5 Fantastic Pizzerias In The Eastern U.S.

No food is as synonymous with fun quite like pizza, and no matter your age, there's a certain excitement as you watch your pie getting placed on the table. Rather than settling for sub-par frozen options or cheap delivery, check out these East Coast pizzerias, each of which has its own style for offering quality food and welcoming ambiance to all who come by. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

5 Pizzerias Serving Delicious Pies

Name Location
Pizzeria Paradiso Throughout the Washington, D.C. area
Kesté Pizza & Vino New York, NY
Verde Baltimore, MD
We, The Pizza Washington, D.C. & Arlington, VA
Pizza Brain Philadelphia, PA

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In Depth

There are few foods as satisfying as pizza, especially when you're eating it hot out of the oven at an authentic Italian restaurant. Whether you like yours thin, thick, plain, or with lots of toppings, there's a delicious option available for all taste buds. Spanning New York City to Washington, DC, here are, in no particular order, five exceptional pizzerias in the eastern US that offer scrumptious pies and a great dining experience.

For #1 we have Pizzeria Paradiso, which was founded in 1991 by renowned chef Ruth Gresser, who sought to bring crust-oriented pizza to the Washington, DC metro area. With multiple locations, the restaurant provides table and bar service, private dining, and carry out, plus an exhaustive list of beers designed to complement its Neapolitan-style pies. Pizzeria Paradiso maintains a strong community focus, and regularly supports civic programs, public schools, and philanthropic organizations.

As a response to its customers' interest in micro brews, Pizzeria Paradiso operates Birreria Paradiso at all of its locations. Providing a regular bar atmosphere, it enhances the famous pizza and beer combination by offering hundreds of craft brews in their proper glassware. The restaurant's Georgetown location adds to the excitement with a game room featuring pinball machines, skeeball, and vintage arcade games. In addition, full-service catering is available for events.

In addition, full-service catering is available for events.

Arriving at #2 is Keste Pizza & Vino. The brainchild of chef Roberto Caporuscio, this restaurant boasts three locations in New York City that specialize in Neapolitan pizza. Caporuscio, who was born on an Italian dairy farm and studied with esteemed culinary maestros, presides over the enterprise with help from his acclaimed chef daughter Giorgia. The two also teach their craft through hands-on classes at the restaurant's on-site school.

Keste offers more than 70 kinds of Neapolitan pizzas, all of which are Caporuscio's original creations. Menu items include fried and gluten-free options, as well as seasonal pies that represent different regions of Italy. A collection of quality Italian wines supplements and enhances the dishes. For an especially authentic experience, customers can check out Keste's Fulton location, which is decorated to evoke a 19th-century Naples pizzeria.

For #3 we come to Verde. Located in Baltimore's trendy Canton neighborhood, Verde is an upscale, laid-back Italian restaurant serving authentic Neapolitan pizza and various national specialties. With a menu spanning brunch, lunch, and dinner, it offers traditional and modern wood-fired pizzas, pastas, calzones, and homemade desserts, among other Italian classics. Its bar, meanwhile, serves an array of wines, craft beers, and unique cocktails.

Its bar, meanwhile, serves an array of wines, craft beers, and unique cocktails.

Featuring wood furniture and modern hanging lights, Verde exhibits a striking combination of older architectural elements and contemporary style. Its dining rooms, which together seat 144 people, include private rooms, tables for two, and community areas for larger parties and mingling. Customers can also take advantage of a party space on the second floor that's ideal for invite-only events, or rent out the whole restaurant for larger functions.

At #4 is We, The Pizza, a family-run operation opened in 2010 on Washington, DC's Capitol Hill. Now with locations in Arlington, Virginia, it offers customers over fourteen types of pizza by the slice, plus hand-tossed wings, homemade sodas, and Italian gelato shakes. The restaurant makes its mozzarella with farm-fresh organic milk, sources its meats from family farms, and uses tree-to-table virgin olive oil on its pizzas and salads.

In addition to serving great pies, the people behind We, The Pizza give back to the community through the "Plant a Billion Trees" campaign. Conducted in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, this project involves the restoration of trees in Brazil, with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We, The Pizza supports many other humanitarian causes, including ones focused on ending poverty and hunger.

Conducted in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, this project involves the restoration of trees in Brazil, with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Finally, for #5 we get Pizza Brain. An American-style pizzeria serving thin-crust pies from Philadelphia's Fishtown and Brewerytown neighborhoods, Pizza Brain is also the first museum in the world dedicated to the cheesy dish. Comprising music, books, and assorted memorabilia, its collection holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest of its kind. Its pies, meanwhile, are made with health-conscious ingredients including farm-fresh vegetables and antibiotic-free meats.

Pizza Dads, the restaurant's Brewerytown location, features a design informed by mom and pop pizzerias and old television set colors. It presents a lively space in which customers can enjoy myriad traditional and innovative pizzas inspired by global and local street foods. There's also a bevy of ice cream options available to order online, including sorbet and gelato.