The Best DIY Projects For Your Home

In this guide, we'll show you seven DIY projects that can turn your house or apartment into a stylish and comfortable space. Whether you're looking to pick up a new hobby or just save some money, you'll be amazed by how much flair these simple crafts can bring to your home. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Why Should I Do DIY Projects?

There are many different reasons people choose to do their own home improvement. For one thing, there's cost. Hiring professionals to come in and modify your home is expensive, and not everyone has room for it in their budget. Then there's the appeal of customization. If you buy a decoration from the store, you're limited to the options they have on hand. But when you make your own, you have complete control over the style, size, color, and more. You can tweak your DIY projects to reflect your unique taste and personality. Finally, it can be fun to take on these kinds of projects. You get to be creative, work with your hands, and once you're done you can feel proud of how good the final product looks.

Seven DIY Projects for your Home

  1. LED Lighting: illuminate the dark corners of your house
  2. Instant Desk: useful furniture on a budget
  3. Bed Canopy: an extra element of romance for the bedroom
  4. Ladder Bathroom Storage: a unique way to store your towels
  5. Greenery as Wall Decor: bring the outdoor aesthetic inside
  6. Handmade Wind Chime: sounds as lovely as it looks
  7. Colorful Cabinets: make your kitchen bright and cheerful

What Tools Should I Have on Hand?

If you're going to be doing a lot of projects around the house, you'll want to make sure you're well-equipped with the proper tools.

Bring Some Color to your Kitchen

In Depth

Your home is your sanctuary and can be a wonderful place to recharge and bond with friends or family. Part of having a beautiful life is having a comforting and well-functioning living space. Since you know your place intimately, sometimes it's best to take matters into your own hands with DIY projects.

Using your creativity to maximize space or create harmony are great reasons to do-it-yourself. Here are some easy, time-efficient ways to spruce up your home.

#1. LED lighting. As shown through the Youtube Channel Marin MK, use battery powered LED lights to make your life easier. Positioning the lights in places that are difficult to illuminate will make your household run more smoothly very quickly. Not only do these lights require no electrical wiring, they often have adhesive to attach them to walls.

LED lighting.

Use them to light up a dark closet, kitchen cabinets, or basement stairways. You'll find a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors on the Amazon website, and can easily have them delivered to your door. From motion activated strips to touch-activated lights, there are more than enough options to choose from.

The only inconvenience with these lights is how quickly the batteries need to be replaced. You can solve this dilemma by purchasing rechargeable batteries and a charger.

#2. Instant desk. The website Apartment Therapy has a simple idea for making a one easily and painlessly. The base requires two identical cabinets the height you want your desk to be. You can purchase them from discount furniture stores such as Ikea. Then buy a wooden board from a hardware store. Sand and polish it, then place it atop the two cabinets. You can customize your creation by painting it and decorating it with designs.

Sand and polish it, then place it atop the two cabinets.

#3. Bed Canopy. Having a romantic looking bedroom doesn't need to require an entire remodel. Use simple white tulle fabric and two swing arm curtain rods to create an elegant canopy.

Mount the rods to the wall on either side of the head of the bed, at the height you'd like your creation to hang. Next, drape the fabric over the two rods so they cascade down to the floor. To create a luxurious feeling, use a lot of fabric and bunch it up on the rods. You may also choose to add ribbon or pom-pom on the outside edges.

#4. Unique bathroom storage. An easy idea from Better Homes and Gardens maximizes bathroom space and adds a stylish twist. Their experts simply took a ladder bought from a flea market and painted it bright blue.

An easy idea from Better Homes and Gardens maximizes bathroom space and adds a stylish twist.

Leaned against the wall, the ladder makes a playful towel storage rack. Painted flower planters hung from the bottom rung provide extra storage for bathroom toiletries. Be sure to choose colors for your project that complement your towels and bathroom walls.

#5. Funky wall decor. Take inspiration from the blog The Merrythought, whose project will add instant life to a white wall. You'll just need greenery mats, which can be bought at craft stores or online. You may choose to substitute flower mats instead, for a colorful effect. You'll also need Command mini-hooks and measuring tape. Simply decide on a pattern, using your measuring tape to determine where to place the mats. Then attach the mini-hooks to the wall, and hang the mats.

#6. Handmade wind chime. This craft can add soothing sounds and natural beauty to your garden or patio. It can be very simple to make one, and incorporating elements from nature will make it that much more charming.

Handmade wind chime.

A piece of driftwood or a thin tree branch can serve as a base for sea glass, sea shells, or sand dollars, It's not necessary to live near the ocean either. You can easily purchase these materials online.

The website Craft Organic displays one of the simplest ways to construct this common craft. Their seashell and sand dollar wind chime required only the natural materials, copper wire, wire cutters, and an eye hook.

The creators of this project recommend the following steps to construct it. String the copper wire through the holes in smaller seashells, and create twists to hold the shells in place. Run this length of wire underneath the piece of driftwood. Twist the copper wire around both sides of the wood, so the shells hang below.

Run this length of wire underneath the piece of driftwood.

Next, hang longer pieces of wire from the seashell garland you created. Space them out so the shells are close enough to make a sound in the wind. Hang bigger shells from here.

You can attach a sand dollar at the top in the same way, using the copper wire to connect it to the wood. Finally, screw in the hook on the top of the wood.

#7. Colorful cabinets. There's much you can do with the simple Japanese decorative staple known as Washi Tape. Made from sturdy natural fibers and printed with a variety of colors and patterns, it's as simple to apply as masking tape. This trendy tool allows crafters to almost instantly change the mood of a room without going to much time or trouble. You can easily buy it online or at craft stores. For home projects, choose quality tape.

This trendy tool allows crafters to almost instantly change the mood of a room without going to much time or trouble.

According to the website Apartment Therapy, it only takes a day and about 100 to 300 dollars worth of Washi to completely change the look of an entire room. Whether applying bright colors or more neutral tones, the results are stunning. And the tape can be easily removed at any time.

To cover kitchen cabinets, DIY guru TasselFairy recommends removing the cabinets using a screwdriver and wiping them clean of any oil or dirt before starting. Next, run strips of Washi along the cupboard. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles. With darker cabinets, you'll want to apply two layers. It is also easiest to use only one color per cabinet.

From bedroom to kitchen, there are countless ways to improve your home. You may find yourself very satisfied with how you've made your home much more comfortable.