Delaware 86.9% North Carolina 86.6%
Florida 82.3% North Dakota 87.2%
Georgia 80.6% Ohio 84.2%
Hawaii 82.7% Oklahoma 82.6%
Idaho 79.7% Oregon 76.7%
Illinois 87.0% Pennsylvania 86.6%
Indiana 83.8% Rhode Island 84.1%
Iowa 91.0% South Carolina 83.6%
Kansas 86.5% South Dakota 83.7%
Kentucky 89.7% Tennessee 89.8%
Louisiana 78.1% Texas 89.7%
Maine 86.9% Utah 86.0%
Maryland 87.7% Vermont 89.1%
Massachusetts 88.3% Virginia 86.9%
Michigan 80.2% Washington 79.4%
Minnesota 82.7% West Virginia 89.4%
Mississippi 83.0% Wisconsin 88.6%
Missouri 88.3% Wyoming 86.2%

In Depth

Ohio boasts a number of first-rate colleges and universities, as well as the usual array of public schools. Every state, however, no matter how well-provisioned, can benefit from institutions that serve to enhance educational opportunities for its citizens. This list, presented in no particular order, highlights Ohio organizations doing just that, whether through private schooling, funding, or the distribution of learning materials.

At #1 is Hershey Montessori School. With origins dating back to 1978, the institution educates children from birth to eighteen years. The school is divided into two campuses, sorted by age. Hershey, however, does not classify students by traditional grade levels. Its unique curriculum nevertheless covers the kinds of materials that would traditionally be learned from preschool through high school. The Montessori approach respects the idea that children master skills at different ages.

In addition to the day school, Hershey offers a boarding program that houses a significant portion of its adolescent community on campus either four, five, or seven days a week. The school regards the inclusion of nature in the learning environment as critical, and as such provides a significant outdoor curriculum. Altogether, Hershey strives to foster the ability to pursue interests in depth, and develop strong commitments to the environment and community. To learn more, students and parents interested in considering the program can arrange a visit.

To learn more, students and parents interested in considering the program can arrange a visit.

#2 on the list is Butler Tech, offering career technical education for adults and teens in Ohio. At Butler's five campuses, high school students can receive career training in dozens of programs, while completing their academic courses, and, in some cases, earn college credits. Butler's adult education program offers students the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials in healthcare, public safety, business and industry, and commercial truck driving.

On top of the certified career training programs, Butler hosts a variety of personal enrichment classes. Attendees can get the education required to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon, learn First Aid and CPR skills, receive instruction for using Microsoft Office, or take a course in motorcycle safety. There are also customized training programs for local businesses interested in helping their incumbent workers gain new skills. To learn more or apply for any of Butler Tech's offerings, visit the school's website.

For #3, we've got the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, which is designed to champion the entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to a strong business environment. The foundation promotes capitalist activity through grantmaking, ecosystem building, and knowledge sharing. Targeting youth, college students, and adults alike, Morgan defines entrepreneurship as the development of any venture that captures value and entails risk for its creator, and which can be regarded as innovative or creative. The foundation's many grants are made to organizations, primarily in Northeast Ohio, that are classified as tax exempt public charities and which teach or build business skills.

The foundation's many grants are made to organizations, primarily in Northeast Ohio, that are classified as tax exempt public charities and which teach or build business skills.

As well as receiving financial resources, grantees are eligible to participate in the foundation's signature programs in mentorship, research, and education. The institution also strives to share the knowledge it has accumulated over more than five decades in operation through fellowships, learning programs, and a research publication series titled Intersections. To see more about what the foundation has to offer, read an Intersections article online.

#4, The Ohio Center for Law-Related Education, provides students and teachers with academic resources for learning about government, law, and the importance of active citizenship. Sponsored by the Supreme Court of Ohio, the state's Attorney General and Bar Association, as well as the local ACLU, the center's programs provide original and hands-on learning opportunities for students in grades four through twelve. It runs Mock Trial and Moot Court initiatives for middle and high school enrollees and provides educational institutions with relevant curricula.

Among the center's other offerings is Project Citizen, a portfolio-based civic education effort to promote competent and responsible participation in state and local government. Its Youth for Justice program allows students to identify an injustice, intolerance, or problem relevant to their local community, and then develop a plan of action and work together to remedy it. Get involved by subscribing to a membership or volunteering as a facilitator or judge.

Get involved by subscribing to a membership or volunteering as a facilitator or judge.

Closing things out at #5, Worthington Libraries connect people to a world of ideas and each other. A suburb of Columbus, the town of Worthington is home to three library outlets. The Northwest location primarily serves the area between the Olentangy and Scioto rivers. In 2007, the system inaugurated a storefront outpost at an area strip mall. Preceding them both is Old Worthington Library, the central node of this civic network.

Worthington Libraries, of course, loan books from its sizable catalogue, helping to direct readers through staff picks and an annual list of the year's best titles. There is also a large selection of digital resources, making texts, musical recordings, and films available to patrons from their home computers. Worthington's events series includes author talks, craft nights, children's storytime, and games and hobbies programs. Join the library system's Friends Foundation to donate time or money to the endeavor.