5 Companies Offering Innovative Solutions For Businesses In The Food & Beverage Industry

Managing a restaurant or bar can be challenging sometimes. Luckily there are companies that make it easier by providing solutions for anyone in the industry. From restaurant startup support to operational enhancement, this list, presented in no particular order, discusses some of the best.

Starting off the list at #1 is Synergy Restaurant Consultants. Launched in 1988 by Dean Small, it has a team of experienced restaurant professionals. The company's mission is to provide innovative, efficient and practical solutions to brands in every segment of the food service industry.

Synergy Restaurant Consultants has worked with more than 250 internationally recognized restaurants. Some of the services offered are Bar and Beverage Innovation, Menu and Recipe Development, Branding and Brand Development and Nutritional Analysis. Its website also offers a video library that features a selection of footage collected from their travels and industry experience.

Coming in at #2 is BevSpot, which builds easy-to-use online technology solutions for the global food and beverage industry. The company's food and beverage management software skyrockets restaurant owners' inventory efficiency, allowing them to spend more time doing what they love. With BevSpot, users can adjust ingredients to create new dishes and drinks. It also automatically updates the recipe costs. In addition, the software can get fast and insightful analytics to help manage the business.

Some of the tools offered are bar inventory spreadsheets, free staff scheduling templates, and a keg weight calculator. Resources like books and guides are also available on their website.

At #3 on our list is SmartLabel, which gives easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about thousands of food, beverage, personal care, household, and pet care products. It includes details such as nutritional facts, ingredients, and allergens*.* With SmartLabel, shoppers can have the information they want at their fingertips on the go.

Users can find the information through its website, by telephone or via the SmartLabel app. It has been featured on Food Navigator USA, Baking Business, and Progressive Grocer.

In the #4 spot we have SevenRooms, which empowers hospitality owners to create direct, meaningful and profitable guest relationships. It is a data-driven operations, marketing and guest engagement platform that drives revenue and loyalty.

With a focus on solving operator challenges in the hospitality space, SevenRooms is dedicated to providing tools to help owners improve their guest relationships. They provide systems for restaurant reservations, waitlist and seating management, contactless order and pay, online ordering, and guest data and profiles. SevenRooms serves hospitality companies in more than 250 cities around the world.

Ending the list at #5 is LibDib, a distributor of alcoholic beverages enabled through a proprietary web platform and mobile app. The company was founded by Cheryl Durzy in 2016, and is based in San Jose, California. It distributes wine and spirits to several states.

As a wholesale distributor, the company brings its customers innovative, emerging and small batch brands such as Amass, Virginia Distillery Company, and Hersly. Using LibDib, restaurants, bars & retailers can legally and efficiently purchase boutique wines, craft spirits and microbrews from makers of all sizes. This tool can help sellers expand their distribution, and experience an easier sales process.