The Best Way To Draw A Rose

Drawing can be a tough skill to master. But with the right instructions, any beginner can learn to make a work of art. Here, we will demonstrate several techniques for drawing a rose. With a little practice, you'll be able to draw this lovely flower yourself. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

What's the Easiest Way to Draw a Rose?

If you're new to drawing, you should start out with the simplest method by following these steps.

  1. Draw a horizontal oval.
  2. Add a small swirl inside.
  3. Draw curved vertical lines down from the sides of the oval.
  4. Connect these curves with a semi-circle at the bottom.
  5. Draw a curved from the edge of the oblong to the bottom of the base.
  6. Add a short arc going toward this curve.

What Materials Can I Use to Draw a Rose?

You can use whichever medium appeals most to you personally. If you don't want to spend money on expensive art supplies, you can simply use a pencil or a ballpoint pen. Too add color, try markers or colored pencils. For a variety of different supplies, consider purchasing an art set. They typically come with watercolors, oils, acrylics, and the brushes you need to apply them. Or, if you prefer digital art, you can use a drawing tablet.

What Do Different Roses Symbolize?

Roses come in many different colors, each of which has its own special meaning.

Color Meaning
Red Romantic Love
Pink Happiness
Yellow Friendship
White Innocence & Purity
Orange Enthusiasm & Excitement
Peach Gratitude


Whether drawing is your new hobby or your life-long passion, it never hurts to learn a new technique. By adding a rose to your repertoire, you can insert a bit of natural beauty and elegance into your next work of art. And the more you practice, the more intricate and realistic your flowers will become.

In Depth

The rose is the world's most popular flower. It is often used as a symbol of love and beauty. Roses are also used as a subject in different art forms, such as painting, sculpture, music, and film. By following a few simple steps, you can draw this blossom yourself.

The best way to draw a rose depends on how good your fine motor skills are. If you are a beginner at drawing, you must follow this simple process.

First, determine the upper middle part of your drawing area. From this point, draw a horizontal oblong. Draw a small swirl inside, following the oblong's shape.

From this point, draw a horizontal oblong.

The next step is to draw the base. Begin with the left side of the oblong. Draw a slightly curved vertical line. Do the same at the right side of the oblong. To finish the base, add a semi-circle connecting the two vertical lines.

Add details to the base by drawing the petals. From the right edge of the oblong, draw a curved line going downwards until it reaches the bottom of the base. Then draw a short arc going towards the curve.

Now, it's time to add the leaves. Draw one leaf on each side of the flower. Make sure they have small jagged edges, as this is the distinguishing characteristic of the rose's leaves.

Now, it's time to add the leaves.

Put in some color for the flower. You can choose whichever color you like. You may also choose a particular color to represent an abstract idea. Select red if you want to express love and passion. Pick out white if you mean to convey purity and innocence. Or you can choose yellow if you want to show happiness and friendship. And there you have it, a beginner's rose. But if you have intermediate skills in drawing, you can follow these instructions instead to create a more elaborate rose.

Using very light pressure, draw a big circle at the center of your drawing region. This will serve as a guide for the flower. Inside the circle, draw a medium-sized U-shape.

Draw small swirl just a few centimeters above the U-shape. From the end point of the swirl, draw a curvy line until it reaches the bottom of the U-shape. The curvy line must look like an inverted S. At this point, draw another curvy line which looks like a hook. On the opposite side, make an irregular oval that looks like an S.

Draw small swirl just a few centimeters above the U-shape.

It's time to draw the petals. Using the outer circle as a guide, trace several arcs around the base of the rose. Make sure that you use light lines, as these will serve as an outline for the petals. You can now carefully remove the big circle.

After that, sketch out the stem and the leaves of the flower. To do this, you must draw two lines from the bottom of the flower going downwards. Trace one leaf on each side of the stem. This whole drawing is now the draft for the rose.

We have reached the process of finishing the flower. Go back to the semi-circles and substitute them with pointed curly braces. Redo the leaves as well, tracing the edges with little-toothed lines.

We have reached the process of finishing the flower.

Remove all the unwanted traces of lines. Give your bloom a color, whether it is red, pink, yellow, or black. Your elaborate rose is now complete.

If you are looking forward to creating a more complicated and realistic rose, you can adopt this procedure. Begin by drawing a large circle in the middle of your drawing area. Draw an oblong at the center of the ellipse. Make a curved line going downwards on each side of the oblong. Connect these two lines with an arc.

Going back to the oblong, draw a small twirl at the middle. Slowly add the small petals by tracing small arcs around the swirl.

Going back to the oblong, draw a small twirl at the middle.

As you go further, draw medium-sized curvy arcs encircling the smaller ones. Don't forget to put a few wavy lines towards the base. This creates the fold of the flower.

Add more petals to the drawing. Make the petals larger as you shift farther away from the center of your rose. Do this until you reach the edge of the guiding circle. It is alright to go outside of the boundary. Don't be afraid to produce irregular lines because these will add realism to your bloom. Then, remove all the unnecessary lines from your drawing.

Your creation is almost finished. At this stage, you can add color to your artwork. This time, we will use two colors. Fill the flower with pink first. Then, gradually add a bit of red at the lower half part of each petal to create a 3D shadowed effect. You have now accomplished your realistic full-bloom rose.

You have now accomplished your realistic full-bloom rose.

Practical uses of any of these drawings include greeting cards, fabric printing, nail art, glass painting, porcelain art, tattoo, and many more. Integrating roses in just about anything will be a breeze once you have mastered these techniques.