9 Romantic Suspense Novels With a Twist of Mystery

Sun, 7 Oct 2018

Romance isn't always full of candle-lit dinners, cute gifts, and bouquets of flowers. Sometimes there's a darker side to love. If you're a fan of both classic romance novels and the suspense genre, then consider getting the best of both worlds with these nine books that feature passion, intrigue, and a healthy dose of mystery. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Romantic Suspense Novels With a Twist of Mystery

Title Author More by the Author
1. Follow Me Tiffany Snow Break Me Find Me
2. Not Quite Settled Lyla Payne Not Quite Dead Not Quite Cold
3. The Fireproof Girl Loretta Lost The Bulletproof Boy The Shatterproof Heart
4. Sweet Vengeance Fern Michaels Hokus Pokus Truth or Dare
5. See How She Dies Lisa Jackson Liar, Liar You Will Pay
6. The Possessions Sara Flannery Murphy
7. Just One Lie Kyra Davis Just One Night Deceptive Innocence
8. Stay Emily Goodwin All I Need Cheat Codes
9. The Slow Burn of Silence Loreth Anne White A Dark Lure In the Waning Light

Common Tropes in Romantic Suspense

While there are a million ways to tell stories in this genre, there are several tropes that writers return to again and again, often adding their own twists. Here are a few common examples:

Elements of Romance & Suspense

Element Romance Suspense
Will they or won't they?
Characters in jeopardy
Sexual tension
Happily ever after
Foreshadowing & Clues

How to Make Your Writing Suspenseful?

In Depth

From treacherous financial scandals to unexpected love triangles, the romantic suspense genre mixes desire with deception and controversy in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Traces of mystery and a touch of passion are added in to keep you guessing about the much-anticipated conclusion. In no particular order, here are nine exciting romantic thrillers that you won't be able to put down.

#1. "Follow Me" by Tiffany Snow. An exceptional beginning for the "Corrupted Hearts" series, this mystery novel puts the spotlight on China Mack, a witty twenty-three-year-old working at a successful tech company. Her wealthy boss, whom she has a crush on, has asked for her help on a dangerous project. While her lack of confidence and social skills has become a problem for China, the task becomes even more perplexing when people start turning up dead.

#2. "Not Quite Settled" by Lyla Payne. The adult romance author continues her intriguing "Lowcountry Mysteries" with book eleven, a deeply satisfying tale revolving around Gracie Harper. Her personal life in their small Southern town takes a turn after Leo Boone declares his love for her. She also knows that someone is putting out a trap for her to go into the mountains where she and her mother almost died years ago. There she will come across the answers that will make her question everything she thought she had known.

#3. "The Fireproof Girl" by Loretta Lost. This mystery revolving around the death of Cole Hunter will keep readers engaged from start to end. Dealing with themes of abandonment, acceptance, and the struggles of growing up parentless, this thriller follows the journey of Sophie and Cole, both of whom have issues that they need to overcome.

After Cole gets murdered, Sophie puts herself at risk, asks for the help of her ex-boyfriend, and places herself in the middle of the investigation.

#4. "Sweet Vengeance" by Fern Michaels. Stirring up a wide range of emotions, the book looks at Tessa Jamison's life as it takes an unexpected turn. After spending ten years in prison for being convicted of her husband and twin girls' murders, she is being released while she waits for a new trial.

Taking shelter in a small island owned by her late husband's company, Tessa works with their C.E.O. to gather new evidence and prove her innocence.

#5. "See How She Dies" by Lisa Jackson. The bestselling author brings on an intriguing tale that explores the intricacies of love and family relations. The chilling mystery surrounding London Danvers' disappearance two decades ago and her possible return stir up plenty of emotions for Zachary Danvers.

A woman named Andria heads to Portland, claiming to be a long-lost heiress and asking for her rightful inheritance from her wealthy father's estate, despite her siblings' deceitful schemes. With excellent character development, Zachary and Andria's surprising motives are slowly revealed, keeping readers engaged in the plot as it unfolds.

#6. "The Possessions" by Sara Flannery Murphy is a gripping novel that has many dark secrets to reveal. This psychodrama revolves around Eurydice, whose job is to help clients reconnect with their loved ones who have passed away. When she reaches out to Sylvia, the dead wife of Patrick Braddock, she becomes infatuated with the couple and crosses a perilous line. Attempting to move deeper into Patrick's life, Eurydice takes more dangerous risks.

#7. "Just One Lie" by Kyra Davis. The author has created a moving tale of fulfillment and recovery, taking readers on an emotional ride. Free-spirited rocker chick Melody Fitzgerald seems to be well-suited to the impulsive and unpredictable Ash. However, the band singer wonders why she's more attracted to Brad, the group's quiet but consistent drummer.

Melody soon finds herself learning about her own passion, indulgence, and the desires of her heart.

#8. "Stay" by Emily Goodwin. With superb storytelling, this thrilling book is centered on college girl Addie who gets abducted and sold into sexual slavery. While she is forced to do horrifying things, Addie holds on to the hope of escaping the sadistic men who kidnapped her. Befriending one of her captors, Jackson, can only mean one of two things: freedom or more trouble.

#9. "The Slow Burn of Silence" by Loreth Anne White. Bagging the National Readers' Choice Award for Romantic Suspense, this intense thriller highlights struggles in terms of justice and loyalty. Jeb Cullen is being accused of a heinous crime he didn't commit. Several people testified against him, including his childhood friend Rachel who he had grown to love. Nine years later, Jeb is released from prison and vows to come back to Snowy Creek. He wants to set things straight with her, prove his innocence, and seek out the guilty people responsible for the crime before they can get to him.