10 Contentious and Passionate Romances Between Rivals And Adversaries

Not all couples fall in love at first sight. Some relationships start off as contentious and become loving over time, as the two parties find common ground and learn to see each other as more than just rivals. Fans of enemies-to-lovers romance books are sure to enjoy the well-written works listed here. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

10 Contentious and Passionate Romances Between Rivals And Adversaries

Title Author
1. Sleeping with Her Enemy Jenny Holiday
2. Field-Tripped Nicole Archer
3. Wicked Game Erica Lynn
4. Sexual Integrity J.A. Dennam
5. Too Charming Kathryn Freeman
6. Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota Judy Baer
7. Flirting with Felicity Gerri Russell
8. So Over You Gwen Hayes
9. New Year's at the Graff Marin Thomas
10. Silver and Sapphires Shelly Thacker

Ideas For Your Real Life Romance

Hopefully, you and your significant other are lovers, not enemies. If so, there are plenty of things you can do to bring a little extra romance into your life:

8 Great Enemies-To-Lovers Films

  1. You've Got Mail (1998)
  2. It Happened One Night (1934)
  3. My Fair Lady (1964)
  4. The Proposal (2009)
  5. Six Days Seven Nights (1998)
  6. Drive Me Crazy (1999)
  7. Pride & Prejudice (2005)
  8. 27 Dresses (2008)

The Enemies to Lovers Trope

In Depth

When dealing with an enemy, people get frustrated, confused, and feel an overwhelming rush of emotion whenever they see them. The same things happen when people are in love, which is why many readers can't get enough of novels where two foes fall for each other. In no particular order, we've put together a list of ten contentious and passionate romances between rivals and adversaries.

At #1, we have "Sleeping With Her Enemy" by Jenny Holiday. After her husband runs out on their wedding, Amy Morrison is devastated. Looking for a place to hide, she runs off to her office to cry by herself. She doesn't expect to run into her least favorite person at work, Dax. He's a playboy and a jerk who bickers with Amy nearly every day. He tries to keep his distance, but one thing leads to another, and the two are drunk and making out. Only time will tell if they can keep their relationship purely physical, or if they will catch feelings for each other.

Next up at #2 is Nicole Archer's "Field-Tripped." Eli is devastated by a tragic accident that causes him to lose both his chance at the Olympics and his girlfriend. Trying to run away from his past, he moves to New York. Ten years later, he's living a comfortable lifestyle as the creative director of an advertising agency. Things get complicated when he is sent to a two-week camp where rival agencies pitch against each other to win a high-value client. The head of that rival agency turns out to be his ex-girlfriend, Charlie, who wants to settle some unfinished business.

Trying to run away from his past, he moves to New York.

For #3, we have "Wicked Game" by Erica Lynn. Kara is trying her best to run the bar she inherited from her grandfather. Between her business doing badly and her alcoholic father being a handful, she's at the end of her rope. William, the son of a nightclub tycoon, is sent by his dad to convince Kara to sell the bar so he can put up a nightclub in its place. They don't particularly like each other, so they're both surprised when they spend a wild, sexy night together. William is torn between his father's wishes and the girl he's falling for.

At #4 is J.A. Dennam's "Sexual Integrity." After her father sells Monroe Graphics to a giant corporation, Brooke is furious as many of their employees are laid off without mercy. Hellbent on taking back the company, she has her sights set on becoming its next Vice President. To get that position, she has to beat out the dashing Ethan Wolf. The two become attracted to each other, and their relationship rapidly escalates to sex. However, a leak about their illicit affair spreads around the office, and it could ruin their careers and their relationship.

For #5, we have "Too Charming" by Kathryn Freeman. Detective Sergeant Megan Taylor is passionate about her job. To keep the public safe, she imprisons people who disturb the peace. On the other hand, the charming Scott Armstrong is a defense lawyer committed to making sure that his clients get a fair shake. He's also incredibly drawn to Megan, who still finds it difficult to trust men after a bad breakup. Just as the detective finally starts to give him a chance, Scott's world is rocked by a case that personally involves him.

To keep the public safe, she imprisons people who disturb the peace.

At #6 is Judy Baer's "Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota." Merry really loves Christmas. She loves it so much that she's decided to get the entire town of Frost to embody the holiday. That includes hanging decorations all over the place, holding concerts and events every day, and putting up a big display of the birth of Jesus. Jack Frost, a Minnesota native, isn't pleased to come back home to find that some girl has covered everything in red and green. But Merry knows that with some warmth, she can get even the chilly Jack to show some holiday cheer.

For #7, we have "Flirting with Felicity" by Gerri Russell. Felicity Wright is a kind woman who works as the head chef of the Bancroft Hotel. Touched by her good heart, the late owner bequeaths his business to her before he dies. Blake, the owner's handsome nephew, challenges the chef's claim over the establishment. As they go to war against each other, an undeniable heat starts to build up between them. That connection could either lead to disaster or a romance neither of them will forget.

At #8 is "So Over You" by Gwen Hayes. In this young adult novel, Layney aspires to be a journalist one day. She finally gets the top spot at the school paper but has to share it with her enemy and ex-boyfriend, Jimmy. To make matters worse, the school is cutting the paper's budget. To raise funds, they plan to sell a calendar featuring boys from the school. Jimmy pushes his co-editor into going on blind dates with all twelve of them. As she learns about herself through these dates, she starts to realize that her rival might not be as evil as she thought he was.

To raise funds, they plan to sell a calendar featuring boys from the school.

For #9, we have "New Year's at the Graff" by Marin Thomas. On New Year's Eve, two strangers share a kiss at the Graff Hotel. Ava is a single mom who works hard to make a good life for her daughter. She dreams of starting a co-op to help other single moms improve their situation. Lucas, a city boy, comes to the small town of Marietta to buy real estate for his client. While he's there, he falls for Ava, who has her eyes on the same piece of land for her co-op. As their rivalry escalates, so does their love for each other.

Lastly, at #10, we have Shelly Thacker's historical romance "Silver and Sapphires." After her father is killed by the British, the half-English Princess Ashiana is taken in by the Indian royalty. To prove her loyalty, she accepts a mission. She must retrieve a sacred sapphire from Saxon D'Avenant, an English captain who is looking for eight other sapphires to lift a curse on his brother. Ashiana gets close to the captain by pretending to be a slave. As things get heated between the two, the princess must find a way to obtain the gem from a man who has no plans of giving it up.