6 Fiction Writers Who Aren't Afraid To Get Dark

There's a place for pleasant stories about friendly people doing the right thing, but sometimes you want something a little more unsettling. These writers are unafraid to go there, presenting tales of horror, fantasy, and suspense that will allow your imagination to wander to frightful places. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

5 Authors Exploring the Dark Side of Fiction

Name Popular Titles
Laura Tisdall Echoes The In-Between Faerytale
Philip Fracassi Behold the Void ALTAR Shiloh
Craig Laurance Gidney A Spectral Hue Sea, Swallow Me and Other Stories The Nectar of Nightmares
Janni Lee Simner Bones of Faerie Thief Eyes Drawing the Moon
K.L. Bone Black Rose Heir to Kale Embracing the Dragon
Eileen Mueller Ezaara Dragons Realm Dragon Hero

See the Book Trailer for Echoes by Laura Tisdall

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The Eerie World of Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

In Depth

Fiction takes us to new worlds, exploring the complexities of consciousness and relationships. From paranormal romances to sweeping tales of fantasy, some of our most compelling stories confront themes that we might shy away from in real life. If you're interested in these genres, then here, in no particular order, is a selection of authors embracing the dark side of fiction.

Coming in at #1 is Laura Tisdall. This author studied music at the University of Surrey before turning to writing. Her novel "Echoes" follows a young hacker navigating family life and the dangers of the online world. In 2016, "Echoes" won the International Rubery Book Award. It was also named one of Shelf Unbound's Notable Indie Books of 2015.

Tisdall has also penned two musicals: "Faerytale," which details the relationship between a princess and a dark sorcerer in a magical realm, and "The In-Between," which centers on an adolescent misfit who stumbles upon a portal to a new world. Elsewhere, on her blog, Tisdall shares posts on all manner of topics, from visiting a Doctor Who exhibition to working on new writing projects.

Elsewhere, on her blog, Tisdall shares posts on all manner of topics, from visiting a Doctor Who exhibition to working on new writing projects.

In the #2 spot is Philip Fracassi. Based in Los Angeles, this author writes fiction and screenplays. His novellas include the works "Fragile Dreams," "Sacculina," and "Shiloh." In 2017, JournalStone published "Behold the Void," a collection of nine of his short stories of terror, which garnered positive critical reviews from The New York Times and LitReactor.

Fracassi's stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, including "The Demons of King Solomon," "Test Patterns," and "The Phantasmagorical Promenade." He also wrote the screenplay for "Girl Missing," a Lifetime movie about the fallout in a young woman's life after she learns she is not actually an orphan. Fracassi gives his fans a glimpse of the writer's life via his blog, which touches on topics like new releases and recent interviews.

At #3 is Craig Laurance Gidney. A writer of contemporary and genre fiction, this author has published a number of works. His novel "A Spectral Hue" details the mysterious allure of a town called Shimmer, home to many African-American artists. Released in 2019, it received positive coverage on NPR and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.

A writer of contemporary and genre fiction, this author has published a number of works.

Other offerings from Gidney include "The Nectar of Nightmares," a short work of dark fantasy, and "Sea, Swallow Me and Other Stories," a collection that blends folklore and modern myth. He counts both Octavia E. Butler and Toni Morrison as influences. On his website, Gidney discusses things like visuals in films and the role of art in his life.

Coming in at #4 is Janni Lee Simner. Based in Tucson, Arizona, this writer is active in a number of genres. "The Bones of Faerie" trilogy, for instance, combines a dark fairy tale with apocalyptic fiction. The three books follow Liza, a young woman grappling with dangerous magical powers. Beyond these works, Simner has also published short stories in anthologies like "Welcome to Bordertown" and "Tales of the Talisman."

"Thief Eyes," another novel by Simner, is a young-adult fantasy tale set amidst the volcanic terrain of Iceland. This writer has also branched out into the realm of interactive fiction, penning work for "The Huntsman: Winter's Curse," a narrative-driven fantasy game, and the fitness app "Zombies, Run!" Elsewhere, she has shared advice on the craft of writing in her works "Doing What You Love" and "Finding Your Sense of Place."

In the #5 spot is K.L. Bone. Writing in the genres of dark fantasy and paranormal romance, this author publishes connected works as well as stand-alone novels. Her "Flames of Kalleen" series, for example, focuses on the trials and tribulations of a dragon princess. In the fantasy series "The Rise of the Temple Gods," two sisters compete to be crowned ruler of their kingdom.

Bone has released a number of novellas, featuring vampires, witches, and powerful curses. She has studied creative writing at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland, and she makes occasional appearances at conventions and conferences, having, in the past, attended events in New Orleans, Portland, and San Diego. Posts on her website cover these travels, as well as topics such as cover reveals and audiobook releases.

Last but not least, at #6 is Eileen Mueller. Based in New Zealand, this writer pens works for both children and young adults. Many of her books prominently feature dragons, and sometimes her writing explores the dark fantasy genre. Her "Riders of Fire" series is an epic adventure for young adults, chronicling a world of dragons, danger, and shifting alliances.

Based in New Zealand, this writer pens works for both children and young adults.

Mueller has also published several works of interactive fiction, which allow her readers to choose their own adventures. She has contributed to festive collections of short stories, which provide unconventional family-friendly Christmas tales. Outside of fiction, Mueller writes about a number of topics on her website, including community service work and conventions she's attended.