10 Wickedly Wonderful Books About Witches

From the Weird Sisters in Macbeth to the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, women with magical powers have been a staple of entertainment for quite a long time. And since magic is such an intriguing and versatile story element, witches will likely continue to grace books, movies, and games for years to come. So fire up your cauldron, grab your broomstick, and dive into one of these ten wonderful books. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Wickedly Wonderful Books About Witches

Title Author Next in the Series
1. Witch Song Amber Argyle Witch Born
2. The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic Emily Croy Barker N/A
3. Witch's Reign Shannon Mayer Dragon's Ground
4. Warrior Marie Brennan Witch
5. Daughter of the Blood Anne Bishop Heir to the Shadows
6. Boundary Crossed Melissa F. Olson Boundary Lines
7. Storm Glass Maria V. Snyder Sea Glass
8. Dark Light S. L. Jennings The Dark Prince
9. Any Witch Way You Can Amanda M. Lee Every Witch Way But Wicked
10. The Witch's Daughter Paula Brackston The Silver Witch

The History of Witches

In Depth

Stories about witches have been around for centuries, focusing on different characteristics and powers. Part of what makes the world of wizardry so interesting is that every writer provides their own unique take on what magic is and how it works. This keeps the old topic fresh and exciting for readers young and old. In no particular order, here are 10 wickedly wonderful novels about magical women.

#1: "Witch Song" by Amber Argyle. Brusenna is the world's last free witch. With the cunning Dark Witch imprisoning and controlling the magic of all other sorceresses, the protagonist needs to find a way to set them free. To save the world from destruction, she must stop the evil enchantress. But doing so means facing difficult magical challenges. Readers laud the book for its excellent storytelling without the use of gore and profanity.

#2: "The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic" by Emily Croy Barker. The story revolves around Nora Fischer, a woman who is having a disastrous professional and personal life. Still reeling from a painful breakup, she attends her friend's wedding one weekend and takes a long walk. She eventually ends up wandering towards a different realm filled with magic. There, she meets Ilissa and her gorgeous son, Raclin. Ilisa introduces her to sorcery. While the main protagonist is learning new spells, she does something terribly wrong. She needs to learn the correct incantation in order to survive and get back to the real world.

She needs to learn the correct incantation in order to survive and get back to the real world.

#3: "Witch's Reign" by Shannon Mayer. The book is about the adventures of Zamira Wilson, a young sorceress who can shift her abilities from one power to another. She is sent to the Witch's Reign to save her best friend, Darcy from the evil Ice Witch. Darcy and her group are captured while on a mission to take back a special jewel. As the lead character attempts a dangerous rescue, she finds herself being assisted by an ordinary man who doesn't know anything about magic. The novel is praised for meshing action and adventure with a touch of humor on the side.

#4: "Warrior" by Marie Brennan. The book is about a witch named Miryo, and her powerful replica, Mirage. Miryo is still in the process of learning how to properly cast spells and mix the right magical formulas. On the other hand, Mirage is an accomplished occultist who is known for her masterful technique in killing her opponents. The two are not related by blood, yet they have the same goal. In this world of witchcraft, a sorcerer needs to kill her doppelganger in order to survive.

#5: "Daughter of the Blood" by Anne Bishop. The story is about the fulfillment of a prophecy foretelling the arrival of the Queen Witch. This mysterious sorceress holds a power that is greater than that of the High Lord of Hell. The monarch, however, is still young. In a land ruled by tyranny, three leaders who are mortal enemies of each other will take advantage of the innocence of this new ruler. Each of these men knows that whoever wins the queen's trust gains control of the Dark Kingdom. The book is praised for weaving different elements like love, hate, and betrayal to tell a memorable plot.

Each of these men knows that whoever wins the queen's trust gains control of the Dark Kingdom.

#6: "Boundary Crossed " by Melissa F. Olson. Lex Luther is an ex-US Army sergeant who lives to protect her niece, Charlie, the daughter of her twin sister who was brutally murdered a few years earlier. One day, two vampires appear and abduct the kid. The main character defends Charlie but is eventually killed in the process, or so she thinks. She wakes up to realize that she survived the attack and learns that her niece is gifted with a special power that could benefit their enemies. Lex decides to pursue the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

#7: "Storm Glass" by Maria V. Snyder. The book puts Opal Cowan, a novice magician, into the spotlight. She is a member of the Stormdancer's clan whose lives are dependent on precious glass orbs. One night, an unknown culprit breaks into the village and tries to steal the glass balls. After the incident, Opal is tapped to help prevent it from happening again. The pressure of safeguarding the orbs and the entire community is too much for the main character. This causes her to unleash powerful spells that can go beyond her control and destroy everyone, including herself. Readers praise the book's unique twist that opens the door to future subplots.

#8: "Dark Light" by S. L. Jennings. After two decades, Gabriella learns her true identity from her adopted parents. She is a witch and she knows that it is too late for her to master sorcery. However, she embraces the revelation because it's the only way to free her from her normal, boring life. She meets a guy named Dorian who helps her cope with the changes. The problem with Dorian is that there is something sinister behind his irresistible looks. Gabriella must not fall in love with him because if she does, there may be no turning back.

The problem with Dorian is that there is something sinister behind his irresistible looks.

#9: "Any Witch Way You Can" by Amanda M. Lee. Bay Winchester is the editor of a local newspaper in Hemlock Cove. She goes deep into a murder case where occultists are believed to be involved. Things are already complicated for Bay, since everyone knows she is a descendant of witches. She needs to identify the culprit before the investigation flags her as a suspect.

#10: "The Witch's Daughter" by Paula Brackston. This book is about a 384-year-old witch named Bess Hawksmith, who bargains her soul to Gideon Masters, a powerful warlock who can rescue her from the witch-hunt of 1628. In present-day England, Bess meets Tegan, a teenage girl who ends her solitude and loneliness. However, Gideon is still determined to claim Hawksmith's soul as a price for saving her life many years ago. The protagonist needs to defend not only herself but also Tegan, who becomes the daughter she never had.