10 Authors Who Write Addictive Fantasy Series

Some stories are too good to be contained within the pages of a single book. The worlds and characters they describe are worth returning to again and again so that readers can go on many adventures alongside their favorite protagonists. We've selected ten authors who have used the serial format to create fantastic fantasy tales. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Authors Who Write Addictive Fantasy Series

Author Notable Works
1. Genevieve Cogman The Invisible Library The Masked City The Burning Page
2. Brian Staveley The Emperor's Blades The Providence of Fire The Last Mortal Bond
3. Stacey Marie Brown The Crown Of Light Darkness of Light Shattered Love
4. Donna Augustine Wyrd Blood Wild One Karma
5. C.J. Ellisson Death's Servant Vampire Vacation The Hunt
6. Robin LaFevers Grave Mercy Dark Triumph Courting Darkness
7. Mark Lawrence Prince of Thorns Prince of Fools Red Sister
8. Jane Washington Charcoal Tears Trickery Hereditary
9. Jill Williamson King's Folly By Darkness Hid Captives
10. Sarah Monette Mélusine A Companion to Wolves Somewhere Beneath Those Waves

The Building Blocks of Great Fictional Worlds

In Depth

Stories about magical powers, mythical creatures, and faraway lands have captured the imaginations of fans young and old for centuries. While stand-alone novels can be wonderful, it's even better when you get to re-visit your favorite characters again and again over the course of several books. In no particular order, here are ten authors who have penned addictive fantasy series that keep readers coming back for more.

#1: Genevieve Cogman. This British author is known for her books about a team of undercover librarians hunting down dangerous books from other dimensions. Her 2015 debut titled "The Invisible Library" kicked off the series, and was followed by "The Masked City," "The Burning Page," and "The Lost Plot." Before she started writing her novels, she worked for various companies that produce role-playing video games. Some of her previous works include "GURPS Vorkosigan," "Exalted 2nd Edition," and "Dresden Files R.P.G."

#2: Brian Staveley. Before deciding to write fiction, Staveley taught history, philosophy, religion, and literature for over a decade. In 2014, he came up with his debut fantasy novel, "The Emperor's Blades." This work was named Best Debut Novel of the Year by the Gemmell Morningstar Awards. It served as the first part of the epic "Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne" trilogy, which is about the three children of an assassinated emperor who are trying to expose a conspiracy and save their empire.

Before deciding to write fiction, Staveley taught history, philosophy, religion, and literature for over a decade.

#3: Stacey Marie Brown. Raised in Northern California, Brown grew up in a farm where she enjoyed playing with animals. Her childhood experience made her a nature lover, which is reflected in her works. In 2013, she came out with her debut novel "Darkness of Light," which is the first of five paranormal-romance books in the "Darkness Series." This work is about Ember Brycin, a young girl with a strange appearance who has the power to make things explode. Aside from this book, Brown also published the three-part "Lightness Saga" in 2017, and has written the contemporary romance novels "Shattered Love" and "Buried Alive".

#4: Donna Augustine. This New Jersey native is a big fan of fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and horror, which she uses in her novels. She has authored a number of stories, namely, "The Karma Series," "The Wilds," and "Wyrd Blood." Her most popular work is "The Alchemy Series" from 2013. This four-part work revolves around Jo Davids, a college student who is having a tough life. The main character grows up in a foster home and shuns people who want to care for her.

She is hiding a mystical power that can be dangerous for other people. When she meets Cormic, her handsome boss in the casino where she works, her situation becomes more complicated. One day, Cormic catches Jo witnessing a man turn into a monster. For an unknown reason, the former wants the protagonist dead at all cost.

One day, Cormic catches Jo witnessing a man turn into a monster.

#5: C.J. Ellison. This writer's road towards publishing novels did not come easy. She has spent years battling a severe chronic illness. However, she feels that writing helps to invigorate her body and keep her memory sharp. Her favorite subjects are adult urban magical stories and contemporary erotic romance.

In 2012, she released the first installment of her "Vampire Vacation" series. The novel centers on the story of a 580-year-old vampire named Vivian and her human husband, Rafe. The couple owns a resort for the undead. Everything goes smoothly until they find a corpse in a locked guestroom. They hide the dead body without letting the guests know, hoping that they will catch the suspect before the cadaver is discovered.

#6: Robin LaFevers. Her writing influences include fairy tales, 19th-century poetry, and Bulfinch's mythology. Her three-year stint in a Catholic school led to her fascination with rituals and the idea of the Divine. She has published several works including "The Falconmaster" and the "His Fair Assassin" series. The latter is a set of historical fiction works about teen killer nuns in old Brittany during the Middle Ages. It is comprised of "Grave Mercy," "Dark Triumph," and "Mortal Heart." Some of her stories showcase her love for animals and her sense of ecological responsibility.

The latter is a set of historical fiction works about teen killer nuns in old Brittany during the Middle Ages.

#7: Mark Lawrence. This American-British novelist never dreamed of becoming a writer. He was previously interested in image processing and decision theory. Between 2011 and 2013, he published "The Broken Empire" trilogy, which focuses on the adventure of Jorg Ancrath, an immortal boy who has the power to control the living and the dead. Leading his team of outlaws, Jorg, after many years, returns to his father's castle to face the ghosts of his childhood. It includes "Prince of Thorns," "King of Thorns," and "Emperor of Thorns." Lawrence has also written other trilogies, like "The Red Queen's War" and "The Book of the Ancestor."

#8: Jane Washington. This Australian-based author started writing at the age of two. She was encouraged by her mother to come up with stories regardless of how shocking the outcomes were. The freedom that she enjoyed while growing up is reflected in her current works, which often feature controversial topics. Her novels include the "Curse of the Gods" series which is comprised of "Trickery," "Persuasion," and "Seduction." The plot revolves around a young woman named Willa Knight, a non-magical slave in a place called Minatsol. Her life changes drastically when she is tasked to serve the Abcurse brothers, who are considered to be demigods in their kingdom.

#9: Jill Williamson. Raised in Alaska, Williamson's career path began when she realized that she had a talent for writing Y.A. books. She released "By Darkness Hid," the first book in her "Blood of Kings" trilogy, in 2009. The story is about Achan, a kitchen servant who aspires to become a Kingsguard Knight. He is selected to join the convoy of the prince to a council presentation. On their way, armed men ambush their troop and imprison them. The main character escapes but discovers hidden truths about himself that he never thought to be possible. The author's other works include "The Safe Lands" and "RoboTales."

The main character escapes but discovers hidden truths about himself that he never thought to be possible.

#10: Sarah Monette. This novelist is known for featuring elements of horror and magic in her works. Born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, she started writing at the age of 12. In 2005, she published "Melusine," the first of five books in the "Doctrine of Labyrinths" series. The novel follows the lives of the wizard Felix Harrowgate, and his ex-assassin half-brother, Mildmay the Fox. The two are determined to reach a place called Melusine to escape from their enemies. However, going there is not easy, as they need to face strange magics and dangerous monsters along the way.