8 Best Grill Brushes | March 2017

Barbecues? Good. Cleaning up the grill? Not so much. Make this most unpleasant task considerably easier with one of these durable and effective grill brushes, so you can enjoy your cookouts more often. Skip to the best grill brush on Amazon.
8 Best Grill Brushes | March 2017

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Best Inexpensive
The Weber 6708 Stainless Steel grill brush is a decent price, it works well, and it's from a reliable brand name. It's not fancy, but it's certainly adequate, and it works fine whether you're scraping away at a charcoal or gas grill.
The Tool Wizard Toolwiz Brush applies steel wool to your grill, scouring and scraping away at even the finest little particles that have built up over time. It's a great choice for gas grills with larger, thicker grates.
The Grease Shield BBQ Grill Brush gets its name from the removable shield that covers the bristles while you scrape away, protecting you and everything else from grease splatter. The strong steel bristles break up caked-on grime with ease.
  • shield attaches to brush via magnet
  • solid wooden handle
  • great for frequent burger grillers
Brand The Grease Shield
Model pending
Weight 1.4 pounds
The Charcoal Companion Compact Rosewood Handle grill brush lets you really lean into your cleaning session, using your weight to bear down on the grime on your grill. That shorter handle does make it hard to use on a hot grill.
  • ergonomic handle shape
  • stainless steel accents
  • fully replaceable head
Brand Charcoal Companion
Model CC4028
Weight 1.6 pounds
The inverted pistol grip design of the Grill Daddy Pro Grill cleaning brush lets you put some serious elbow grease into that grill scrubbing session. Its water-filled body distributes drips that lets you add steam, too.
  • 2-sided dishwasher-safe head
  • hanging storage hook
  • long handle protects you from heat
Brand Grill Daddy
Model GD 12951
Weight 2.2 pounds
The 360° Clean Grill Brush by Kona is one of the best-rated grill brushes money can buy, and it won't take much money for it to be yours, either. This affordable brush has a wide coverage area that speeds up the cleaning process.
  • safe on porcelain, ceramic, infrared
  • 60% more rigid than conventional brushes
  • comes with 5 year guarantee
Brand Kona
Model 360 Grill Brush
Weight 11.2 ounces
The Brookstone Motorized Grill Brush combines a motorized revolving brush head with heavy-duty steam cleaning power to scrub off even stubborn build-up. It not only leaves your grill cleaner-looking but removes potential carcinogens.
  • works best with hot grills
  • push-button mist sprayer
  • dual rotating brushes
Brand Brookstone
Model pending
Weight 2.5 pounds
This USA Kitchen Elite BBQ grill brush has spiraled bristles that simultaneously clean the top, the sides, and even the bottom of your grill's grate, so you get a cleaner grill in less time. Use it for all types of grill or smoker.
  • free basting brush with order
  • comes with handy storage bag
  • great reviews from users
Brand USA Kitchen Elite
Weight 12.8 ounces

Making The Most Of Your Barbecue Grill

Far too often, when people think of grilled foods, they think about hamburgers and hotdogs, and not much else. This lack of imagination can close the door on a world of culinary wonders, from deserts like grilled peaches with cream or fire roasted crostini, to starchy delights like fresh grilled bread or grilled pizza, and from hundreds of different ways to prepare meats and vegetables over the licking flames of your grill.

And keep in mind that while the summer is traditionally considered the "grilling season," there's really no reason not to use your barbecue all through the spring, fall, and winter as well. Hearty cuts of meat like lamb chops and flank steaks are delicious when slowly cooked on a medium heat grill, and you can bring extra flavor to traditional holiday fish recipes by preparing the seafood on the grill too; which also avoids filling the home with a fishy scent before lots of guests arrive.

The best way to make sure your grill gets as much use as possible all year round is to make sure that it is always clean and in good working order. Taking the time to periodically clean your grill means it will always be ready for the next cooking session with minimal maintenance needed.

If you live in an area prone to rain or snow, it's a good idea to make the modest investment in a decent cover for your grill. That alone can help keep dust, pollen, insects, and other unwanted things off your barbecue. With a good cover, you can always rest assured that your grill will be as clean as you left it the last time the next time you need it.

Also invest in a good set of grill tools that make cooking over the flames easy and enjoyable. Beyond a great spatula, a long fork, and some good tongs, make sure you get a solid grill brush, too.

How To Choose A Grill Brush

When choosing your grill brush, first think about your own physical strength and condition. Nothing cleans a grill better than elbow grease, so to speak, so a brush designed to maximize the pressure you can apply to the surface is going to provide the best cleaning possible. In most cases that means using a simple brush with a thick, straight handle and metal bristles that will catch plenty of grime and debris when enough force is being applied.

If you have a good pair of grilling gloves that will protect your hands and forearms from the heat of a hot grill, a grill brush with a short handle will maximize the amount of control you have over the brush and might be your best bet, especially for dealing with trouble areas where there is lots of buildup.

However, if you are not sure you have the arm strength or flexibility to generate enough scouring force, there are grill brushes available that can help to compensate. Consider a battery powered brush with a rotating head, for example, to help you remove char from the grill surface. Just know that these brushes often require more passes and take up more time than use of a standard straight bristle option.

You can also consider a grill brush with a much longer handle, or with one designed to be used with two hands at the same time. Both of these options can maximize the leverage you bring to bare on the surface of the grill. A long handle can also help keep you safe from the heat of the grill.

A Few Great Grill Cleaning Hacks

It is always easiest to clean a hot grill, so when possible, scrape away at your grill shortly after the cooking is finished. If time permits, though, you might also want to periodically fire up and clean your grill when you are not even planning to cook. That can be a labor and time intensive process if you use charcoal, but it's worth the cleaning session you'll enjoy when no fresh food mess or grease has just been added to the grill. For gas grills, it's simply a matter of turning on the grill for a few minutes, switching it off again, then cleaning its grates. Using a bit of water sprayed over the hot grill using a spray bottle can greatly help your brush when you are cleaning a hot grill.

To keep your grill surface relatively clean during long cookout sessions, you can swab the grate with vegetable oil each time you have pulled a round of food off and then let the heat and flames burn off the oil. A few quick swipes with a grill brush will then do much to lift off the build up before the next round of foods goes onto the heat.

Between cookouts, consider letting your grill grates soak in water mixed with dish soap from time to time. A few minutes in a bucket of soapy water, followed by a thorough rinsing and then a good scrubbing, will do wonders for lifting grime grease off of the metal.

If your grill has grate sections that are small enough to fit in your dishwasher, then by all means consider putting that workhorse of a cleaning machine to work. Just make sure to first scour and scrape as much of the built up grime and char as possible, as you want to minimize the material that might otherwise build up in the dishwasher's drainage pipe.

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