10 Breathtaking YA Fantasy Novels Written by Women

Whether you're an adult, a teen, or somewhere in between, YA fiction can whisk you away to magical worlds where you meet memorable characters, go on epic quests, and escape reality for a bit. The ten wonderful novels listed here were written by talented women and are sure to take your breath away. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Breathtaking YA Fantasy Novels Written by Women

Title Author More by the Author
1. Children of Blood and Bone Tomi Adeyemi Children of Virtue and Vengeance
2. The Forest Queen Betsy Cornwell Mechanica Venturess
3. One Realm Beyond Donita K. Paul Two Renegade Realms House On Troll Hill
4. Sworn to Raise Terah Edun Sworn to Transfer Sworn To Conflict
5. The Shadows Megan Chance The Web The Veil
6. Girls Made of Snow and Glass Melissa Bashardoust
7. The Queen's Rising Rebecca Ross The Queen's Resistance
8. Curio Evangeline Denmark The Ice Child The Dragon and the Turtle
9. Threats of Sky and Sea Jennifer Ellision Riot of Storm and Smoke Fall of Thrones and Thorns
10. Dragonbound Chelsea M. Campbell The Rise of Renegade X Fire & Chasm

What is Fantasy?

Fantasy is a genre of fiction that often involves supernatural elements like magic and usually takes place in a fictional universe that is significantly different from reality. Many people group fantasy and science fiction together, but while both are forms of speculative fiction, they are distinct from one another. While sci-fi often attempts to stay grounded in scientific truths, fantasy relies more on imagination and suspension of disbelief. Fantasy's origins are rooted in oral traditions which were eventually written down into books. In modern times, fantasy has expanded into several media, including television, film, and video & tabletop games.

10 Great Fantasy Films For Young Adults

  1. A Wrinkle in Time (2018)
  2. Dragonslayer (1981)
  3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
  4. The Lord of the Rings (2001)
  5. Howl's Moving Castle (2004)
  6. The Dark Crystal (1982)
  7. Percy Jackson & the Olympians (2010)
  8. The Magic Sword (1962)
  9. The Giver (2014)
  10. The Last Unicorn (1982)

How Fantasy Reflects Our World

In Depth

Fantasy novels are great for when we want to escape reality and immerse ourselves in magical worlds. These stories often involve relatable characters who are thrown into increasingly dangerous situations where they have to face powerful adversaries, which can range from irate rivals to entire kingdoms ruled by vicious tyrants. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of ten breathtaking Y.A. fantasy novels written by women. Take note that this list is done in no particular order.

First up, at #1, we have "Children of Blood and Bone." Written by Tomi Adeyemi, it's the first entry of her "Legacy of Orisha" trilogy. It introduces readers to Zelie Adebola, a girl with magical abilities who lives in the fictional land of Orisha. After a ruthless tyrant kills off all of the maji, Zelie and a princess named Amari set out to restore magic to the world. It's a fast-paced story inspired by West-African culture, and it deals with a lot of relevant topics, such as racial inequality and classism.

Next, at #2, is "The Forest Queen" by Betsy Cornwell. This novel is a retelling of "Robin Hood," and it follows Lady Silviana, a nobleman's daughter who runs away after realizing how much her family abuses the locals. Together with her best friend, Bird, she runs off into the forest, where she meets Little Jane, a pregnant girl who is on the verge of committing suicide. Eventually, they form their own community of outlaws who aim to take down the oppressive nobles.

Eventually, they form their own community of outlaws who aim to take down the oppressive nobles.

At #3 is "One Realm Beyond" by Donita K. Paul. Cantor D'Ahma is a realm walker, a guardian who can freely jump between worlds. After stepping through his first portal, he immediately learns that the Realm Walkers Guild is corrupt, and crime is rampant everywhere. Now, with the help of his friends and a shapeshifting dragon, he must find a way to end the corruption within the guild.

Next up, at #4, we have "Sworn to Raise." Written by Terah Edun, it's the first book of her "Courtlight" series, which mainly revolves around Ciardis, an orphan who grew up in poverty. One day, a woman named Serena invites her to join the Companion's Guild, where people are trained to become courtiers. During her training, Ciardis learns that she's a member of the Weathervane family, who are known for having the ability to amplify other mages' powers.

At #5 is "The Shadows" by Megan Chance. Set in 19th century New York, it's about Grace Knox, a girl who keeps having mysterious dreams about ancient battles. Because of her family's financial situation, she's forced to marry Patrick Devlin, a wealthy man who's been in love with her for years. Unbeknownst to her, he has summoned a pair of opposing legendary Celtic factions to help free Ireland from British rule, and she's a key figure in the conflict between the two groups.

Set in 19th century New York, it's about Grace Knox, a girl who keeps having mysterious dreams about ancient battles.

Next, at #6, is "Girls Made of Snow and Glass" by Melissa Bashardoust. Mina is a girl whose cruel magician father saved her life by replacing her heart with one made of glass, with the downside being that she can no longer feel true happiness. Despite this, she manages to win the king's heart and become the queen. Lynet, her stepdaughter, is a girl who was secretly created out of snow and modeled after her deceased mother.

When Lynet takes over Mina's place as the queen, the two start fighting over who gets to rule the land. It's an empowering tale heavily inspired by "Snow White," and it explores the complicated relationship between two flawed but powerful women.

Next up, at #7, we have "The Queen's Rising" by Rebecca Ross. It's the first entry of her eponymous series, and it introduces readers to Brienna, a girl who's studying at a boarding school known as the Magnolia House. When a disgraced lord offers to be her patron, she reluctantly accepts and is immediately thrust into a world full of political intrigue and war. Throughout the novel, Brienna learns more about her mysterious past, and these shocking revelations will force her to choose between two warring kingdoms.

When a disgraced lord offers to be her patron, she reluctantly accepts and is immediately thrust into a world full of political intrigue and war.

Next, at #8, is "Curio" by Evangeline Denmark. Grey Haward lives in a small western community ruled by the tyrannical Chemists. When her friend gets captured after they were both caught violating the town's strict curfew, she finds refuge in her grandfather's shop. There, she discovers a whole new world full of clockwork people, and this place may hold the key to overthrowing the evil Chemists.

At #9 is "Threats of Sky and Sea" by Jennifer Ellision. Breena Perdit lives a peaceful life working as a barmaid in the local tavern. One day, three Elemental soldiers show up at her doorstep and arrest her father, who they claim is a traitor to the throne. Eventually, Breena learns that her father used to work for the king before disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Now, she has to find a way to rescue him, uncovering dangerous secrets about herself along the way.

Finally, at #10, we have "Dragonbound" by Chelsea M. Campbell. The story revolves around Virginia St. George, who hails from a family of renowned dragon slayers. Unlike her relatives, she has no magical abilities, and a traumatic experience has left her with a crippling fear of dragons. One day, their enemies kidnap her older sister, a brave paladin named Celeste. Now, she's forced to face her fears and rescue her sibling, and in order to do so, she has to enlist the help of a dangerous criminal.