11 Exciting Books About Archaeologists And Treasure Hunters Seeking Ancient Artifacts

If you love reading about brave explorers seeking rare artifacts and clever scientists using their knowledge to uncover the secrets of the past, you've come to the right place. The eleven thrilling works listed here follow archaeologists and treasure hunters on their action-packed adventures. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Novels About Archaeologists: Our 11 Picks

Title Author
1. Atlantis David Gibbins
2. City of Gold Carolyn Arnold
3. The Hunt for Atlantis Andy McDermott
4. The Anomaly Michael Rutger
5. The Death Relic Chris Kuzneski
6. The Pharos Objective David Sakmyster
7. The Sacred Symbol Paula Wynne
8. Stolen Fury Elisabeth Naughton
9. Treasured Secrets Kendall Talbot
10. Chase Baker and the Vikings' Secret Benjamin Sobieck
11. Digger's Bones Paul Mansfield Keefe

How Archaeologists Discover Ancient Ruins

In Depth

Stories about people going on wild adventures as they search for fame and fortune are bound to get any reader's adrenaline pumping. If you're looking for thrilling reads featuring daring, globe-trotting explorers, then you should check out these eleven novels about archaeologists and treasure hunters seeking ancient artifacts, listed in no particular order.

First up, at #1, we have "Atlantis" by David Gibbins. When marine archaeologist Jack Howard uncovers an artifact that may hold the key to finding Atlantis, he assembles a team of scientists and soldiers and leads them on an expedition to the fabled city. Along the way, they must deal with a ruthless terrorist who's determined to get there before they do. Unbeknownst to everyone, an explosive secret blocks the way to their destination, and one wrong move could start a global crisis.

Next, at #2, is "City of Gold" by Carolyn Arnold. Matthew Connor, the son of the mayor of Toronto, lives a secret life as a treasure hunter and frequently goes on dangerous expeditions around the world with his friends Cal and Robyn. One day, Cal's girlfriend, Sophie, is kidnapped by a rival treasure hunter. In exchange for her freedom, Matthew and his crew must find the legendary City of Gold, Paititi, and they only have one week to do so before Sophie is killed.

One day, Cal's girlfriend, Sophie, is kidnapped by a rival treasure hunter.

At #3 is "The Hunt for Atlantis" by Andy McDermott. Several years after her parents died while searching for the lost city of Atlantis, archaeologist Nina Wilde believes that she's finally pinpointed its location. Unfortunately, this discovery makes her a target. With the help of a rich heiress named Kari Frost and her bodyguard, Eddie Chase, Nina must get there before the deadly group known as the Brotherhood of Selasphoros catches up to them.

Next up, at #4, we have "The Anomaly" by Michael Rutger. Nolan Moore hosts "The Anomaly Files," a documentary series about conspiracy theories. When he learns about a strange cave hidden in the Grand Canyon, Nolan takes his film crew with him and retraces the steps of an explorer who claimed to have been there back in 1909. Their excitement soon turns into horror when members of the team start dying under mysterious circumstances, causing them to scramble as they look for a way out.

Next, at #5, is Chris Kuzneski's "The Death Relic." Archaeologist Maria Pelati is summoned to Mexico to help a team of researchers find a Mayan artifact known only as "the death relic." When the man who invited her to the country disappears, Maria enlists the help of treasure hunters Jonathon Payne and David Jones. As they come closer to finding the missing scientists and the eponymous artifact, they learn that dangerous groups are after it too, forcing them to fight for their lives.

When the man who invited her to the country disappears, Maria enlists the help of treasure hunters Jonathon Payne and David Jones.

At #6 is "The Pharos Objective" by David Sakmyster. Caleb Crowe is a member of the Morpheus Initiative, a group of psychic archaeologists who experience visions of events in the past, present, and future. Upon learning about hidden treasure beneath the ruins of the Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria, the team embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover the mysteries of the Pharos, inadvertently involving themselves in a conflict between its guardians and those who seek to destroy it.

Next, at #7, is "The Sacred Symbol" by Paula Wynne. Nina Monterossa is left devastated when her father dies of a heart attack, and things get worse when a man named Giovanni Armellini kidnaps her sister. Giovanni wants Christopher Columbus' Book of Privileges, which contains secrets that Nina has been charged with protecting. Unfortunately, she doesn't know where it is, so she sets out to find it in order to save her sister, learning more about the mysterious book's contents in the process.

Next up, at #8, we have "Stolen Fury" by Elisabeth Naughton. Dr. Lisa Maxwell is an archaeologist who's dedicated her life to finding a set of three ancient sculptures of the Greek Furies. She already has one of them, but when art thief Rafe Sullivan steals it from her, she tracks him down and confronts him. Rafe agrees to return the stolen relic if she helps him find another piece of the set, so they team up to find the rest of the Furies, attracting the attention of a treasure hunter who's willing to kill them to acquire all three.

Dr. Lisa Maxwell is an archaeologist who's dedicated her life to finding a set of three ancient sculptures of the Greek Furies.

At #9 is "Treasured Secrets" by Kendall Talbot. For two decades, Archer has been trying to solve a seven-hundred-year-old mystery that will supposedly lead to hidden treasures. One day, Rosalina, his former lover, calls him and reveals a much-needed clue to the mystery that's been plaguing him for years. Together, they must solve the centuries-old puzzle before a deadly rival beats them to the punch, rekindling their love for each other along the way.

Next, at #10, is "Chase Baker and the Vikings' Secret" by Benjamin Sobieck. Adventurer Chris Baker is hired by a journalist who needs help finding a place known as The Pit, which houses a runestone that allegedly contains proof that Chinese explorers arrived in the Americas before Columbus. Throughout their journey, they must deal with violent neo-Nazis and the Wendigo, a mythical creature who guards the legendary runestone.

Finally, at #11, we have Paul Mansfield Keefe's "Digger's Bones." Shortly after her career is derailed by a grave mistake, archaeologist Angie Cooper is called by her best friend Tarek "Digger" Rashid. He shows her clues that lead to a hidden tomb and the ancient bones of a prominent religious figure. When an assassin kills Digger in front of her, she sets out to unravel the mystery behind her friend's discovery, but she must tread carefully, as powerful forces are determined to stop her.