5 Podcasts To Binge On Your Next Road Trip

When you're stuck in the car for a long trip, you don't just need something entertaining: you need a bunch of episodes you can rip right through to distract you from just how much driving is left. These addictive shows rope listeners in and provide them with captivating stories that will keep you wanting more, even after you've reached your destination. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

5 Binge-Worthy Podcasts

Name Created By Theme
Lore Aaron Mahnke True-life scary stories from the darker side of history
Practical Positivity Sophie Cliff Attitude hacks to help listeners squeeze more joy out of their everyday lives
Darknet Diaries Jack Rhysider Chilling stories from the dark side of the Internet, including hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network
Creative Elements Jay Clouse Interviews with high-profile creators about the nitty gritty of building their creative careers, discussing specific elements of their personality, style, or approach that have helped them thrive
BedPost Confessions Miranda Wylie & Sadie Smythe Confessional storytelling and a collection of anonymous, erotic confessions from the audience

Lore's Aaron Mahnke on Creepy Superstitions

Books On Work & Success To Get You Through The Daily Grind

Title Author(s)
1. Waiting Debra Ginsberg
2. The 50th Law 50 Cent & Robert Greene
3. Rock On Dan Kennedy
4. Heartland Sarah Smarsh
5. Nine Years Under Sheri Booker
6. Summer at Tiffany Marjorie Hart
7. The Trauma Cleaner Sarah Krasnostein
8. No Is a Four-Letter Word Chris Jericho
9. Playing With Fire Theo Fleury & Kirstie McLellan Day
10. Raising the Bar Gabrielle Douglas
11. Powerhouse James Andrew Miller
12. The Beekeeper's Lament Hannah Nordhaus
13. Difficult Men Brett Martin
14. Waiter to the Rich and Shameless Paul Hartford

What To Expect From BedPost Confessions

In Depth

Being cooped up on the road can be a monotonous experience, especially when you're hours away from your destination. In cases like this, listening to an engaging podcast is a great way to pass the time. The ones included here, listed in no particular order, provide plenty of content to both entertain and educate, from revealing accounts of the cyber world to frank stories about sex.

Showing up at #1 is "Lore," a multiple award-winning podcast about true life scary stories. It was created by supernatural thriller author Aaron Mahnke, who also takes on writing, hosting, and producing duties. Touted as a "modern campfire experience," each of the podcast's episodes explores a different dark historical tale, illuminating the creatures, people, and places of humanity's wildest nightmares.

"Lore" covers a wide swath of topics, from hauntings to plans gone horribly awry, serial killers to the fathomless mysteries of the sea. In addition to its podcast form, "Lore" exists as a series of thematic, illustrated books, and has been adapted into an Amazon Prime anthology program. Mahnke is also responsible for other similarly themed podcasts, including "Cabinet of Curiosities" and "Unobscured."

For #2 we get "Practical Positivity," which was created by British life coach Sophie Cliff. On the weekly podcast, Cliff shares stories, practical tips, and lessons to help listeners lead happier and more joyful lives. She offers confidence-building attitude hacks, conversations about dealing with common challenges, and new ways to think about concepts of success.

Complementing the podcast are Cliff's newsletter, "The Weekly Pep Talk," and her blog, where she shares posts about living with intention, embracing positivity, and building a joyful life on her own terms. Elsewhere, Cliff provides services including one-on-one coaching and mentoring, as well as workshops and group programs. She also offers "Joy School," a 56-page e-book filled with tips and creative exercises.

Next up at #3 is "Darknet Diaries." It was thought up by Jack Rhysider, a veteran of the security world, who wanted to capture, preserve, and explain the culture around hacking and cyber security for both technical and laymen audiences. Adhering to strict journalistic standards, it seeks to increase awareness of living in a highly technical society, and help listeners become more responsive, informed digital citizens.

It was thought up by Jack Rhysider, a veteran of the security world, who wanted to capture, preserve, and explain the culture around hacking and cyber security for both technical and laymen audiences.

The podcast delves into a variety of true stories from the dark side of the Internet, including ones about breaches, shadow government activity, cyber crimes, and hacktivism. Many episodes feature firsthand testimonies of the individuals involved, from operations specialists to cyber attackers and defenders. On the "Darknet Diaries" website, listeners can find curated lists of similar podcasts and recommended books, as well as other related resources.

For #4 we have "Creative Elements," developed by podcast production company The Podglomerate. The show bridges the gap between art and business by having high-profile creators talk about the nitty-gritty of building their careers. Episodes discuss the specific elements of the creators' personalities, styles, or approaches that have helped them thrive, including attributes like focus, vulnerability and authenticity, and gratitude.

Other shows by The Podglomerate include "We Don't Deserve Dogs," co-hosted by comedian Richie Redding and celebrity veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman, and "Storybound," which features beloved writers reading some of their most impactful works. There are also food-themed shows such as "Green Eggs and Dan" and "The Feast," the latter of which presents stories about meals from history.

Finally, at #5 is "BedPost Confessions," a podcast version of the eponymous stage series held in Austin, Texas. Drawing from the in-person shows, each episode focuses on one featured storyteller and a collection of anonymous, erotic confessions from the audience. The idea was conceived of by sex blogger Sadie Smythe and sex podcaster Miranda Wylie, who envisioned a show that explored carnality through lenses of humor and vulnerability.

Featured performers on "BedPost Confessions" include standup comedians, artists, academics, authors, sex educators, and more. They share a diverse range of stories ranging from heartrending to titillating, candidly tackling topics such as kinks, sexual awakenings, and gender identity. Additionally, audiences can read the "BedPost Confessions" book, which contains 35 stories, both firsthand and fictional, about sex and sexuality from the show's community of performers.