9 Safe But Funny Office Pranks

Working in an office has its pros and cons. If you get along with your co-workers, having some good-natured fun at work can be one of the best perks there is. In this guide, we look at nine office pranks that are funny, and won't put anyone in actual danger. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Safe & Funny Office Pranks

1. Trick or Treat Fill a donut box with veggies and leave it in a common space.
2. Keyboard Garden Get an old keyboard and grow sprouts in it. Put it in front of a coworker's computer and see how they react.
3. The Jell-O Gag Swipe a stapler from someone's desk and return it... encased in Jell-O.
4. Fake Birthday Leave a cake in the fridge with a note saying it's for a specific coworker's birthday, and should not be eaten.
5. Desktop Flip Go over to a Mac user's computer and change the settings so that everything on their screen is upside-down.
6. Broken Coffee Machine Simply put an "Out of Order" sign on the coffee maker.
7. Scary Drawer Print out a terrifying photo and leave it in your victim's desk drawer.
8. Fake Missed Call Tell a coworker that they missed a call from a client named Harry Bayer, then give them the phone number of the local zoo.
9. Pesky Zip Ties Get some zip ties and apply them to your victim's office supplies.

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The relationship you have with your co-workers is unlike any other. Even though they're not family or your chosen friends, you still spend hours together each day. Sometimes the person in the cubicle next to you can become your greatest confidant. Pulling a prank at your company is a great way to lighten the mood. But when all is said and done, you still need to have a job the next day. Here are 9 safe but funny office pranks.

#1. The trick or treat stunt. Every office loves a good box of pastries, especially on a Monday morning. Get your hands on a classic box of doughnuts and remove the sweets. Instead, fill it with bite-sized veggies and dip. Carrots, celery, tomatoes, and broccoli should do the trick. Place a popular sauce, like ranch dressing, in the middle. Arrange the healthy snacks inside and close it. Leave it on the main kitchen counter for your co-workers to find. You can even send a company-wide e-mail to spread the word. Though they'll be disappointed, you can always claim you did it for their health.

#2. Grow a garden in a fake keyboard. This prank takes some forethought but is sure to befuddle the recipient. The best results are with a co-worker who is on vacation. Secure a dummy keyboard that is okay to ruin. Shake out some potting soil over the top and work it between the keys. Try using a fork for the best outcome. Sprinkle cress or chia seeds over it, water them and watch them grow. You should see results within 2 days to a week. When the time comes, swap it out with your officemate's original device. Then, sit back and enjoy as they try to make sense of this new development.

You should see results within 2 days to a week.

#3. Encase a favorite office utensil in Jell-O. This tried and true prank was made famous by the hit show The Office. Select an item from your co-worker's desk that will survive being submerged in gelatin. A stapler is the most popular choice. Get a few boxes of Jell-O from the grocery store in your favorite color. Mix the ingredients together and suspend the item inside. Let it set overnight. Place it on your target's desk and await their reaction.

#4. Celebrate a fake birthday. All you need for this one is a tasty cake. Take it to work, and place it in the main fridge. Be sure to center it in a spot that will give it maximum exposure. Write a note that says the co-worker of your choice's name, for instance, Chloe. Have it say "Chloe's birthday cake, please do not eat." You could even go as far as icing it with his or her name. Your officemate will be fielding well-wishers all day, and awkward conversations are sure to ensue.

#5. Flip someone's computer desktop screen upside down. This goof is harmless and very easy to set right. It works if your victim uses a Mac. You'll need access to their computer when they aren't around. Using the Apple menu, open system preferences and hold down the control and option keys simultaneously. While doing this, select the display option. Once there, you'll see a drop down menu next to the word "rotation." Choose 180 degrees, click confirm, and you're all done.

While doing this, select the display option.

#6. Sabotage the coffee machine. This prank is simple, but a devastating blow to caffeine addicts. Show up to work before everyone else. Tape a note to the coffee maker that says "out of order." Most likely, your co-workers will be too tired to attempt to figure out how to fix it. Odds are no one will even attempt to brew a cup. To add insult to injury, once everyone has given up, go prepare a pot. Enjoy your fresh beverage as vocally as possible.

#7. Put a terrifying photo in a desk drawer. This trick is best executed with the help of a printer. Choose something that would scare the wits out of your officemate. For example, select a close up of a clown. For added effect, set it as their computer desktop wallpaper.

#8. The fake missed call. Wait until your co-worker leaves the office. When they return, let them know they missed a call from a client. Hand them a note with the number for the local zoo. Tell them the client's name is Harry Bayer. Watch as they attempt to contact a hairy bear and wait for it to dawn on them.

Hand them a note with the number for the local zoo.

#9. Use a strategically placed zip tie. This gag is a great way to avenge being pranked by a co-worker. It's also inexpensive and very easy to undo. Purchase some zip ties at your local hardware store. Select your victim, and strategically cinch all their office supplies. For an extra dose of deviousness, hide all the scissors.

Messing around and being silly at work is a great way to have fun with other employees. But don't forget that there is a fine line. Always be sure to use your best judgment with your specific company. If you have a good relationship with your office mates and mean no ill will, pulling a harmless prank is a surefire way to get a laugh.