10 Australian Authors Who Write Amazing Science Fiction

When you hear the words "science fiction," Australia might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there are many talented writers from the land down under who explore technology, the future, and the farthest reaches of space with compelling characters and well-written prose. The ten authors listed here have written some great sci-fi that deserves a place on your shelf. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Australian Sci-Fi Authors: Our 10 Picks

Author Notable Works
1. Nhys Glover Colton Charles
2. Amber A. Bardan Warrior Forever Didn’t I Warn You?
3. Tracy Cooper-Posey Kiss Across Time Kiss Across Tomorrow
4. Zelly Jordan Fractured
5. Leonie Rogers Frontier Incursion Frontier Defiant
6. Sean McMullen Colours of the Soul Ghosts of Engines Past
7. Jenny Schwartz Her Robot Wolf The Ceph Sector
8. Stephen Renneberg The Mothersea The Antaran Codex
9. Kylie Chan Scales of Empire Dark Serpent
10. Sharon M. Johnston Divided Shattered

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8 Great Science Fiction Films

  1. Alien (1979)
  2. The Matrix (1999)
  3. Annihilation (2018)
  4. Rogue One (2016)
  5. The Hunger Games (2012)
  6. Advantageous (2015)
  7. Arrival (2016)
  8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

4 Real Inventions Inspired by Science Fiction

In Depth

Australia's science fiction community first developed in the 1950s, and in the decades since, the country's interest in the genre has exploded. If you're in the mood for inventive, futuristic fiction, check out these Australian authors who write mind-bending sci-fi tales, presented here in no particular order.

At #1, we have Nhys Glover. A lifelong writer, Glover found her niche combining the romance genre with science fiction and fantasy. The motif of normal women falling in love with mysterious shape-shifting men runs through her "Scorpio Sons" series. Glover's interest in history and travel informs her writing as well. She often blends imaginative sci-fi and magic with vivid depictions of locations like ancient Rome and Victorian England.

Coming in at #2 is Amber A. Bardan. With a unique mixture of comedy, romance, and sex, Bardan's "Warrior In Heat" series exemplifies her many strengths as a writer. In the first book, "Warrior Forever," military psychologist Leila Hains is confronted by the strange alien warrior Thor, who tries to charm her and make her his wife. Bardan's stories are known for genuinely tender moments as well as vivid depictions of sex. Her style has developed a dedicated following and made her a best-seller on Amazon as well.

Bardan's stories are known for genuinely tender moments as well as vivid depictions of sex.

For #3 we have Tracy Cooper-Posey. Though she began her career writing erotic thrillers, Cooper-Posey started experimenting with other sub-genres in 2009 under the pen name Teal Ceagh. Her series "Kiss Across Time" mixes time travel, vampires, historical fantasy, and sexual romance to create a fast-paced, high-tension adventure story. Her bibliography contains a variety of other love tales spanning a number of different paranormal subjects. She shows a particular fondness for exploring different eras and folklore.

Our #4 pick is Zelly Jordan, who first tried her hand at writing a novel with "Fractured," the first book in the "Unbreakable" series. The story focuses on soldier and assassin Kellan. While on a mission to kill a mad scientist, he crosses paths with beautiful police officer Charlotte. Kellan has no memory of meeting this strange woman, but she insists she's his girlfriend. Jordan's works are rich with intrigue and sensual romance drawn from domestic conflict and the supernatural.

At #5 we have Leonie Rogers. An insatiable love of reading when she was a child inspired Rogers to write her "Frontier" series. The story of young cadets exploring a hostile planet has many of the earmarks of the genre's classic works. In the second book, "Frontier Resistance," scout Shanna and her starcat companions must stop the insect-like Garsal creatures from taking over the planet and wiping out humanity. Rogers's passion for science fiction shines through in her intricate world building and gripping action scenes.

The story of young cadets exploring a hostile planet has many of the earmarks of the genre's classic works.

For #6, we have Sean McMullen. This Hugo Award finalist writes stories that analyze modern issues through the lens of science fiction. Some of the pieces in his collection "Colours of the Soul" look at how present-day problems might manifest themselves in the future. Worsening environmental conditions around the world lead to climate crime trials, for example. Though many of the fifteen tales here are brimming with humor, McMullen has written them in such a way that they make the reader think seriously about them, too.

Coming in at #7 is Jenny Schwartz. On her personal blog, Schwartz likens fiction writers to shamans, offering guidance and healing through their stories. This philosophy is perfectly reflected in her "Shamans and Shifters Space Opera" series. In part three, "The Ceph Sector," the young Jaya needs to find a way to contain the ancient Ceph creatures before they awaken. If she can't, the Ceph will be eradicated. Jaya seeks a way to stop the Ceph without destroying the species. Schwartz crafts her heroes to be deeply human and sympathetic.

For #8, we have Stephen Renneberg. Heavily researched technical details give Renneberg's sci-fi space explorations a strong sense of realism. His novel, "The Mothersea," brings extraterrestrials and their technology to Earth, as an alien probe arrives in one of the most isolated places on the planet in search of The Mothership. Renneberg puts a twist on the usual alien versus human conflict by questioning who is really in control of the planet in the first place. Inverting tropes like this is a hallmark of his work.

Inverting tropes like this is a hallmark of his work.

At #9 is Kylie Chan. With an intimate knowledge of Chinese mythology, Chan brings elements of futurism, fantasy, and legendary creatures together in one-of-a-kind settings. In her book "Scales of Empire," humankind evacuates Earth to colonize a new home. When one of the fleeing ships encounters an advanced society of dragons, the creatures offer the humans better lives, but at a heavy cost. Chan weaves threads of folklore throughout this suspenseful space opera. Her works create a sense of familiarity in even the most unusual worlds.

And finally, at #10 is Sharon M. Johnston. The "new adult" genre is best known for producing coming-of-age romance stories. Johnston's approach to this style of fiction fuses paranormal elements with everyday problems. Her book "Divided," for example, sees eighteen-year-old Mishca develop super strength and speed following a heart transplant. While struggling to understand what is happening to her, she becomes torn between two love interests. Johnston plants seeds of realistic young adult struggles in her fiction against a backdrop of the strange and fantastic.