9 Red-Hot Sports Romance Novels

Many women have fantasized about a hot athlete sweeping them off their feet. While not everyone can date a football player in real life, reading sports-themed romance novels is a great way to indulge these dreams. The nine books we have gathered here feature sizzling hot stories of love and lust both on the field and off. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Red-Hot Sports Romance Novels

Title Author Sport More by the Author
1. No Limits Lori Foster Mixed Martial Arts Holding Strong
2. Suddenly Forbidden Ella Fields Football Bittersweet Always
3. Broken Lion Devon Hartford Mixed Martial Arts Fearless
4. Kicking Reality Kat T. Masen Soccer Roomie Wars
5. Breaking Point N.R. Walker Mixed Martial Arts Point of No Return
6. Scored Marquita Valentine Football Sidelined
7. Raven Ashley Suzanne Mixed Martial Arts Cutter
8. Lightning Sandi Lynn Ice Hockey Behind His Lies
9. The Rivalry Nikki Sloane Football The Doctor

Why Read Sports Romance?

Some readers prefer stories that center on soldiers or cowboys, but there are a lot of things that make erotic sports books appealing. For example, if you're a fan of the sport featured in the book, the story will be even more interesting, as descriptions of the game can be almost as fun as the fling between the main characters. And if you like muscular men, you're sure to enjoy the descriptions of well-chiseled fighters and hunky football players.

Real Life Sports Romances

If you love reading about fictional athletic relationships, odds are you have a good time following real ones in the news. Here are a few famous couples from sports history:

  1. Mia Hamm & Nomar Garciaparra: Soccer player & shortstop
  2. Nadia Comaneci & Bart Conner: Olympic gymnasts
  3. Lindsey Vonn & Tiger Woods: Olympic skier & golfer
  4. Ann Meyers & Don Drysdale: Basketball player & baseball pitcher
  5. Sanya Richards-Ross & Aaron Ross: Olympic athlete & football player

What Makes a Romance Novel?

In Depth

There are all kinds of romantic fantasies, from billionaires to biker gangs. If your dream guy is an athlete, look no further than this list. The books we've selected here feature everything from soccer to MMA and are filled to the brim with steamy love affairs. Please note that they are all meant for adult readers only, due to sexual content. In no particular order, here are nine sizzling sports romance novels.

#1: "No Limits" by Lori Foster. Colton is a woman's dream lover: a martial arts fighter with a ripped body, handsome face, and suave personality. Yvette is a woman in the process of recovering from her dark past. Three years ago, she was kidnapped. Thankfully, she was rescued by Colton. Although that incident traumatized her, she has been fond of her rescuer ever since. The attraction is mutual, but at the time of the kidnapping, Yvette was clearly too young for Colton. The two cross paths once again when Yvette's grandfather dies, making her and Colton the heirs to half of his inheritance.

#2: "Suddenly Forbidden" by Ella Fields. Quinn and Daisy are childhood best friends. The two are inseparable during their high school days, when they promise to be faithful to each other forever. But just a few years later, Quinn starts going out with Daisy's best friend. This leaves the female protagonist completely devastated. She experiences a whirlwind of emotions full of pain and betrayal. Although she entertains many suitors, she knows that she is not ready to move on, and not certain if she ever will be.

But just a few years later, Quinn starts going out with Daisy's best friend.

#3: "Broken Lion" by Devon Hartford. Lion's recent fight brings him to the hospital where he meets Brigid, his attending physician. Even though the boxer is bruised, his sex appeal is still undeniable. Brigid senses the sexual tension building up between them, but she tries to hold it back. She knows that having an affair with him while he is under her care could end her career. But Lion's advances are just too much to resist. The two indulge in a steamy romance, disregarding the consequences.

#4: "Kicking Reality" by Kat T. Masen. Emerson stars in a popular reality TV show where she is partnered with Wesley. When the latter is caught in a cheating scandal, Emerson is stormed by the paparazzi and the public. She needs an escape and luckily, Logan, her childhood best friend is on vacation. Logan is an international footballer who is on the same team as Emerson's brother. He has been in love with Emerson for a long time, but has always been like a brother to her, until now.

#5: "Breaking Point" by N.R. Walker. A year after Kira's kidnapping, her boyfriend Matt hasn't forgiven himself completely. He feels that he did not do enough to protect her. Kira, on the other hand, wants to move on from her past. Matt leaves his job at the police force and trains as an MMA fighter. However, his new career takes him to the dangerous world of underground fighting. The bets in his matches get too high, and Kira's life is at stake once again.

The bets in his matches get too high, and Kira's life is at stake once again.

#6: "Scored" by Marquita Valentine. Dallas is a bankable NFL player because of his skills, charm, and well-chiseled body. The media calls him "the sexiest bachelor in sports," thanks to his publicist Finley, whose sister, Paige, catches the athlete's attention. Paige is aware of Dallas' reputation as a heartbreaker, so she ignores the footballer whenever he tries to get close to her. When Finley organizes a charity event, the two main characters need to work together. This time, Paige sees the loving and sensitive side of Dallas, and starts to change her mind about him.

#7: "Raven" by Ashley Suzanne. Rian and Garrett are childhood best friends. When they turn thirteen, Garrett moves to his father's town, leaving Rian alone and heartbroken. After three years, the two meet again. Rian is now a mixed martial arts fighter and Garrett has enlisted in the army. Hard times change the female protagonist a lot: she is tougher, bolder, and sexier. When she ends up in jail, Garrett decides to bail her out. He then takes Rian under his wing and becomes her coach. If only he can dismiss his feelings for her, he can make her the best fighter she can be.

#8: "Lightning" by Sandi Lynn. Logan is a top NHL player who is focused on his career. He avoids having a serious relationship, though casual sex with no strings attached is acceptable. After a tragic car accident, his world collapses right before his eyes. His lengthy recovery period could derail his career. He is about to give up until a physical therapist named Brooke starts helping him rehabilitate his legs. The process is never easy as Logan is a stubborn and defiant patient. Despite their clashing personalities, Brooke is determined to help Logan play again, even if it means losing him.

The process is never easy as Logan is a stubborn and defiant patient.

#9: "The Rivalry" by Nikki Sloane. Kayla is a cheerleader for Ohio State University. While attending her friend's wedding, she meets Jay, the best football player for Michigan University. The two schools are bitter rivals and Kayla feels loyal to her team, which means brushing aside her feelings for Jay is the only option. But Jay is determined to win her love, no matter what it takes.