10 Sexy Tales of Rockstar Romance

There's a certain allure around musicians that many find irresistible. If you love a man who can nail a guitar solo on stage, then these sexy rockstar romance novels should satisfy your desires. We've gathered ten steamy books about rock musicians and the women they love. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Sexy Tales of Rockstar Romance

Title Author More by the Author
1. Sweet as Sin J. T. Geissinger Make Me Sin Sin With Me
2. Mayhem Jamie Shaw Riot Chaos
3. Thoughtless S. C. Stephens Effortless Reckless
4. Surrendering Ahren Sanders Surviving Reed's Reckoning
5. Return of the Bad Boy Jessica Lemmon Bringing Home the Bad Boy Rescuing the Bad Boy
6. The Resistance S. L. Scott The Reckoning The Redemption
7. Meeting Trouble Emme Rollins Dear Rockstar Following Trouble
8. Catch Me Claire Contreras Then There Was You Because You're Mine
9. True Love Story Willow Aster Folsom Jackal
10. Lyric Molly McAdams Blackbird Firefly

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In Depth

Since the early days of rock and roll, people have been fantasizing about hooking up with talented musicians. We can't all run off with a band, but with the right novel, you can feel yourself get caught up in the passion vicariously. In no particular order, here are ten sexy tales of rockstar romance. Please note that these works are intended for adult readers only, because of their sexual content and explicit language.

#1: "Sweet as Sin" by J.T. Geissinger. Kat Reid is a young makeup artist who is slowly making strides in Hollywood. To pay her bills, she accepts gigs even if she doesn't like them. Her new client is a popular rock group known as the "Bad Habit." Backstage, she meets Nico Nyx, the band's handsome front man, whose model girlfriend shows up drunk and cannot shoot for the music video. The protagonist becomes her stand-in replacement. Surprisingly, Kat begins to get attracted to the singer. For a quick moment, the two realize that there is a spark between them. However, Nico is afraid that his dark secret will only drive Kat away.

#2: "Mayhem" by Jamie Shaw. Rowan Michaels is a college freshman who is reeling from a painful breakup. One night, she goes to a concert and meets budding rock star, Adam Everest. Her evening ends perfectly as the two of them share a passionate kiss. Back in school, the protagonist is surprised when Adam joins her French class. He is struggling with the subject, so she offers to tutor him. But because she's no longer wearing any makeup, Adam doesn't recognize her as the girl he kissed that night.

But because she's no longer wearing any makeup, Adam doesn't recognize her as the girl he kissed that night.

#3: "Thoughtless" by S.C. Stephens. Kiera and Danny are couple who have everything they could ask for. They move to Seattle for Danny's new job and Kiera transfers to one of the best universities in the city. Everything is going as planned until the main character meets Kellan, a local band member and her boyfriend's childhood friend who happens to own the room the couple is renting. The story gets more interesting when Danny has to go to Arizona, leaving his girlfriend alone. The protagonist's loneliness leads her to the comforting shoulders of Kellan, and a steamy night that changes her life forever.

#4: "Surrendering" by Ahren Sanders. Ravenel Hayes has everything a girl could wish for. She is an epitome of beauty and brain, and has a very supportive family. Her future is well-planned until she meets Declan Collins. Her once quiet and peaceful life turns into a roller-coaster, complete with a whirlwind of emotions. Declan is her exact opposite. He is a playboy with tattoos and a carefree outlook on life. When the two meet, they instantly form a connection that will push the protagonist into unfamiliar territory. Ravenel must decide whether she wants to stay focused with her studies, or be happily in love with the musician.

#5: "Return of the Bad Boy" by Jessica Lemmon. Asher, a messed-up rock star, learns that he is the father of a three-year-old. Facing the responsibility of raising the child, he is trying to reform his life. He knows that he needs to have the mother, Gloria, by his side now more than ever. But Gloria is having second thoughts about giving her ex-boyfriend another chance. As much as she misses their intense passion and sexual chemistry, she is afraid that she will get hurt again.

But Gloria is having second thoughts about giving her ex-boyfriend another chance.

#6: "The Resistance" by S.L. Scott. Holliday Hughes is a strong and independent woman who manages her own company. On a business trip to Las Vegas, she drops by a bar to grab a drink. There, she meets the hot and confident Jack Dalton, who buys her a cocktail. The two have a steamy one-night-stand. In the morning, the lead character realizes that Jack is the vocalist of a famous rock group. Behind the singer's cocky and demanding personality lies a dark side. But even so, she finds his sexiness hard to resist.

#7: "Meeting Trouble" by Emme Rollins. Sabrina is an elementary school music instructor and a huge fan of the band "Trouble." She is willing to do anything to see them perform live. When she and her friend get front row seats to one of the band's concerts, Sabrina finds herself unprepared for the surprise of her life. As the two are having trouble getting inside the venue, the locked door suddenly opens and Rob Burns, the group's lead singer, comes out and invites them backstage. This book is praised for its witty banter and hot sex scenes.

#8: "Catch Me" by Claire Contreras. Brooklyn Harmon is trying to regain a normal life after dealing with addiction, loss, and neglect. Her mother always makes her feel unwanted and ugly, while her manipulative father only uses her talent for his own gains. Things take an unexpected turn when her father sends her to New York. The Big Apple reunites her with Shea, her former lover-turned-best-friend. Shea is a womanizer who says that he still loves Brooklyn, but fails to live up to his word. He introduces the protagonist to his friend Nick Wilde, a gorgeous and talented musician. Right from the start, Brooklyn knows that she badly wants to be in bed with Nick.

Her mother always makes her feel unwanted and ugly, while her manipulative father only uses her talent for his own gains.

#9: "True Love Story" by Willow Aster. Sparrow Fisher is off to New York University for college. As a student, she is not yet ready for the changes that are about to happen in her life. She meets Ian Sterling during a dinner with her parents. Ian is an up and coming musician who performs in different parts of the country. During the times that the two get to see each other, sparks fly and everything seems okay. But Sparrow worries about whether or not Ian really cares for her during the times when they're apart. She is not sure how far she is willing to go to understand her lover's lifestyle for the sake of their relationship.

#10: "Lyric" by Molly McAdams. Libby Borello has been in love with Maxon James since they were teenagers. The latter is a member of a rock band who is frequently performing on tour. Whenever he comes home to their old town, he sees Libby and spends time with her. Their relationship is mostly physical, with no commitments involved. Both seem okay with that setup. Maxon, however, knows that one day, he will propose to Libby. But she's not sure if she can be in a commitment. Her mafia family has a lot of debt and she needs to do her part to protect them. This means that she must not see Maxon again, even if it breaks her heart.