The 8 Best Electric Woks

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This wiki has been updated 36 times since it was first published in March of 2015. Now you can bring authentic Asian flavors to your kitchen the easy way, with one of these electric woks. Designed to get hot faster than regular stovetop models, these useful cooking tools are available with simple-to-clean, nonstick surfaces, which means your culinary creations will slide onto the serving dish without requiring the aid of any excess oil or butter. Some are even dishwasher safe. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

1. NuWave Mosaic

2. Aroma Housewares AEW-305

3. Breville BEW600XL

Editor's Notes

March 30, 2021:

All of our existing selections still seemed to be great choices, so we saw no need to remove any items during this update, but we did find a few new options to help flesh our list out a bit.

The Oster 2124087 features a non-stick coating that’s infused with diamond particles, and although its 4.7-quart capacity is a touch smaller than many models, it might be just the right size for single people or couples who don’t regularly entertain large groups.

Curiously, the Aroma Housewares AEW-305 is offered in two designs that are quite unique to one another, but both have their benefits. While the basic model boasts a seven-quart capacity, the professional version can only accommodate five. However, that latter choice also features an accessory package and removable base, which are two tricks that the former selection does not have in its repertoire. Which model appeals most to you is likely to be a function of how many people you regularly feed.

The NuWave Mosaic quickly became my personal favorite on this list, and if shipping were available to my location I think I might have one on the way, already. Its two-part design combines a carbon-steel wok – which could also easily be used on your gas range or electric stove – with a portable induction cooktop that’s designed to fit the pan perfectly. Its integrated circuitry allows for conveniences like digital temperature control and a built-in timer, and it even comes with an eight-piece bamboo accessory kit.

Electric woks are great for a number of reasons, but if you’re loathed to introduce another appliance to your kitchen, yet you want the utility offered by one of these excellent pans, then you might be just as happy with a basic wok.

January 29, 2020:

The Kitchen Outfitters Gourmet and Blossomz Oster are no longer easy to find, so we've removed them at this time, but when it comes to top choices, the Breville BEW600XL still comes out on top. It may be a little pricier than some, but it's built to the high quality standards that fans of the brand have come to appreciate. Its main components are dishwasher safe, and it gives you plenty of control over the temperature, which makes for easy cooking. Not only that, but it has a "Butterfly Heating" system that ensures it heats evenly. The Presto 5900 is a budget-friendly alternative; it has big handles that are easy to grasp, and it even arrives with a handy spatula. And speaking of alternatives, we've opted to add one electric skillet at this time. This Presto Foldaway Skillet isn't a wok per se, but for those who only whip up a stir fry a handful of times each year, it is worth considering. You can use it to make plenty of other dishes, from eggs to lasagna, so it gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

Special Honors

Vollrath Induction Wok Range Whether for a serious home chef or a professional kitchen, the Vollrath Induction Wok Range is an efficient, reliable choice — if you have the budget for it. Digital controls take the guesswork out of cooking, while a turbo button gives you heat in a flash, right when you need it.

WebstaurantStore Food Service Equipment and Supply If you already own a wok you love, instead of getting a standalone, electric alternative, you could consider combining it with a specialized induction range, which would allow you to retain your current wok while still reaping all the conveniences that come with a separate unit. The options offered by this company are costly, and likely best suited to commercial applications, but as 208- and 240-volt equipment, they'll be able to produce much more heat than a typical consumer model.

4. Presto 5900

5. Starfrit Rock

6. Oster 2124087

7. Continental Electric Professional Series

8. Presto Foldaway Skillet

Who Benefits From An Electric Wok?

Electric woks are especially beneficial for those without a flame source.

A standard wok is a versatile, round pan used over a flame burner. Invented in China during the Han dynasty, it was originally designed to dry out vegetables, tea leaves, and meats -- and while that function has changed over the centuries, the wok's basic structure remains the same.

The wok has now become synonymous with stir-frying, which requires adding cold oil to a hot pan and cooking the food very quickly and searing the flavors of the oil and sauces to all the ingredients. Dishes cooked in a wok have a distinctive flavor, which in Chinese is referred to as the breath of the wok.

With the invention of the electric wok, the wok found new life. Anyone desiring to create rich, flavorful dishes while also saving time and effort can now simply utilize an electric wok. Electric woks are especially beneficial for those without a flame source. Conventional electric ranges are not conducive to wok use, as woks require very high temperatures to properly sear food and most electric ranges have trouble keeping up with the heating requirements of a proper wok.

In space-saving environments such as dormitories or tiny homes, electric woks are a very versatile cookware option, as they can easily make stir fries, deep fried dishes, and soups. They provide much of the benefit of a hot plate, yet only require one pan to create a variety of dishes. This means cleanup is equally simple, requiring less water and time to wash dishes. Electric woks set up easily, heat up quickly, and provide users with a simple way to get all the benefit of a healthy Asian-inspired dish.

Health Benefits Of An Asian Diet

According to research, Asian cultures are at a lower risk of chronic diseases than Western cultures. Caucasians show a 65 percent higher rate of cancer mortality than Asians and Pacific Islanders. Doctors and geneticists agree that while genetics can play a role in the development of some cancers, genetics is less involved than are a person's dietary and lifestyle choices.

Whole soybean products such as tofu, tempeh, and miso are rich in phytoestrogens called isoflavones.

In order to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, some doctors recommend switching to an Asian-inspired diet. This includes eating less meat and dairy products, while at the same time increasing the intake of whole soy products, cold-water fish, and a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Whole soybean products such as tofu, tempeh, and miso are rich in phytoestrogens called isoflavones. These isoflavones have been studied to determine their health benefits to Asian cultures. Results indicate that the estrogenic and antioxidant properties of the compounds may help explain the link to cholesterol reduction and prevention against heart disease and certain cancers.

Consuming cold-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and halibut can boost the body's intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the United States.

Eating a rich variety of colorful fruits and vegetables is one of the most important factors of vibrant health. Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and carbohydrates, which is exactly what the body uses to fuel itself. Colors like the purple of plums or the bright orange of a carrot are actually signs of important antioxidants, all of which help to reduce the oxidative damage that leads to various forms of cancers.

What Type Of Oil To Use In An Electric Wok

Electric woks act much like regular woks, but require significantly less upkeep. Achieving a similar flavor while also increasing the health benefits of the meal may be as simple as choosing the right oil. While many people lean on relatively flavorless oils such as canola or corn oil in their electric woks, some proper Asian meals require sesame oil. Sesame oil provides a distinct flavor to the dish, and boasts many health benefits.

Canola oil is a more processed form of rapeseed oil, which is part of the mustard family.

Canola oil is a more processed form of rapeseed oil, which is part of the mustard family. It is often used as an insecticide and industrial oil, found in everything from candles to lubricants. Canola oil is one of the most common oils used in the United States, despite there being many health concerns about its ingestion. When canola oil is ingested, it actually decreases antioxidant activity in the body while increasing plasma lipids; which is a noted risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Sesame oil shows no such health risks. In fact, multiple studies have confirmed that sesame oil consumption actually provides numerous health benefits to the body. When used in cooking, sesame oil provides the body with antioxidant compounds like sesamin. The increased antioxidant levels in the body can reduce inflammation and pain and help dissolve cholesterol.

Sesame oil may also benefit patients with atherosclerosis, a major cardiovascular disease. Because of its ability to reduce cholesterol and blood fats while increasing antioxidant levels in the body, sesame oil has also been studied as an effective nonpharmacological treatment for this chronic inflammatory disorder. Simply lining an electric wok with sesame oil may help keep the heart in perfect working order.

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