9 Heart-Warming Picture Books Kids Will Love

Reading to your kids isn't just a fun activity, it's important for their development. Not only do children get a chance to bond with the adults in their life, but they also absorb language skills that improve their cognitive abilities. And once they start to really understand what you're saying, they can also learn important life lessons, like patience and empathy, from these stories. Here are nine heart-warming picture books that both you and your kids are sure to love. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Heart-Warming Picture Books Kids Will Love

Title Author Illustrator
1. Forget-Me-Nots Mary Ann Hoberman Michael Emberley
2. The Boy and the Whale Mordicai Gerstein Mordicai Gerstein
3. Rattlestiltskin Eric A. Kimmel Erin Camarca
4. The Smile Michelle Magorian Sam Usher
5. The Grasshopper & the Ants Jerry Pinkney Jerry Pinkney
6. Stay Kate Klise M. Sarah Klise
7. The Snowy Nap Jan Brett Jan Brett
8. Now Antoinette Portis Antoinette Portis
9. The Book of Mistakes Corinna Luyken Corinna Luyken

How to Encourage Kids to Read

A great way to start is to get a bookshelf for your child's room. If they have access to their own collection of books, it'll be easy for them to read at their own pace. And if they're looking at the shelf everyday, reading will always be on their mind. It's also important to give your kids a comfortable place to sit. This can be anything from a rocking chair to a couch to a dedicated reading nook. If they have a space that's just for them, it makes reading time all the more special. As they grow, your young ones will start to read more challenging books with words they don't know. Encourage them to look up unfamiliar terms in the dictionary so they can expand their vocabulary. Finally, if you're having trouble getting your kid interested in books in the first place, try bridging the gap between visual media and literature with graphic novels.

8 Great Films for Kids

  1. Coco (2017)
  2. The Land Before Time (1988)
  3. Alice in Wonderland (1951)
  4. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  5. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
  6. The Lion King (1994)
  7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
  8. Ratatouille (2007)

Why We Should Read Aloud to Children

In Depth

If you have children in your life, you get to experience the wonder of childhood all over again. Whether you're a proud grandparent, uncle, aunt, or parent, spending time with kids probably involves a fair amount of story times. While there are tons of books designed to enchant readers of all ages, there are a few special selections out there that raise the bar, encouraging kids and adults alike to use their imaginations to enter into colorful, exciting fictional worlds.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the best picture books for kids and adult readers to enjoy together.

Starting out at #1, we find Mary Ann Hoberman and Michael Emberley's "Forget-Me-Nots." Before children learn to speak, they're able to appreciate the power of poetry. Past Children's Poet Laureate Hoberman does an excellent job of finding poems that do justice to an art form that even adults can find frustrating, while Emberley's illustrations provide a perfect accompaniment. As an introduction to poetry and rhyme, it doesn't get much better than this.

As an introduction to poetry and rhyme, it doesn't get much better than this.

At #2 is Mordicai Gerstein's "The Boy and the Whale." Acclaimed children's book author Gerstein takes readers on a magical journey as a boy and his father discover a whale tangled up in their net during a fishing trip. A powerful story of freedom and compassion for others, this read will entrance young children with its beautiful illustrations and profoundly humanitarian message.

For #3, we have "Rattlestitskin" by Eric A. Kimmel and Erin Camarca. In a Hispanic twist on the classic fairy tale, Southwestern girl Rosalia must find a way to escape being indebted to the mischievous riddler before it's too late. Filled with colorful touches and even some Spanish vocabulary, this read can help introduce kids to a friendlier version of the Brothers' Grimm story.

At #4 is Michelle Magorian's "The Smile." When Josh's parents have a new baby, he doesn't know what to make of it. He resents his brother for taking all the attention away and making him play second fiddle. But when Josh gets a chance to bond with his new friend, he experiences a change of heart. This touching tale is perfect for children who are expecting new siblings.

He resents his brother for taking all the attention away and making him play second fiddle.

Coming in at #5 is "The Grasshopper and the Ants" by Jerry Pinkney. The Caldecott Award-winning author follows up his previous illustrated fables with this story about the dangers of procrastination. When the fun-loving grasshopper's ant friends won't take time off to play with him, he's angry at first. But when he sees how hard the ants work, he just might change his tune and start to live his life to the fullest each day.

For #6, we get Kate and M. Sarah Klise's "Stay: A Girl, a Dog, a Bucket List." Two sisters combine their talents to create this moving story about Astrid and Eli, a girl and her dog. The two have grown up together and are inseparable. But as Eli gets older, Astrid starts to worry that her friend won't be around forever. By creating a list of things to do together, the girl hopes to make the most out of the time she has left with her best friend.

In the #7 slot is Jan Brett's "The Snowy Nap." Fans of classic Brett tales like "The Mitten" and "Gingerbread Baby" will love this timeless story. Hedgie the hedgehog is excited for the first snowfall of winter. But as he starts to feel the chill of the icy landscape surrounding him, he realizes that it's best to enjoy the cold weather while staying safe indoors. Packed with intricately detailed illustrations that kids will love, this book will remain a favorite long after your little one has grown up.

But as he starts to feel the chill of the icy landscape surrounding him, he realizes that it's best to enjoy the cold weather while staying safe indoors.

At #8 is "Now" by Antoinette Portis. In a poetic series of sentences, a girl tells readers her favorite things about life and why she loves them so much. This simple, beautifully-illustrated story carries a deeper meaning about truly appreciating what it means to be in the moment.

Finally at #9 we have "The Book of Mistakes" by Corinna Luyken. Kids are so often taught that mistakes are a bad thing. In this original, innovative book, Luyken shows readers how even the worst mistake can make way for a creative outpouring. A powerful story about being kind to ourselves, this tale of invention is perfect for artistic kids everywhere.