11 Tantalizing Young Adult Paranormal Romances

For readers of young adult fiction who have a taste for both love stories and fantasy, there's nothing better than a good paranormal romance. The eleven enchanting novels listed here feature everything from angels to werewolves and are full of passionate, and sometimes forbidden, relationships where the characters have to overcome daunting obstacles in order to be together. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

YA Paranormal Romance: Our 11 Picks

Title Author
1. Ember Carol Oates
2. Glimpse Kendra Leighton
3. Never Bite a Boy on the First Date Tamara Summers
4. Destiny Deborah Ann
5. Deadly Crush Ashley Stoyanoff
6. One Wish Away Ingrid Seymour
7. The Pack Kristin Coley
8. Beyond the Rising Tide Sarah Beard
9. Ignited Desni Dantone
10. Ride of Your Life Shevi Arnold
11. Shadowed Strength Wendi L. Wilson

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8 Great Paranormal Romance Films

  1. Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
  2. Graveyard Shift (1987)
  3. Ghost (1990)
  4. Practical Magic (1998)
  5. Tuck Everlasting (2002)
  6. Warm Bodies (2013)
  7. Beautiful Creatures (2013)
  8. Vampire Academy (2014)

What Is Paranormal Romance?

In Depth

There's something unavoidably attractive about a teen heartthrob who's hiding a supernatural secret. From ghosts to werewolves, these novels contain all types of frightening yet tempting creatures. Here, in no particular order, are eleven tantalizing young adult paranormal romances.

Starting off the list at #1 is "Ember" by Carol Oates. When Candra is thrown off a roof and rescued by a boy with wings, she's sure she must be dreaming. But when she wakes in a hospital, she learns that he's real, as is an entire world of magic stemming from an ancient war over the fate of humanity. Now, Candra is being pursued by two boys on opposite sides of an intense rivalry. Caught in more than a simple love triangle, Candra must decide who she is, and find her place in this new world.

#2 is "Glimpse" by Kendra Leighton. When Liz's mother died, Liz lost all memory of everything prior to that traumatic event. Seven years later, as she moves with her father to take over the Highwayman Inn, which they inherited from her grandfather, Liz thinks she will be able to start over. But she continues to catch glimpses of things no one else can see, and there's a boy named Zachary who haunts her in the night. To move forward, she may first have to face her past.

Seven years later, as she moves with her father to take over the Highwayman Inn, which they inherited from her grandfather, Liz thinks she will be able to start over.

Next up, at #3, is "Never Bite a Boy on the First Date" by Tamara Summers. When a student at her school is found dead with fang marks in their skin, a vampire named Kira must solve the murder in order to prove her own innocence. But all three of the boys she suspects are super cute, and before long, she's developed feelings for one of them. Kira hopes he's not the killer, because if he is, she's in even more trouble than she thought.

#4 is "Destiny" by Deborah Ann. Danielle doesn't believe in the paranormal, or in love. She just wants to get through high school and have fun playing soccer, but then Cayden enters the picture. He's a shy, nerdy boy who, unbeknownst to Danielle, is her soulmate. Cayden has magical powers, and he knows he and Danielle are destined to be together. Neither of the two are aware of the trouble Cayden's magic is about to bring them, or the strength they'll need in order to fight for their happily ever after.

#5 is "Deadly Crush" by Ashley Stoyanoff. The small town of Dog Mountain is home to a werewolf pack. Jade avoids them at all costs, and when a hot new boy named Aidan moves in, she's determined to keep him out of their clutches. The dogs want him, though, and Aidan has some secrets of his own. Aidan is the alpha of the pack, and there's no keeping him away. When he tells Jade what he's been hiding, will she stick around, or will her prejudices keep them apart?

Aidan is the alpha of the pack, and there's no keeping him away.

#6 is "One Wish Away" by Ingrid Seymour. Marielle's grandfather used to tell her stories of a Djinn who granted wishes. She was not to trust him if he ever showed up again. Now, her grandpa is dead and she's being pulled into the lives of two Djinn. Faris just wants Marielle to love him, but his evil brother Zet wants her dead. Marielle's life has been flipped upside down, and with one wish, everything could change once again.

At #7 is "The Pack" by Kristin Coley. Jess moves to Banks, Idaho to live with her dad following her parents' divorce. She wants to finish high school with no messy friendships to distract her, but after her father uses part of her college fund to buy a local motel, she's stuck there. This town is full of dangers, and only the Pack, a group of her classmates, can protect her. Despite not wanting to be involved with them, she is forced to allow their help, but they're in the midst of a war that could change Jess's life forever.

#8 is "Beyond the Rising Tide" by Sarah Beard. Avery didn't know Kai before the day he died, but she cannot forget the boy who perished while saving her from drowning in the ocean. Kai now moves through the afterlife, using his healing powers to help others and watching Avery's guilt and depression build. After giving his life, he's still desperate to help her. When the two fall for each other despite the distance of death, things get complicated.

When the two fall for each other despite the distance of death, things get complicated.

Next up, at #9, is "Ignited" by Desni Dantone. A host of superhuman creatures want Kris dead, and she doesn't know why. Her guardian angel Nathan is always there to rescue her, though he isn't thrilled with the task. He may be irritable, but nothing matters more to Nathan than her safety, and he's willing to bring Kris to the non-human world to help her discover the role she plays there. Neither of them are ready for the truth, or the feelings they develop along the way.

#10 is "Ride of Your Life" by Shevi Arnold. Tracy died at age seventeen while attempting to rescue an eleven-year-old named Mack from a fire. She still haunts the theme park where they died, unwilling to abandon Mack, who can't cross over yet. Thirty years later, two new ghosts arrive who will dramatically alter Tracy's afterlife and the way she views herself. One of them is Josh, a sweet seventeen-year-old who Tracy soon finds herself crushing on.

Lastly, at #11, is "Shadowed Strength" by Wendi L. Wilson. When Melanie is attacked while walking home one night, a large black dog comes to her rescue. Her attacker continues sending her threats, and Melanie has no idea who he is. Then there's her crush, Jeremy, who's keeping big secrets about his nonhuman identity. Melanie will have to learn to be more accepting of herself if she's going to accept Jeremy and, more importantly, save herself from the dangers she faces.