5 Organizations Working To Strengthen Local Economies

Prevailing ideology holds that companies and entrepreneurs drive a region's economic development by creating new jobs and boosting tourism. In some circumstances, these entities can contribute to a community's growth. In no particular order, here are a few organizations committed to supporting local businesses and boosting their success.

Our #1 entry is Sustainable Pittsburgh. This nonprofit group encourages decision-making practices among community stakeholders that are geared toward making the city more fundamentally equitable and environmentally friendly. It primarily focuses on promoting ethical operations and using renewable resources.

The organization's goal is to introduce sustainable solutions to the community by collaborating with individuals, shops, restaurants, and major corporations. Through assessments and partnerships, Sustainable Pittsburgh helps these entities become more socially and economically responsible with their actions, business goals, and other decisions.

Next up at #2 is the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. The association, which was established in 1965, is focused on developing a healthy business climate within the state. It works towards its mission by launching campaigns dedicated to increasing the number of skilled workers, strengthening the region's infrastructures, and advocating for a local government that's pro-capitalist.

Its board of directors is composed of executives and officials from various companies. Under their leadership, the organization works closely with policymakers to enact reforms that benefit the community. It also actively opposes statewide bills and measures that can negatively affect businesses and employees.

For #3, we have the Greece Regional Chamber of Commerce. The group has been active since 1984. It offers memberships for establishments, corporations, nonprofit entities, and government agencies operating throughout Monroe County and the greater Rochester region in New York state.

This association supports its partners and members by promoting them through various advertising mediums. Member services get showcased through the chamber's directory and social media accounts. In addition, the organization hosts an annual awards program that highlights some of its constituents' accomplishments.

Coming in at #4 is the Small Business Advocacy Council. Elliot Richardson, the owner of a small Chicago-based law firm, launched the organization in 2010. He started it because he wanted to enhance the political power of Illinois entrepreneurs at the state level.

The S.B.A.C. offers a membership program for privately-owned corporations and local businesses. It helps them advance their agenda through political advocacy, support services, and educational initiatives. This group also assists struggling establishments and firms through sponsorships.

Lastly, for #5, we have Coastal Enterprises, Inc., which has several offices in Maine. It was founded in 1977 by civil rights activist Ron Phillips to support community-based economic development in the area. Its mission is to create income, employment, and ownership opportunities for everyone.

C.E.I. helps local companies, entrepreneurs, and the community by giving financial assistance in the form of loans and grants. Aside from these, the association also provides consultation services and seminars designed to help individuals start or expand their enterprise. Additionally, it offers investment options in venture capital funds.