Top 5 Free Video Capture Software For Windows

If you want to teach someone how to perform a task on their computer, it's much easier for them to see you do it than for you to describe it. And if you're a gamer, no one is going to take your word for it, so you're going to have to show them. Complex video editors used by professional filmmakers are too expensive and time-consuming for those who just want the ability to record on-screen activity. Luckily, there are a lot of great free choices available online. We'll count down the five best options and delve into the features of each. If you're a gamer, check out the best gameplay recording software, and if you're making a slideshow, read up on the five best free slideshow makers. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

What Are The Top 5 Free Video Capture Software Programs?

  1. Ezvid Wikimaker - free online video editor with narration, music, fair use images & videos along with image capture and screen recording
  2. Movavi Screen Recorder - trio of apps for tutorials, gamers, and business situations, but not all options are free
  3. Camtasia - edit together video and audio files, add quizzes, free for 30 days
  4. Jing - take screenshots, add text and arrows, record your screen for up to five minutes
  5. Ezvid For Windows - make screen recordings, arrange the order of clips, and add narration and music

Which Video Capture Program Is Best For Gamers? What About Business Use?

It's best to know what kind of video you want to make before you select a capture program. If you're a gamer, then Ezvid For Windows is a solid option, since it allows you to record your screen, then add narration later to describe what you're doing. You can also edit your clips to only show the best moments so it isn't too boring. If you're in an office situation, Movavi Screen Recorder has an option that is designed for the workplace, but you may end up spending money depending on the features you want. If you want the most features and an editor that is completely free, Ezvid Wikimaker has the ability to record your screen along with tools to draw on your recordings for emphasis, as well as a web-based video editor and free web hosting. Plus, your text and images are published with the video, so viewers can read along if they're having trouble following.


If you aren't a serious filmmaker, it doesn't make sense to purchase an expensive program to capture video of your screen. There are a lot of options available depending on how much you need. Many offer the ability to record video and edit it together, but generally, if you want more effects and features, you're going to have to pay. That's why Ezvid Wikimaker is a great option. Editing is done entirely online, it's completely free, and hosting is provided. You won't find more features or an easier interface to learn, so you can walk someone through any difficult process and display your footage with no hassle. That's what makes Ezvid Wikimaker an easy top choice for this category.

In Depth

The ability to record video of your computer screen is incredibly useful when making tutorials. You can show employees how to set up and use a new online timecard system, teach a relative how to use FaceTime so they can video chat with you, or record yourself playing a video game to show off your skills and gain followers.

Some software is expensive and far too complicated, aimed more at filmmakers and web designers who have much more time to spend. Thankfully, there are a lot of free options available online. We're counting down the five best ways to capture video on your computer without spending a cent so you can put your money and your attention on the things that truly matter to you, keeping in touch with loved ones or mastering the latest computer games.

Starting us off at #5 is Ezvid For Windows. This free download lets you record your computer screen, then add narration and music to quickly create cool videos. This is perfect if you want to walk a relative through installing Skype on their computer, or record yourself playing a game to upload the footage to YouTube.

This is perfect if you want to walk a relative through installing Skype on their computer, or record yourself playing a game to upload the footage to YouTube.

The interface is simple, so you can arrange clips quickly. You have the option of recording your narration while you play or afterward to get the timing right. You can also choose from a library of royalty-free music to act as a soundtrack. Best of all, it's free, so you can try it out and see if you like it.

Coming in at #4 is Jing, which is primarily an image capture program. You can take screenshots, then add text and arrows to them. There's a Mac version for Apple loyalists, and you can share images right away through a URL that Jing creates. You can record up to five minutes of video, but it doesn't have much in the way of video editing, so this is only for those who need a quick solution.

At #3 is Camtasia, which not only lets you record your own video, but also upload video and audio files from a variety of formats and edit them together. This is useful if you have a lot of footage, but only want to use specific moments. You can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, and even add quizzes. It's only free for 30 days, but a trial will let you know if you should spring for the full version.

You can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, and even add quizzes.

Our #2 selection is Movavi's array of screen recording apps. This is actually a trio of different products, depending on what you're using them for. If you're making weblog YouTube videos or doing long-form webinars, then the Screen Capture Studio is right for you. If you're a gamer, there's the Game Recorder. And for work training situations, there's a business version. There's a lot of options, but they're not all free, so watch out.

#1 on our list is Ezvid Wikimaker, which is perfect if you want something that is easy to learn and gives your viewers more than just a simple capture. Wikimaker is a free online video editor that allows you to create content with narration, music, and free images and movie clips. You can edit entirely in your browser, so you can work on it anywhere, and your finished work will be hosted for free online, so all you'll need to do is share the URL with whomever you'd like to see it.

Wikimaker is text-based, and works through voice synthesis. This means that whatever you type will be read aloud as narration for your video, along with free music to act as a soundtrack. Your text will be paired with free fair use images and videos, so as soon as you type your first paragraph, your video can be watched right away. You can delete images you don't want to include, search among a wide library of pictures and clips, or even upload files from your computer like family photos or movie clips to make things more fun and entertaining.

Your text will be paired with free fair use images and videos, so as soon as you type your first paragraph, your video can be watched right away.

And with Wikimaker Capture, which is available as a Chrome browser extension or as a free download for Windows and Mac with expanded features, you can add content specific to your topic. Both versions allow you to capture any image you find online, and the desktop version lets you capture from other programs, crop and resize, or even draw on images for added emphasis.

You also have the ability to record your screen, whether you're surfing the web or demonstrating a task in a video game. This is particularly useful for tutorials where employees need to learn new software or procedures. When you're done, your video will be posted to Ezvid Wiki along with your text and screenshots of your images. You can send friends or relatives the URL and they can watch it again or read the text for more detail.

Ezvid Wikimaker takes just a short time to learn, and has all the capabilities of professional video editing software. It's completely free and your projects are saved online, which makes it great for collaboration. Teachers can show students how to do a project, then let them complete it in Wikimaker. You can teach employees how to use new software. Or you can share vacation footage with relatives. There is no faster way to create dynamic web content complete with video, music, and narration, which is why Wikimaker is an easy top choice.