9 Enthralling Long-Running Mystery Series

When you fall in love with a writer's style and a particular cast of characters, it's wonderful to discover that the series you're reading has plenty of entries to keep you entertained for a long, long time. The nine mystery series listed here will keep you coming back for more over & over again. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Enthralling Long-Running Mystery Series

Series Author First Books in the Series
1. Loon Lake Victoria Houston Dead Angler Dead Creek
2. Cue Ball Cindy Blackburn Playing With Poison Double Shot
3. Tourist Trap Lynn Cahoon Guidebook to Murder Mission to Murder
4. Downward Dog Tracy Weber Murder Strikes a Pose A Killer Retreat
5. John Jordan Michael Lister Power in the Blood Blood of the Lamb
6. Victorian San Francisco M. Louisa Locke Maids of Misfortune Uneasy Spirits
7. Maggy Thorsen Sandra Balzo Uncommon Grounds Grounds for Murder
8. Otter Lake Auralee Wallace Skinny Dipping with Murder Pumpkin Picking with Murder
9. Deadwood Ann Charles Nearly Departed in Deadwood Optical Delusions in Deadwood

10 Fun & Exciting Mystery Movies

  1. Clue (1985)
  2. Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
  3. Chinatown (1974)
  4. Dial M for Murder (1954)
  5. Minority Report (2002)
  6. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  7. Se7en (1995)
  8. The Da Vinci Code (2006)
  9. The Game (1997)
  10. Gone Girl (2014)

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In Depth

When you can't get enough of a certain cast of characters, it's only natural that you'd want the story to go on forever. That's why it's so wonderful to get your hands on the newest book in a long-running series of murder mysteries. Once you enter into that world, you can get to know its inhabitants and watch them grow with each new addition to the story. For folks who are hungry for engaging tales, here, in no particular order, are some of the finest mystery series that will keep you hungrily turning the pages.

First up, at #1, is "Loon Lake" by Victoria Houston. In the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Chief of Police Lew Ferris and his friend and sidekick Doc Osbourne have their hands full. In a town where fishing is most peoples' drug of choice, how much intrigue, deception, and murder could there possibly be? Enough to keep the chief and the Doc on their toes as they hunt down killers in the mysterious, atmospheric climate of Loon Lake.

At #2, we find the "Cue Ball" mysteries by Cindy Blackburn. Jessie Hewitt knows how to play the game. She's been a pool hustler, a romance writer, and a drinker. When a murder lands on the table, she has to go undercover to prove her innocence. But no sooner does Jessie clear her name than another mysterious homicide pops up, and she starts to see that her true calling lies in catching killers and solving crimes, one murder at a time.

She's been a pool hustler, a romance writer, and a drinker.

In the #3 slot is Lynn Cahoon's "Tourist Trap" series. South Cove, California is a breezy tourist town. It also happens to be beset by a string of murders. When her friend Emily, an old woman with a house to sell, dies unexpectedly, bookstore owner Jill Gardner isn't satisfied to let the case rest. With the town's corruption slowly revealing itself to her, Gardner realizes that she can't sit by the sidelines anymore. She'll risk danger and even death to keep the Cove safe, with time left over for a cup of tea.

At #4, we have Tracy Weber's "Downward Dog" stories. Kate is a yoga instructor with a penchant for solving mysteries. She's in luck, because where Kate goes, trouble follows. First in the form of a dead body, followed by a spate of killings, fires, and frame jobs. For this Seattle yogi, striking the right pose can often mean the difference between life and death.

For #5, we have the "John Jordan" books by Michael Lister. As a prison chaplain working in Florida, the land of the electric chair, John Jordan has seen a lot of things he shouldn't have. As a man of God, all he wants is to lead prisoners toward redemption. But as the bodies start piling up and vicious serial murderers begin to reveal themselves, Jordan realizes his true purpose: working to see justice done in the most Godless climate of all.

As a man of God, all he wants is to lead prisoners toward redemption.

Coming in at #6 is M. Louisa Locke's "Victorian San Francisco" tales. History teacher Locke shows off her extensive knowledge of the 1880s in America in this scintillating string of novels. Widow Annie Fuller is a skeptic. That doesn't stop her from making ends meet by posing as prominent clairvoyant Madam Sibyl to give her friends and neighbors insight into the afterlife. But when mysterious deaths start to plague the peaceful city of 'Frisco, Annie finds herself taking a more active role in crime-fighting than she ever thought possible.

At #7 we get Sandra Balso's "Maggie Thorsen" mysteries. Milwaukee's independent coffee houses are brimming with innovation. They're also serving up a heady brew of murder. At least, that's what Maggy Thorsen thinks. When this shrewd, smart heroine is done investigating, she's going to have a lot more on her plate than a cappuccino. Witty and sharp, these coffee-themed tales of treachery are sure to go down easy.

Coming in at #8 is "Otter Lake" by Auralee Wallace. Otter Lake, New Hampshire, is an idyllic atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. So why do dead bodies keep popping up? That's a mystery for Erica Bloom, a whip-smart local with an eye for uncovering secrets, to solve with the help of some sassy friends and one seriously hot town Sheriff.

So why do dead bodies keep popping up?

Finally, at #9, is the "Deadwood" series by Ann Charles. In a town called Deadwood, you might expect the occasional murder. But to the residents of the South Dakota town, it's a total shock when little girls start disappearing one by one and a black market opens up for body parts. With fumbling detectives botching each case and the police constantly messing up, it's clear that no one but Violet "Spooky" Parker is able to take on the town's trouble.