The Best Free Text-To-Speech (TTS) Video Maker

It's difficult to get people to read long articles online, and sometimes your subject matter is something best understood visually. Creating video content to go with your written works can do wonders, but filmmaking takes time, resources, and skills you may not have. Ezvid Wikimaker is a free way to create videos online that lets you start with a great piece of writing, then add free images, narration, and music to create a vibrant and entertaining video. We'll go over some of the features of Wikimaker and how it can be useful for a variety of projects. Once you've read up on how to use Wikimaker, give it a try and make your first wiki. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

What Is Ezvid Wikimaker?

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that helps you put together professional video content in your browser. Rather than forcing you to cut together footage and record audio yourself, Wikimaker provides voice synthesis, automatically creating narration from your words, along with music and free fair use images and videos to match your writing. You can add or delete images to create an entertaining and informative video. And with Wikimaker Capture, you can add screen captures and recordings to make your videos as detailed and exciting as you want them to be.

What Kinds Of Projects Can I Make With Wikimaker?

  • How-to guides
  • School reports
  • Promotional videos for a website or business
  • Tutorials for students
  • Training videos for new employees
  • Instructional videos for computer programs
  • Year-end recap letters
  • Video resumes

Wikimaker Vs. Other Video Editors

Feature Ezvid Wikimaker Other Video Editors
Edit in browser
Video created from written text
Screen captures and recordings
Videos over 8 minutes or 1,000 words
Automatic voice synthesis
Fair use images and video clips
Free music added automatically
Online hosting on Ezvid Wiki
Choose your own video FX
Essay text published with video

In Depth

You want to have video content to go with your writing, but you aren't a filmmaker, and you'd rather not buy pricey editing software that takes a long time to learn. Even recording audio can be tough if you have to purchase a microphone or hire someone to do voiceover. Now there is a free solution that lets you convert your written works into entertaining and vibrant video essays, and you can do all your editing online in your browser.

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that is easy to learn. By starting with a well-written essay, you can quickly create a full video, complete with narration and music. Articles and video presentations on many subjects have been created using Wikimaker, including educational videos, web tutorials, and videos just for fun. All you need to do is visit the Wikimaker homepage and sign up for an account, and you'll be able to create your first wiki.

It all starts with your writing. You can compose an entire essay beforehand in a word processing program, or write as you go in Wikimaker. Type your first paragraph into the box and hit "Enter." Wikimaker will generate a voice synthesis, meaning the words you've typed will be read aloud as narration for your video. When you scroll down, you'll see that your first section has already rendered and can be watched right away. Listen back to your writing and make any edits you'd like to make.

It all starts with your writing.

On the left side of your screen, you'll see that free fair use images and video clips have already been added to match words in your text. Some have multiple options, which you can see by hovering over them. You can also use the search box to select additional images that are appropriate. If any images don't match your subject matter, you can remove them by clicking the "X" in the lower left corner of the thumbnail.

You aren't limited to just the free images provided. With Wikimaker Capture, you can add your own content specific to your subject. Wikimaker Capture is available as a Chrome browser extension and as a free download for Windows and Mac. With both versions, you can capture images found online to add to your wiki. With the desktop version, you can resize them, capture images from other programs, or add boxes and arrows to draw attention to specific areas.

While still images are great, videos are supposed to move, which is why Wikimaker Capture is so useful. You can make recordings of activity in your browser, so the viewer can watch you fill out online forms or perform searches to display exactly how to find your sources. With the desktop version, you can record your entire computer screen, allowing you to move through multiple tabs or include content from other programs. If you're writing about video games, you can include specific clips to make it clear what you're talking about.

While still images are great, videos are supposed to move, which is why Wikimaker Capture is so useful.

The images and clips you've added will appear in the "Ready" section, where you can match them to words in your video. When that word is spoken, the image will appear. And with recordings, you can choose the exact starting frame so you display only the moments you want.

Wikimaker also gives you the ability to upload files from your computer, so you can add pictures and movie clips to make your video more entertaining. You can even take photos yourself or upload home movies, giving it a personal touch.

When you're done with this paragraph, start another. You can repeat the process until you've created an entire video. When you're finished, submit your wiki, and it will be published to Ezvid Wiki. Hosting is completely free, and there's no need to store large video files. You can share the URL with anyone you'd like, and they'll be able to watch your video as well as read the text and see the images you've uploaded.

Hosting is completely free, and there's no need to store large video files.

Because you get to decide who gets the URL, this can be as private or as public as you like. You can make a simple video for one or two people chronicling a family trip, an overview of your website to help explain your business and increase traffic, or go through the steps of signing up for a web service to teach your parents how to sign into iCloud so they can download your podcast. Teachers will find it useful when giving out assignments, and employers can use it to cut down on time spent training new employees.

The best part about Wikimaker is that the focus is on your writing. If you're great with words and don't want your lack of video editing skills to distract from your prose, now you can put out dynamic videos worthy of your talent. It's completely free and all the editing is done in your browser, so there's no reason not to sign up and create your first wiki.