5 Educational Organizations Serving Pennsylvania Students

Education is important for anyone who wants to go on to have a successful career and be an informed member of society. While all kids deserve a quality education, some are less likely than others to reach their full potential. That's why the Pennsylvania-based organizations listed here are dedicated to making sure that all students are able to thrive. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Pennsylvania Organizations Dedicated To Improving Education

Organization Location Mission
Philadelphia Futures Philadelphia, PA Provide low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college
The Pittsburgh Promise Pittsburgh, PA Promote high educational aspirations among urban youth, fund scholarships for post-secondary access, and fuel a prepared and diverse regional workforce
Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Midland, PA Empower all students and families to become active participants in their own learning and equip them with skills for the future
Unionville-Chadds Ford School District Kennett Square, PA Empower each student to succeed in life and contribute to society
Wilkes University Wilkes-Barre, PA Liberally educate students for lifelong learning and success in a constantly evolving and multicultural world

Pennsylvania Education Statistics

Metric Result
High school graduates, age 25+ 90.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher, age 25+ 31.4%
Total public school enrollment 1.7 million
Drop-out rate 1.7%
Average teacher salary $67,535
Average SAT score - Math 531
Average SAT score - Reading & Writing 540
High school students attending private schools 13%
Students receiving special education services 284,357
High school graduation rate 86.1% (national average 84.1%)
3 and 4-year-olds in preschool 47.5%

The Four Types Of Learners

  1. Visual: Prefer to look at information and visualize concepts
  2. Auditory: Prefer to listen to information
  3. Reading/Writing: Prefer to absorb information through text
  4. Kinesthetic: Prefer to learn through hands-on experiments

The Boost Students Need To Overcome Obstacles

In Depth

Quality formal schooling is vital to life success, which is why it's so important that people have access to the educational opportunities they need to thrive. Thankfully, there are many organizations and institutions dedicated to providing this pedagogical support. Focused first and foremost on the academic needs of students, the ones included on this list offer a wide range of classes, programs, services, and resources to help ensure that young people throughout the state can realize their goals. In no particular order, here are five educational groups working to best serve Pennsylvania students.

For #1 we have Philadelphia Futures. Established in 1989, this organization supplies low-income students with the resources they need to get accepted into college and flourish. Driven by the belief that postsecondary education is critical to economic independence and longterm success, it offers programs and tools that involve financial assistance, mentoring, campus visits, personalized guidance, and more. The organization expands its impact through its Outreach Futures initiative, which provides workshops and presentations that instruct students, families, and various youth-service professionals about important college-related topics.

One of Philadelphia Futures' significant programs is Sponsor-A-Scholar, which gives first-generation-to-college students such resources as SAT preparation, individualized academic assistance, and enriching after-school and summer classes. The organization reports that 100% of its scholars graduate high school, with the same percentage admitted to at least one institution of higher learning. Meanwhile, the two-year College Connection program helps students navigate the application, admission, and financial aid processes, after which they continue to be assisted throughout college. Help foster academic success by making a donation through the group's site.

Help foster academic success by making a donation through the group's site.

Landing at #2 is The Pittsburgh Promise, which commits itself to emboldening the region, transforming lives, and motivating structural change through the promotion and enabling of postsecondary education. The group carries out this mission through its Promise scholarship, which grants Pittsburgh Public School graduates $20,000 to be used toward college, technical, or trade school. According to the organization, thousands of students have been funded through millions of dollars awarded.

On top of the scholarship, The Pittsburgh Promise offers myriad opportunities for its scholars and alumni to find ongoing academic and professional success. Among these is the Preferred College Partners program, through which affiliated postsecondary institutions give additional aid to eligible students. The Career Launch event, meanwhile, provides exclusive access to internship and job openings through networking, resume reviews, and workshops. Executive Scholars further facilitates professional relationships by connecting Promise students with their donors. Send the organization a gift online to invest in this potentially life-changing educational opportunity.

For #3 we get the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. A tuition-free online public school, PA Cyber provides students from kindergarten to high school with individualized instruction, meaningful interaction, and a comprehensive curriculum taught by state-certified teachers. The school uses a student-centered pedagogical model that responds to the varying needs and skills of all children, and works to ensure that its community entails optimum opportunities for both academic and social development. Those enrolled receive a laptop and online connectivity, as well as textbooks, a printer, and technical support.

Those enrolled receive a laptop and online connectivity, as well as textbooks, a printer, and technical support.

In addition to an extensive course catalog, PA Cyber offers a host of virtual clubs and workshops that allow students to connect through wide-ranging discussions and activities. These are available for everyone from elementary to high school, and encompass topics such as art, science, language, coding, and sports. There are many other opportunities for students outside of regular classes, including programs and services focused on peer tutoring, reading, performing arts, and field trip outings. You can support the school by spreading the word on social media.

At #4 is Unionville-Chadds Ford School District, which serves over 4,000 students across seven townships in southern Chester County. Comprised of six schools that range from elementary to high school, it offers top-notch curricula and instruction designed to cultivate empowered, lifelong learners. With its emphasis on high academic achievement, excellent educators, and abundant learning opportunities, U.C.F.S.D. is consistently ranked as one of the preeminent districts in the state.

Maintaining a core focus on community engagement, U.C.F.S.D. partners with a number of local businesses to help keep its instructional programming strong, and to promote charity and collaboration among students. Schools in the district regularly host or sponsor events such as art shows, fairs, races, and more, while organizations and community members give back to the district through endorsements and contributions. Further supporting U.C.F.S.D.'s efforts is its affiliate Education Foundation, which awards grants to fund its many ambitious projects and programs. To contribute to this funding, consider joining the foundation as a member.

Further supporting U.C.F.S.D.'s efforts is its affiliate Education Foundation, which awards grants to fund its many ambitious projects and programs.

Finally, for #5 we come to Wilkes University. Originally founded in 1933 as a junior college, Wilkes today is a cost-effective, comprehensive four-year university that offers a wide mix of liberal arts and professional programs. With a compact, thirty-five acre campus containing around 2,500 undergraduate students, the university enables numerous opportunities for personalized education, peer collaboration, and hands-on research experience with faculty members. It also offers graduate degree programs in such areas as nursing, education, and creative writing.

Academic life at Wilkes is complemented by over 100 clubs and organizations, which bring students together through meaningful activities related to leadership, arts, communications, and more. Meanwhile, athletes can select from a list of more than twenty sports including basketball, baseball, football, golf, swimming, and volleyball, among others. There are also sundry social and extracurricular activities that provide valuable experiential opportunities beyond the classroom, such as civic services, professional internships, and off-campus trips. Give a gift to the Wilkes Fund to keep the university and its community thriving.